Sunday, January 31, 2016

I like my curves...

Meet Kennedy. She is my second finish of 2016 and it is one WIP less.


Kennedy has been a long time in the making. Let's start from the beginning. Shall we?

I like my Curves. I really do. If I didn't, I would be pretty depressed because I have so many curves. In fact, I am composed entirely of curves - some small curves and some not so small curves!!!
And therefore it was only a matter of time before I embraced (or succumbed to) the magic of curves in quilting.

One day, sometime in 2014, someone at the M* quilting forum asked a question about a pattern involving curves. I answered, based on not my knowledge (I had never made a quilt with curves) but my (inadequate) visualization of the problem. An experienced quilter pointed out the error in my visualization. Darn right, I had no practical idea!!!

Time to set the record straight. How hard can this be? It is not rocket science. What is the worse that I can happen? I might ruin some fabric. I can deal with that :-)

Two fabric squares - about 8" each

Placed one on top of another
Traced Curve
I started with two squares of scrap fabric about 8 inches and started playing. I also used a large mixing bowl.  I placed the inverted mixing bowl on the two squares to draw a large arc.

Cut both along the arc

And I cut along that arc. So far - going according to plan!

Then, I switched the two pieces - the convex (fat) red with the concave (skinny) green and the fat green with the skinny red. Doing well so far!

Going in opposite directions. AARGH!!!

What? How am I suppose to sew these two pieces together if one wants to be in Seattle and the other lives in Miami?

But they do have a common meeting point, in the center of the arc. Aha, that is where I start.
Starting from the middle, I pinned the two together.


Very gently and carefully I stitched them together.  The seamy have been a generous 1/4".

Slow Stitching

It is slow but not difficult at all.

Yay, done!!!

Yes, it will need major trimming and squaring.

The experiment was complete!!!

I like these curves. Scratch that - I fell in love with these curves. Time to make few more.  I chose pinks/purples, floral and dots - yes it is girly :-)

Fabric Audition

The blocks came together slowly but surely. It was the piecing of the top that took the longest time.  I could not decide on the layout. When I first started laying out the blocks on my design wall, I had two guiding principles
1. Do not form a complete circle.
2. Match the solids with the prints.

Layout 1

I showed it to Paul and he said  - "Your curves are all over the place. It makes my head hurt."
I replied, yes, it creates more interest this way and then I shooed him away from my design wall. What do you think? Does your head hurt too?

Then I tried another layout.
Layout 2
Although this was interesting, it somehow looked like a very hungry mushroom trying to eat a stand-up mixer.  Once again, I put away the blocks.

Come 2016, I decided that Finished is better than Perfect. Just do it, Preeti. I went with the simplest layout. Circles!!!  I figured the fabric will create the interest and the pattern can be simple. What do you think?

Here is the best part of the story. As soon as I started quilting, I also started thinking - What shall I name this one?


That is when Joyce saw it.

Joyce: Ooh can I have that one?
Me: Sure, you can have anything. But you already have a quilt.
Joyce: Not for me, silly. I have the best quilt in the whole world.
Me: (Blush)
Joyce: It is for Caroline's new baby. She is due soon.
Me: What is the baby's name?
Joyce: Kennedy.

Full Circles

At an angle

Kennedy is Keeley's younger sister. Remember Keeley?
Since the quilt is for Kennedy, may be I should just call it Kennedy. They both took a long time to come together.

Chocolate & Strawberry Dots

Focusing on quilting with curves, I may have neglected my fitness routine. I am going to get a phone call from my Curves (the 30-minute fitness place for women) instructor - Molly. "Preeti, we have missed you. We look forward to seeing you tonight."

Pink Polka Dot Binding


Molly is a sweetheart. I should haul my curves to Curves lest they turn into bulges!!!
Are curves a challenge for you too?  I look forward to your thoughts - both naughty and nice :-)

And I will be linking with my favorite linky parties.  See you in the blogland :-)
Just linked up with Cooking Up Quilts' Main Crush Monday.


  1. I love that!!!! I am scared of curves LOL (I am sure there is a joke here since I am a AA ;))

  2. LOL! Molly is my sister. She showed me a picture of one of your quilts, and I told her that I followed your blog. We enjoyed the "small world" moment. She is a sweetheart, and says that you are too. Your Kennedy quilt is lovely. I really like how you alternated the solids and the prints. It makes your eyes move all over, soaking in it's beauty.

  3. I'm rather enjoying curves...although like you I've set them aside while I concentrate on other things. I'm glad you finished yours. It's lovely.

  4. Love the layout, and you make them look so easy!

  5. What a fun quilt. I really like the simple circles to let the prints shine. And your straight quilting adds a lot of interest as well.

  6. A very pretty quilt with a fun story.

  7. Love how you named this quilt. This is a pretty quilt with a great backing fabric. Kennedy will treasure it.

  8. I really like designs with curves too. Recently I attend a workshop using the Quick Curve Ruler "QCR". No pins needed! Maybe this would be of interest to you. Sandi

  9. I like DP quilts a lot, and have a complete set of templates to cut against. I should go make another one!

  10. I think this layout is my favorite of all those pictured. The fabrics are so pretty and the simplicity of the circles is lovely.

  11. A funny journey through your layouts, mushrooms. mixers and all. LOL
    I love the final circles Preeti! And the quilting you did too! Kennedy will love her quilt as she grows up.
    I find sewing curves can be tricky. Sometimes they go so smoothly and other times you would think I had tried to sew them with my feet.

  12. You have such a fun way with words. Mushrooms eating mixing bowls? Too funny. The quilt is darling and I think the end result is great. Kennedy will, eventually, love it!

  13. Your experiment with circles is a great success! Kennedy will be happy with her quilt, I'm sure.

  14. This is beautiful. I might have to make a block for my circle quilt like this.

  15. A beautiful finish! Great colours and I love your final choice of 'circles' !

  16. I love your curves and the final layout of the quilt! Thanks for the tutorial. I've been wanting to try those blocks, and you make it look so easy!

  17. Curves are on my to-do list this year! Your curves look fabulous, those colors are so fun! :)

  18. are the queen my friend, get it?! I love this qult and your free form curves remind me of Karla Alexander's Stack A New Deck book, which I brought here with me, and from which I have made several quilts, like yours they could go in various layouts. "Hungry mushroom trying to eat a stand-up mixer" I burst out loud laughing at that line! Terrific colour sense here as in all your stuff.

  19. I love your circle quilt and it is great you got those curved blocks out and made it into a lovely quilt. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  20. You seem to have mastered one sort of curve at least! Good luck with the others. Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday

  21. I love your curves too Preeti! :) I haven't tackled fabric curves but certainly will one day soon. I like the circle layout you did; you are right, the design is simple and the fabric adds the interest. This baby quilt is sure to be loved by Kennedy. Thanks for sharing on MCM!

  22. Good things come to those who wait. I love your curves too, very inspiring

  23. Oh I love this! Great work and I love your tutorial!! I'd love to invite you to my blog where you can submit your tutorials for a dedicated post! I pin to many pinterest boards and share on social media!

  24. I love the quilt. Thanks for the tutorial. I look forward to making one.

  25. Love love love this quilt. I NEED to make one now! Thanks for sharing!