Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Quilt Show and Bragging Rights

I had such a fabulous weekend that I am still reliving the experience through pictures.

Paper Doll Mini Quilt

Mari drove from Delaware so that we could go the Quilt Show together.  She brought me fabric (scraps I requested) and my own paper doll wall hanging.

Juicy Scraps

We ate lunch. Her generous compliments on my culinary skills made me blush and she ended up with leftovers :-) That is a win-win situation.

My Twitter Feed on display at the 44th Quilters Unlimited Show

At the show, I posed with my quilt and beamed with delight  every time I heard appreciation for my work.

There was no dearth of eye candy at the quilt show.
We lingered, took pictures and discussed techniques and patterns. Here are a few of my picks.

Happy Fish by Barbara Delaney
These fish are just the kind of blocks that make me happy.

Farm Girl Vintage by Kelley Davis
These vintage blocks are super adorable. Bet there is never a dull moment in making these blocks.

Hand Pieced by Jeanne Culbert
Jeanne is in my Quilt Guild and I am overawed by her patience to put together this beast of a quilt  -all hand pieced!!!

Blue Ridge Beauty by Jennifer McKinney
And here is Jennifer's scrappy beauty. This is her second Blue Ridge Beauty. She made one as a wedding present for her niece. 

The House that Kaffe Built by Denise Racz
I noticed that most houses have yellow windows depicting that the family is in, and a few have black windows, showing that the occupants are out.  Love such attention to detail.

Daryl's Seascape by Madaline Stutes
Meticulously paper-pieced fish make this quilt a favorite.

The Nana & Kyra Quilt by Nancy Fallone
When Nancy's  18-month old granddaughter Kyra saw her piecing, she was fascinated. Every visit, she would pick two squares and hand them to her nana to sew them together, resulting in this quilt.

Mari joined me in chai and samosas after the show. Our discussion of fabrics, patterns and tutorials nicely rounded out my day. So exhausted but very happy.

May I brag a little? Or a lot?

On Sunday, Janet Marney of Quilters Unlimited of Northern Virginia called me to ask for my permission to use My Twitter Feed as the group photo of their Facebook page.
I asked her if she could hold the phone for a minute...while I did a happy dance and finished running around in circles around my coffee table.
Then we both laughed.
Here is the link - https://www.facebook.com/groups/304623407466/

If May was crazy busy, June offers little respite.  As a result I have fallen behind on my Honey Pot Bee blocks. Must finish those in June.

Fabric Squares for the June Block

Me: How is that for June OMG?
Inner Voice: Small but doable.
Me: Well, then let's complicate it a bit.
Inner Voice: No don't
Me: Why not?
Inner Voice: Because you also have to write the BOM tutorial for the Birds block
(I am the Block of the Month Coordinator for my Guild this year and I have been ASKED to provide the Birds block tutorial)
Me: Huh, and I cannot do both?
Inner Voice: You also have to MAKE the Bird blocks for the BOM.

Fabric pick for the Bird Block
Me: YIKES!!!
Inner Voice: Like I said.
Me: No, you will not discourage ME. If I do not achieve my goals that is one thing but to NOT EVEN TRY - that is UNACCEPTABLE!!!

Yes, sometimes Paul is asleep (or out) and the conversation must go on.

For my June OMG, I have a flimsy that is screaming to be quilted and I will get it done. Here is the backing and binding. No, I am not showing the front till it is finished.

Backing & Binding

Three goals for June
1. Finish a quilt
2. Make Bird blocks and write the BOM tutorial.
3. Get up to speed on the Honey Pot Bee blocks.

I will be linking with Elm Street Quilts for the June OMG.

Here is the fabric I ordered from Connecting Threads. At 40% off, I am pretty pleased with it :-)
Joel Dewberry Fabrics 
So, how have you been and what are your June goals.  I will be linking with all my favorite linky parties and as usual I'd love to hear from you.

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  1. I so enjoy your blog! Well done with the twitter birds!

    My June goals involve starting a birthday quilt for my son and finishing two baby quilts...and instead I started a new quilt with fabric from a recent quilt show. Because sometimes that's just how the inspiration hits! I love quilting! :)

  2. Good Morning! Wowee - what a nice newsy post and so many good things to share!! My Twitter Feed is just fabulous. I love it, and you did a fabulous job on it. I love the details that you pointed out on the House quilt - I never would have noticed that. And the Nana quilt - how adorable is that?! Kyra has quite an eye for putting fabrics together. Don't listen to that inner voice - you've got it going on. Love the owl tease fabric - cannot wait to see the flimsy on the other side. ~smile~

  3. I really like your Twitter Feed quilt too. Looking forward to seeing what's on the other side of those cute owls.

  4. Oh, how I love Twitter Feed, I'm glad you entered it into the show and that you shared all of those beautiful quilts with us! And how cool that Mari got to drive down to go to the show too. The stripy fish quilt, where the eyes made of beads?

  5. Wow, you're having a good day! Of course they want to use your quilt--it's spectacular. So glad that we got to go to the show together! And I'm finishing the curry for lunch today, so thanks!

  6. I LOVE Twitter Feed! And the Owl backing material is awesome! Your work is terrific. I can't wait to see what you finish next.

  7. Thank you for all the wonderful eye candy! Congrats on getting your twitter quilt on their FB page!!!

  8. Looks like it was a fun show! Your bird quilt is beautiful (I'll send my address in an email) and you're a cutie!

  9. Your bird quilt is lovely! You certainly have your work cut out for you. This will be my third year for writing my guild's BOM.

  10. Cute bird blocks. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck on your project.

  11. Oh keep us in suspense! The owl backing is really cute - can't wait to see the front! Thanks for sharing all of your fun on Midweek Makers

  12. I am glad you had such an amazing weekend plus that unbelievable, happy dance worthy facebook ending. Sending you lots of motivation to finish the June goals. If I were to pick a June goal it would be to finish my to-be-born nephews quilt so it will be for once a baby quilt finished in time :)


    PS: The owls are really cute. Curious what top is hiding behind!

  13. LOVE your improv bird quilt! I remember making those for the Block Lotto. I only have two birds... but they made it on the back of one of my Bonnie Hunter quilts. I LOVE them. Link up with Mama Sparks world for a chance to win the giveaway. Tell her Kathy S. sent you.


  14. those birds are so doggone cute - i can almost hear the chirping! oh - wait - that really IS bird chirping i hear - right outside the window...

  15. Your "inner voices" conversations are too funny! I absolutely love your Twitter Feed quilt, and especially love that picture of you with the quilt with your face just beaming! Good for you!

  16. I love your "conversations". So funny. I am in awe of your Twitter Feed quilt and congrats on being appreciated for your art! The paper doll wall hanging is so different. Thanks as usual for a great post. mary in Az

  17. I just love your birds! And congrats for being featured on FB!

  18. Whoa! Maybe you should listen to inner voice on occasion. You have been up to all sorts of quilting stuff (thanks for the quilt show) and you seem to have a few ideas for the next month. Go for it but keep in mind that a month has only 30 days (something your inner voice seems to know).
    Congrats on the Twitter Feed quilt news! It blows me away every time. I'm thrilled that others are recognizing your fabulous work too.

  19. Such eye-candy in this post....in which I spent way too much time oooing and awing over each quilt! :) What a lovely story about the Nana and Kyra Quilt! How special to just go with the flow and enjoy time with her granddaughter! Congratulations your on beautiful quilts and success! Love that owl fabric! Thank you for sharing!

  20. What a pretty collection of quilts you shared from the show. Love your Twitter Feed and the first fish quilt. That one makes me think of Lorna's work. Is it one of her patterns, I wonder?
    Good luck with your June goals. You'll get them done. You are a very efficient quilter!!

  21. Great post! I enjoyed every bit of it! Love those birds! ---"Love"

  22. What a charming charm of birds! Of all the pretty quilts you shared, yours is by far the best. I love those birds. They are addictive. Good job, and congrats on the facebook fame. you earned it!

  23. How fun on being asked to share you photo as the header for the facebook page. I love those quilts from the show, yours is my favorite, but I really like that first fish one too. Happy stitching this next week. Good luck with all your June goals.

  24. Awesome quilt, but I'm confused. Why would you write a tutorial for those bird blocks when there's already one available from the Patchery Menagerie?

    1. In making the quilt, I learned a few things, improvised a little and decided to use that knowledge to write a tutorial for a larger bird block - 9" by 12". Now, is that such a bad idea?

  25. I love the "twitter feed". We used this block as a block of the month for our guild and linked to the tutorial mentioned by the Joyful quilter. Ours was a block lotto so we received about a third of the blocks and let two guild members win the rest. It's such a fun block isn't it? Thanks for sharing photos of the other quilts. i love the one with all the little squares but I think if my grandson saw me sewing together squares he would be more interested in the sewing machine and how it works.

  26. There's a tutorial for the birds at BlockLotto.com. I made lots of them that month but mine are still a UFO. Yours look great in Twitter Feed!

    1. In my original blogpost, I have not only acknowledged the tutorial from Block Lotto, I have also included a link to it. Hope My Twitter Feed will inspire you to finish your UFO 😊

  27. Oh, Preeti -- the Twitter Feed quilt is wonderful. What a great name! Glad to see a Block Lotto design in a quilt show.

  28. Your Twitter Feed quilt is such a fun take on a popular platform :) Love all of the lovely quilts at the show!

  29. Thanks for all the quilty fun, and your quilt is stunning, no words for it really! Thanks for linking to Finished or Not Friday!

  30. Congrats on the success of your Twitter Feed quilt! It's a real beauty. Good luck in achieving those goals you have set yourself - you can do it! Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday

  31. Love your Twitter Feed quilt! I made a cheerful quilt using that bird block myself and get rave reviews of it whenever I post it on Instagram or my blog -- such a fun little block to play with!!

  32. Ooooooh what a lot of quilts. I so love it when someone shares a quilt show with me, I have a poor chance of attending most of them and they are usually so different from the ones trending in my area. I so love your Twitter Feed, and a very clever name, my husband keeps telling me I should open a twitter account but no way, social media can take over your life. I'm looking forward to seeing the new quilt, I love it already just from the backing. Until then you just brag away, you definitely have something to brag about.