Sunday, February 14, 2016

Craftsy Sweetens Up My Life Blog Hop

Welcome to the Craftsy Sweetens Up My Life Blog Hop.  Today, it is my turn to talk about my love of Craftsy.

It is said that True Love lasts a lifetime.
So does your access to the Craftsy classes.  Isn't that sweet?

When you sign up for a Craftsy class, you have forever access to it.  You can engage with fellow students, ask questions, provide answers, share your projects, learn from each other and ask questions from the Instructor too, even if it is months after you first signed up.

As a part of this Blog Hop, Craftsy has further sweetened the deal
1. All classes reviewed on the blog hop will be 50% off! Check the full schedule at the bottom of this post.

2. Craftsy Giveaway Part 1- Two free classes (two lucky people will win a class each).

3. Craftsy Giveaway Part 2 Grand Prize - One lucky person will win the following grand prize. 

1- Boundless Solids Crown Jewels by Amy Gibson Quilt Kit 

1-Boundless Solids Modern Brights Pre-Cuts 6" Strips

1-Boundless Solids Modern Brights 10" Squares

So hurry up, sign up for the Craftsy Giveaway.  Hope you win a class of your choice or some yummy fabric.

Speaking of fabric, I have to admit the Kaffe Fasset fabrics are so rich and handsome they make me go weak in the knees.  But when I saw the Kaffe Fasset Classic Design Strips, it was love at first sight.

Red & Yellow Design Strips
The Kaffe Fasset in Blue and Purple are so droolworthy too!!!

Blue & Purple Design Strips

I was inspired to create a new pattern that I am calling Kiss.

I am ready to KISS - Keeping it Simply Strippy. Here are the steps to the tutorial.

1. Choose eight strips (6" by WOF) that you love. Arrange them (on your design wall) in a way that adjacent strips have some contrast. For example, you may not want to put yellow next to the white. Alternate light and dark strips.

Fabric Selection - 8 Strips

2. Sew the strips together, along the length, alternating sewing direction.  Stitch Strips (1 and 2), (3 and 4), (5 and 6), and (7 and 8), starting from the top.  Iron the seams to the dark side.

Piecing the Strips

3. Stitch strip sets (1+2) with (3+4), starting from the bottom.  Similarly sew (5+6) with (7+8) starting from the bottom.  Press seams to the dark side.

4. Finally, stitch (1+2+3+4) to (5+6+7+8), starting from the bottom. Press the closed seam in place.  Do not turn it to any side. We want to keep it folded in half, at this time.

Pieced Strips, Folded.

5. While keeping the strip set folded in half at the middle seam, using your rotary cutter, straighten the top and bottom edges. After trimming, you should have at least 42".

Straightened top edge

6. While still folded, cut across the sewn strips into seven sections of 6" each.  See picture below.

7. Now, you can press the central seam to the dark side. Place the cut section on the design wall. See picture.

First Cut Section

8. Place the next cut section, offsetting it about 3" from the end of the first section.  See picture below.  Place all the sections on the design wall, as shown in the picture.

Seven Cut Sections

9. Cut a 3" by WOF strip from black yardage. Cut this strip into seven 6" by 3" rectangles.

Solid Yardage, cut seven 6" by 3" rectangles

Place a 6" black strip at the right end of the top row.  Now keep adding the black strips, alternating the location with each row. The last row will have the black strip on the right.  See picture below.

Offset rows with black rectangles

9. Sew the black rectangle at the row ends, as placed. Sew the seven rows together, once again alternating the sewing direction.

Almost done

At this stage, I turned the quilt top by 90 degrees, to make it fit better on my design wall.

10. Add a 2.5" black border.
Top and Bottom Border added

Finished Flimsy!!!
The finished quilt top is 44" by 52.5".
Step back and enjoy your handiwork!!!

Backyard Picture 

The colors are so bright, they light up my sad backyard.

So pretty
It is a very simple, fast and easy to follow pattern.  And you can make it your own. Use large prints that you'd hate to cut up. Use animal or baby prints for a fun, cute quilt.  Trust me, you can put together this quilt top in one afternoon.

I am in love!!!

As usual, I'd love to hear from you. Tell me if you love it. And if you have a better idea, I'd love to hear from you too.

Don't forget to check out other hops on this giveaway journey.  Enter until Sunday, February 21, 2016, at 11:59 pm MST.  The winners will be announced Feb. 22 at Musings of a Menopausal Melon and at Pink Doxies.


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  1. Love your results using the strips! Those Kaffe Fasset prints are irresistible.

  2. Preeti this IS such a burst of colour, much-needed at this grey time of year. Wow, a nice-sized lap-quilt for $33CANADIAN (so like what, US$10?! bahaha, waaah) is pretty darn sweet treat, and since I didn't get any chocolate from MY sweetheart, think I'm going to treat myself to one of these 6" strips, which are new to me. Great instructions, very clear. Thanks so much for being part of our hop! ;-)

  3. Love how easy, yet very pretty your quilt is! Thanks for the tute!!

  4. Preeti, I love Kaffe fabrics too. I love your KISS quilt and how fast you end up with something wonderful! A real bargain on those fabrics too!

  5. That is an eye catcher and love your conversation heart! If you are looking for color and amazing prints...Kaffe is the way to go! Thank you for sharing your tutorial Preeti....You are a Rock Star!! (Craftsy too!)

  6. I love it. I am going to make it.

  7. Preeti, this is the first time I've seen a bundle of the strips opened up. Lots of potential in these, isn't there? You've got a quick, but striking pattern here. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and pattern with us, and being a part of the hop.


  8. Such a fun pattern that really shows off the Kaffe prints!

  9. Great pattern for using those fabrics I don't want to cut into small pieces. Directions are nice and clear too. Love the fabrics you chose.

  10. Beautiful - so often the larger prints are not used because I feel that they are not going to benefit from the tiny sized quilt pieces I usually cut. Nice nice pattern. Simple but effective.

  11. I haven't seen anything made with the gorgeous Kaffe Fassett's 6" strips. I love the ease of this pattern. Is always good to have good instructions. I think I'll go look around Crafty.

  12. Beautiful fabric. Easy and lovely quilt in the end. Thanks for sharing the tutorial.

  13. great idea! I have some 6 inch strip packs and not sure how to use them!

  14. What a great post and a great little quilt. It's nice and colourful with the Kafe fabrics.

  15. This looks like so much fun, Preeti! I find Kaffe Fassett's fabric patterns (especially the really large ones) a little overwhelming when I see them in the stores, so I've never tried making anything with them. But I do love the paperweight design, and your quilt in all the different colors with the consistency in the design really appeals to me. Thanks for sharing how you made it!

  16. How could you not fall in love with all those rich bright colors?? Your KISS pattern is such a great simple way to highlight those wonderful prints.

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  20. Hi Preeti I loved your valentine kiss ! A fabric kiss is the best of all !! The kaffe fassett circle fabric is one of my favourites . I had a charm pack of assorted and it was my fave . Thank you for a great review

  21. I love the quilt best with the stripes running up and down . I always wear my stripes that way to look slimmer !!

  22. I love it. Would be a good, fast quilt to make for a baby. Thank you for the tutortial.

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