Friday, April 21, 2017

Kind and Strong

Hope you had a great Easter!

Me: If I had to describe you in one word, then that word would be KIND.
Paul: Awww... you are so sweet
Me: Your turn.
Paul: My turn?
Me: Yes. If you had to describe me in just one word, what would that be?
Paul: Hmm... STRONG
Paul: Yes. You are STRONG.
Me: But that can be good or bad.
Paul: Yep.

There was nothing left for me to say?  I am glad he did not say headstrong. 

Little does Paul know that this month I have been anything but strong in resisting fabric.
First, there was the fabric shopping spree at the Mook Fabric Store in Amish Country.

Then I found some amazing deals on Etsy - materialgirlchic. She has a sale section with FREE shipping at $75.
50% off Layer Cakes - Yes, I have a plan for these!!!

And finally, I went to Joann Fabrics and splurged only because the premium brand fabrics were half-off PLUS there was a coupon.

Love these florals and paisleys

Ooh Shiny!!!

Spring has sprung
I was all but done at this point, when I choose to chase these cute hedgehogs.  But I was completely seduced by the deep dark red, with just a hint of mint!!!

Cuteness & Passionate Red

I do have a finish to share. Surrounded by scraps, a scrap vortex quilt is always in the works.

Design Wall
But since the scraps do not need to be in any particular order or layout, the final quilt often looks different from the design wall version.  Blocks moved, slabs turned, rows trimmed - but finished.

Trust me, it is the same as the one on the design wall above.
Paul - the quilt model!

I quilted this with straight lines, spaced two inches.  Thanks to painters tape.

And then, I quilted gentle curves in between those straight lines. It was fast and easy!!!
Since all my scrap vortex quilts look kinds similar, the best way to tell them apart is by the backing. So let's see the backing on this one.

No, let's get closer.

Two out of these three fabrics came to me in a scrap bag and I was not too fond of them.  Combined with another orange/fall fabric from my stash and a bright orange near-solid, resulted in this pieced backing.

Here is the funny part - Paul thought that the backing was the front :-)

I used the same bright orange for the binding.

What shall I call this one?  Already have Side Effects and Whatever Works.  I may be getting low on names for my scrap vortex quilts.

Since it has fall colors on the back, what do you think of "Falling For You"?
I know I am so full of it :-D

Actually, I see leaves and some fall colors on the front as well.  So it is settled - Falling For You.

Falling For You finished at 40" by 44" and it is my seventh finish of 2017. Yay!!!
But that is not all.

Remember this scrap vortex in the works picture from my last post?

I finished this flimsy!!!
This is a separate quilt from Falling From You.  Yes, they all look the same.

Here is Paul holding it up.

Flimsy Finish - To be Named

This is what he had to say.

Why are you photographing this?
It is not even finished. 
No batting. No backing. No binding.
It is just patchwork.

It is a flimsy finish, I clarified.  And I was laughing and rolling my eyes at the same time.

With a finished quilt and a finished flimsy I am declaring that I have achieved my April OMG!!!
And here they are both side by side, to prove that they are indeed two separate pieces.

I will be linking with Elm Street Quilts for the April OMG completion and all my favorite linky parties.

I wish that you are surrounded by kindness and hope you stay strong through tumultuous times.  I look forward to you thoughts.


  1. I still haven't tried a scrap vortex quilt. I have no idea how to start....I'll have to google it! I could ask my friend, she does this with very small scraps and calls it Poverty Piecing

    1. Amanda Jean Nyberg of Crazy Mom Quilts is the brain behind Scrap Vortex Quilts. Check her blog for detailed instructions.

  2. The first conversation with paul was hysterical. I enjoy your sense of humor. But I also enjoy your quilts. Now I really need to make a scrap vortex quilt. I NEED that first Easter fabric! mary in Az

    1. Thanks, Mary. That Peanuts Easter (Charlie Brown) fabric came from Joann Fabrics. Hope you can find it. I am sure it will be on sale now that we are past Easter.

  3. Whoot Whoot!! COngrats on your April OMG - and YAY!! for two done!! Your husband is really funny! ( or you are!)

  4. Off to check out that link,,, somewhere i saw a really scrap quilt that looked like 3" squares from 1-1/2" strips... since then i have been cutting that size for anything left over:),,, quite a bucket full already... i cannot leave any fabric unstitched that could possibly be "something"... i even make the zipper pouches out of left over blocks etc... it's a game with me:)) GB

  5. 'It is just patchwork' He said that? And you let him get away with it??? Saying that he is a great quilt model. You are inspiring me to start a vortex quilt, I have so many scraps but it's just the thought of sorting them and cutting them all up. Yours ate both lovely.

  6. Love your fun scraps in the scrap vortex quilts!

  7. Very nice use of scraps - they look like so much fun!

  8. I'm drooling over those beautiful fabric purchases :) I never think to sew up my scraps, but you are showing me that I really really need to start doing that. I can I add Simply Scraptastic to your list of to use quilt names?

  9. Is the hedgehog fabric from Joanns? It is adorable. I must get some!
    Love your scrap quilts!

    1. Yes, it is. Looks like it is available online
      Thank you :-)

  10. Oh so many pretties! I love the new fabrics and the scrappy vortex!

  11. I LOVE your scrappy quilts! So bright and happy!

  12. Wow, you have been splurging on the fabric front :) And as usual good to read blog post.

    I am sorry though for the naming stuff I will be no help, I "never" can figure out how to name my quilts... After the nametip above - I somehow had scraplicious in my head - not sure - might have read it somewhere...

  13. What great projects for using up scraps! It must have taken awhile to make all those slabs.

  14. Well, those quilts look different to me, but your model looks the same!! He is very good at his job even if his mouth gets in the way.
    I do think the confusion of the front and back of your quilt is a sign of a successful quilt. It can be enjoyed both ways! I have long admired scrap vortex quilts. Do you keep a big bowl of scraps by your machine, or do you use the scraps from your current project for your leaders and enders? Your fabric acquisitions are yummy. Paisley makes me swoon.

  15. Good grief, Charlie Brown, you have been shopping for the good stuff! After sewing two tops and a backing, you need to replenish your stash. Did I miss the part that this came from scraps not stash. Oh, well, fabric is fabric and needs to be replaced if it's used.
    I see what you mean about your two vortex quilts but I like them. If you want them to look different, you can focus on a particular color or fabric. Or just go with what you're doing, cause that looks fantastic, girl friend!
    Someone said it above but it's so true, you and Paul are funny. You two must be such a cute couple.

  16. Very fun quilts! Congrats on the finishes.

  17. A scrap vortex quilt is on my bucket list but first I have to make some colourful quilts so my scraps are prettier! Love the bright colourful fabrics you use.

  18. I love the scrap vortex quilts! They don't look the same to me. And you've certainly done well in the fabric shopping. Time to make a big quilt to use it up? (And generate more scraps, too!) Have a great weekend!

  19. Here I am sitting outside Tim Horton's (so Canadian, I know) with my coffee (not a double double, just a double cream) and my butter pecan cookie, yum, and decided to read my email while I munch on my cookie because one shouldn't munch and drive right...what a pleasure to read your kind and strong post. I think of lyrics from our anthem, "strong and free", and that reminds me I need to purchase the Canada fabric for 'our' charity quilt. I love your scrap vortexes almost as much as your Paul convos. ;-) I recognize a few of your scraps! Only very good friends can recognize each other's scraps right?! Glad you augmented your stash while saving a bundle; I did a bit of that this week too!

  20. I love all of your vortex quilts. Those had to make a nice dent in your scraps! Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  21. Awesome finishes. Scrappy is my middle name lol.

  22. I have yet to make a scrap vortex quilt and I can't imagine that it will look as good as yours when I do finally make one. I hope you are surrounded with love as well.

  23. I like the back Preeti! Isn't it fun how 'ugly' fabrics get a new life when paired with other fabrics? I have enough scraps for a large quilt. I probably should make one sometime! :)

  24. Great progress. I'm envious that you are done with your OMG this month. You know what I'll be doing the rest of this week!

  25. I was at a quilt retreat this weekend and sewed scraps into pairs as leader and enders. It's amazing how many pairs I made and yet the scrap box seems just as full. Your scrap vortexes look great.

  26. So awesome!
    I can't believe Paul said "ONLY patchwork"... sheesh Paul!
    Amazing vortex quilts!

  27. Two great Vortex quilts! Got love the Pauls in our lives. I have a Brad.

  28. I love scrappy quilts and yours is no exception. Well done.

  29. Fun quilt! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish!

  30. Your scrappy quilts are so cheerful! And the back is very creative. Lots of delicious additions to your stash, too. Congratulations on a great OMG finish.

  31. I love your scrap vortex quilt! I need to make one.

  32. Great job on the Scrap Vortex quilts, Preeti! The fabric you didn't like worked out great on the back - great finish! Thanks for sharing on Midweek Makers

  33. Oh, nice scores with the new fabric - those metallics are very luxe! :D Love both the scrap vortex finishes too - definitely has given me some ideas. :) That squash fabric on the back of the finished quilt is so much fun - I have something a bit similar that I need to find a use for.

  34. You guys are a comedy team! You sure found a bunch of new fabric...gorgeous new fabric!!

  35. Those are awesome quilts. I could also keep sewing vortex quilts. I love that you don't have to cut the scraps to size.

  36. Bravo on both 'finishes' ! Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday!