Monday, August 24, 2015

How I conquered the Green Eyed Monster?

Let's call her Rose.  I first saw her at a Toastmasters meeting. Instantly, I noticed her beauty, bright smile and cheerful eyes, her perfect hair and makeup. And then she gave a speech. I was awestruck.

3.5" squares

Later we connected on LinkedIn and saw that Rose had an advanced degree and was a federal employee. When Rose won the District Championship, I could not take it any more.

Sewn into 9-patch blocks

Why does someone have to be so perfect and popular and then go on to win the contest too?
I was jealous, very jealous. She represented so many things that I had wanted and did not achieve.

Grey Sashing

I wanted, at one point of time in my life, to pursue a PhD. Did not happen.
When I became a citizen, I tried to get a job with the federal government. Did  not happen.
I had been a Toastmaster since 2005, participated in many contests, won many awards and made a lot of friends. But NEVER won the District contest.

Flimsy Finished

I was not, I am NOT unhappy with my life. I am thankful and blessed. However, whenever I saw Rose or thought about Rose, it became clear to me that I was being consumed by the Green Eyed Monster. I hated it. I hated being jealous. I hated feeling unaccomplished around her.

Fox, Owl & Bird

I could not carry on while I was burning with jealousy. I decided to change this.

I decided that I will try to know her better, may be even become friends with her. I was hopeful that if Rose and I became friends, her successes won't make me jealous. I will feel happy for her.

Puppies & Turtle

Joyce was aware of my feelings towards Rose. (Joyce knows everything about me). No one else knew.
Me: I want to invite Rose and her husband over for dinner.
Joyce: What for?
Me: To celebrate her contest win
Joyce: You aren't going to poison her?
Me: I am jealous of her. I don't want to be. May be if I got to know her better, my feelings would change.

Can you find the elephant?

Rose and her husband came over for dinner. They were lovely guests, made perfect dinnertime conversation and even complimented my cooking.  I got to know her and her husband. I have to admit that Rose is a beautiful person both inside and out. As we became friends, I realized that Rose had had some challenges in her life too.  My feelings towards Rose did change, gradually.

Found a giraffe!!!

When I started quilting, I began to ignore Toastmasters meeting. When I posted my quilt pictures on my blog, Rose was appreciative of my work. When I skipped a few meetings, she sent me a couple of quilting magazines with a sweet note. Rose's mom is a quilter too.

Dots & Stripes too

One day, Rose had to come to Sterling to meet her uncle. She asked if we could meet for lunch later. Of course. Over lunch, she told me that she and her husband had been trying for a while and now she was pregnant.

Bird, Blocks & Buntings
I cried, not because I was jealous. (Paul and I had been trying too.)  I cried because I was happy. Happy for Rose.

Obviously, I made a quilt for Rose's baby. I decided to call it Playschool. The blocks remind me of the cubes in Playschool, where there is a color, letter, animal, fruit etc. one on each side.
I used the multicolored owl fabric as the backing.

Owls - so cute!!!
I used a simple scallop stitch for the quilting pattern and the squiggly stitch on the sashing and the borders.

The bright green binding is my choice. It is symbolic of how I felt - JEALOUS, but I don't any more.
It is symbolic of how I conquered the green eyed monster and reduced it to a strip of fabric!!!

Bright Green Binding!!!

The finished quilt is about 42" square.

Cuteness, quilted and bound
When I gave the quilt to Rose on Saturday, her face beamed with delight.
Rose: It is so cute. I love it.
Me: I love you.
Rose: I love you too.

Finally, the jealousy in my heart was replaced with love and joy!!! The baby is due in October and I am so looking forward to meeting her. Yes, it is a girl!!!

Playschool, modeled by Paul
If you want to make this quilt, it is a terrific, easy and very quick pattern. And a great scrap buster too. I used 3.5" squares, some of them were fussy cut, arranged into a 9-patch block. The sashing strips were 1.5" and the border strips were 2".

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  1. What a wonderful and inspiring story... many of us can learn from your experience and i praise you for what you did... The quilt is adorable... Quilting is really so much more than "sewing":)))))))))) Hugs, GB

  2. Adorable quilt. I love both sides. The Owls are perfect for the backing.

  3. Pretti, your blog is always a delight. I am glad I dropped by for my visit today. The quilt is precious. You are certainly an overcomer in more ways than one. Congratulations on rediscovering the joy of friendship. Blessings.

  4. Beautiful and inspiring post. Lovely quilt!

  5. You are an inspiration in quilting and in life. The story of your relationship is beautiful. This quilt is sure to be a treasure.

  6. You write so well Preeti. I think this is a lesson we can all learn from. Thank you for sharing your journey and what a wonderful finish-the experience, friendship and the gorgeous quilt.

  7. A bright and fun quilt, the best kind for a baby. You found the best way to channel the negative energy into positive. Very inspirational.

  8. Preeti, I love your stories. What a wonderful, honest, and heartwarming story you shared today. This is the last blog post I'm reading before bed, and it is a perfect, feel good bedtime story. That baby girl will love her bedtimes, sleeping under, and well, her anytimes, playing on that beautiful quilt stitched with so much love and happiness.

  9. I enjoyed reading your post! Revealing the quilt along with your personal story and triumph was handled with dignity and some laughs. Good for you for beating the Green eyed monster! I think that we all have to face that monster. Your quilt is wonderful. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful creative day!

  10. We all meet people like Rose along the way, the ones that are just good at everything, so how wonderful that you chose to tackle your jealousy and find out about the real person, and to grow to love her. What a beautiful story, and a lovely quilt that Rose's little girl will love as she grows.

  11. Lovely story! Happy for have taken care of your green eyed monster and replaced with a beautiful friendship.

  12. I have times when the green-eyed monster consumes me, but I have never been so courageous to confront it and harness the power for good. You are a gift to Rose and to everyone whose life you touch. I just think you are amazing!

  13. Thank you for sharing the story, and well done on a gorgeous quilt

  14. Great post Preeti, a valuable lesson there that I will take away! Congrats on such a heart filled an warm quilt made with love.

  15. Visiting from Let's Bee Social. Great quilt and story. I especially love how your green eyed monster was reduced to a strip of fabric. Poetic.

  16. What a lovely quilt for someone who is now close friend - how different it could have been.

  17. Oh Preeti, this is a beautiful story... you made me cry tears of happiness. Would that the whole world could follow your example. Your quilt for Rose's baby is adorable!

  18. cute colors! perfect for a baby! Thanks for sharing at NTT and TGIFF!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  19. you are something special. What a lesson. If you want to change a feeling you can. I am reading a book by Desmod Tutu on Forgiveness and I am going to be able to do it too with effort, with time, with belief. LeeAnna

  20. You know, I think you had that monster whipped as soon as it was in you to fight it! And look at the blessings that abound and are flourishing in it's absence!!! Way to "reduce it to a strip of fabric"!!!! This story has put a smile on my face this morning, thank you!!!!

  21. The quilt is beautiful - such happy and fun fabrics! And the story is heart warming. You are a gem, Preeti and Rose is blessed to have you for a friend. Congratulations on a fabulous finish!