Friday, September 16, 2016

Aquaculture & Addiction

Happy Friday to you all. I have a finish to share.

Friday Finish!!!

I chose to call this quilt Aquaculture - aqua for blue and culture for green (imagine growing a culture in a petri dish) Since it is growing, it is green.

Green Blocks

Blue too!

But it could also mean growing things in water.
Piecing in Progress

And the green blocks within blue outlines seems like green things growing in water. Therefore - Aquaculture.

I bought the charm pack (Pineapple Fabrics) from the Quilt Show in 2015.  Threw in a couple of other fabrics to match/make do.

Assembling Rows

OK, I admit, it was a UFO. But I am happy to announce it is  FINISHED  now.

No body in mind.
Just a quilt.

I am sure  a recipient will miraculously appear.

Quilting Detail

The batting is Warm & Natural.  I quilted it in a grid - horizontal and vertical lines, using my walking foot and a decorative stitch. on my Janome.

I chose the same teal blue for the binding to bring the quilt pattern together.  I think it works.
Backing and Binding

The backing is just so cute!!!  This is my September finish (one of them at least) and I will be linking with Heidi of Red Letter Quilts.

Friendly Animals :-)

Here is what the label looks like -  Name on one half, and care instructions on the other half.  I got it from ikaprints. 

My label
This is how the finished label looks.
Since my quilt holder-upper is still out of commission, the mail box will have to do for now.

What are you working on?

Let's talk about Addiction now.  Fabric addiction that is.
Let's admit that there is  no cure. We can manage it...or at east try.

I have allowed myself to buy new fabric in the following conditions
1. When I finish a UFO.
2. When a desired line goes on sale.
3. When I do a giveaway.

Amazingly, all three are true for right NOW.
I just finished Aquaculture.  I just completed my first giveaway. The packages in the mail today.
And look at all this yumminess on sale!!!

Here are a few of my favorite picks.

Cotton and Steel FQ box - Just over a dollar for a fat quarter, this needs no introduction.  Grab it before it is gone.

Andover Sun Print by Alison Glass - This is the fabric line that Molli Sparkles has been raving about.  Need I say more? Fine, it is also on sale!!!

Arabian Nights - Love the rich dark colors. And it is 50% off.  I probably won't use the kit for the pattern (I think it needs some lighter colors too for the eyes to rest), but boy do I love the fabric?

Moda Ombre Basic by V & Co. - Such a  great value for such versatile fabrics. Wow!!!

Which one of these caught your eye?  Do let me know because I love to hear from you!
I will be linking with all my favorite linky parties.

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  1. Your Aquaculture quilt is gorgeous! I like the name you chose, the backing fabric is a nice complement and the binding is the perfect choice. I love how you've quilted it; it gives the quilt a beautiful texture.

  2. So pretty! I love the cool colors. They look great together! Hope your quilt holder-upper is healing up! :)

  3. I love pick #5. I have it in my basket but haven't completed the purchase yet.

  4. Your quilt is very striking, and I love the backing and quilting! Feel free to link to Finished or Not Friday at Busy Hands Quilts!

  5. I love it when a quilt has a great name, and this one fits that category. I'm sure where ever this one ends up it will be well loved. And...every time a UFO gets completed a quilter should always be rewarded, so perfect timing for this Craftsy sale.

  6. I love your blue green combination so much, and you used my favourite wavy stitch too, perfect combination. I'm on a quilt diet until January, can't start anything new, shame, sad. In reality I have problems sticking to diets.......

  7. A wonderful quilt to use those charm squares and the blue green combination looks great. I need to stop buying fabric and use what I have. That said, I just bought more fabric at our local quilt show...oops!

  8. I like the colors in your quilt; blues and greens get me every time! Wendy at

  9. Love, love, love your quilt! No shame in this UFO-congrats on your finish!!

  10. You have captured so well what I love to do with a charm pack: NOT cut it up! And you did it in my favourite colour combination to boot! Beautiful finish Preeti and more beautiful examples of some great steals on Craftsy this weekend.

  11. Preeti, I really do love Aquaculture! Fabulous colors and fabrics. You are so imaginative. Thank you for sharing with us and for the inspiration.

  12. Great quilt and I love how you quilted. it. That Cotton and Steel is a great deal. I got a box. I think there will be a bunch of Cotton and Steel quilts out in the wild soon! LOL

  13. Your quilt is beautiful, the blue frames bring out the patterns in the charm pack perfectly! It's a clever idea to have rules for fabric buying. I also try to limit myself to buying only for the next planned project, but it doesn't always work))

  14. Beautiful quilt I love the colour combination! Rules for fabric buying I don't have any...maybe I need some.

  15. Beautiful finish! Love the bright green and bright blue together. I had to quit reading after that, my fabric diet is getting really hard to maintain with all the sales going on.

  16. The quilt is lovely and Alison Glass Sunprint is to die for...just that the shipping would actually kill me :(

  17. The colours are pretty and so vibrant ♥

  18. The Andover prints are awesome! I love the vibrant blue in your quilt!

  19. Congrats on this great finish! I really like the pattern you chose to show off the charms.

  20. Aquaculture is the perfect name for your quilt. I have that pattern, I'm inspired to break it out. Lovely!

  21. I'm sure a recipient will appear for your quilt. It's a lovely quilt made in two colours I love. Great name as well.

  22. I love blue and green together. This is a great pattern. Kudos on the finish.

  23. Oh you enabler you! I have been buying fabric all over the place so I am trying not to be tempted to buy anything else right now. But I like all of your suggestions. And I love Aquaculture. I'm looking for a pattern that will feature some Christmas prints I recently got. This is definitely in the running.

  24. The blues and bright greens look wonderful together Preeti! Yes I am sure a recipient will miraculously appear. LOL
    You throw such temptation my way! I loved the Moda Ombre Basics quilt.

  25. I really love this pattern. It's perfect to show off some interesting fabrics and you've really taken advantage of that. The quilt is gorgeous. Lara's right, you should be ashamed for tempting us with $1 fat quarters!

  26. Congrats on another fab-finish!! Great pattern for those charms & a great name too!