Friday, September 23, 2016

Dip my Toes, Take a Plunge

This blogpost is so last minute but I wanted you to not miss out on this Craftsy Sale.

All sewing and quilting classes are under $20 through the weekend!!!

Bags & Matching Zippers - Audition
Since I am making bags and pouches and baskets for an upcoming festival, some of them (Becca Bags) based on Joan Hawley's class, I highly recommend that one.

This class by Anne Unrein was highly recommended by my M* forum member, Renate.

Did you see there are about six new classes in quilting?

Jacquie Gering is an all-time favorite of mine.

If you are interested in modern quilting, I recommend Elizabeth Hartmann.  She is very precise and she has a free class - Creative Quilt Backs.  Perfect to dip your toes, without having to take a plunge.

I know you are wondering which class did I get. I bought Debbie Caffrey's Clever Cuts for Efficient Quilting.  She teaches amazing piecing techniques. I have only explored it a bit but whatever I saw was all new!!! So much to learn.

Paul's cast is off and he will return to work this Sunday.  I am a bit concerned about him.
He may push himself to do the whole 10-hour shift, when his arm may need resting.  Being concerned without being a nag is a tightrope to walk! Any advice?

Ever since I returned from California, I have been wanting to make falafel.  I so enjoyed these at Babalou's Mediterranean Grill in Walnut Creek.  No, I have never made them before.

Me: I so want to make falafel.
Paul: I will stop preventing you from making them
Me: And I also want to make a flourless chocolate cake with a molten center
Paul: Go for it
Me: Yes, but I am so absorbed with the festival prep for now
Paul: Looks like you have plenty of bags and pouches
Me: How do I know it is enough?
Paul:  Why don't you make some baby blankets and bibs.  You can whip those up in an afternoon.
Me: Terrific Idea. There is a reason I keep you around.
Paul: Uh huh!!!

Maybe next weekend, I will dip my toes into Mediterranean cooking.  For now, I will plunge deep down into baby blanket making.  Oh look at these uber cute frogs and cows!

Farm Animals and Frogs

Soothing & Popping

Hope the buyers find them irresistible.  Are you dipping your toes?  Or taking  a plunge?
I'd love to hear from you.

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  1. Dipping my toes just now--today it was hotpads. I soon hope to take a plunge into another Bonnie Hunter pattern.

    Those elephants are adorable!

  2. ohhh, what is the name and manufacturer of the elephant fabric?

  3. Dipping my toes...and deciding whether to take the plunge! Thanks for the visit and, oh wow!, the fat quarters! I am so happy that I won. I love modern fabrics, but I'm on a fabric diet. (Actually there are few quilt shops nearby and I love to pet fabrics before buying.)

    Show some pics of your festival booth and your items. I'd love to see how you arrange things.

    Lastly, I have taken three of those Craftsy classes and learned so much. Anyone who is considering them should go for it!

  4. good luck with your festival, I would find them irresistable

  5. You really have such great taste in fabrics. These projects are darling.

  6. Definitely dipping my toes!! Cute WIPs all around and falafel is so yummy!!!