Friday, July 7, 2017

Purple Pickle

A new quilt is in the works and it must be done by the first weekend in August. Therefore I am making it my July OMG.

Pattern and Initial Fabric Pull

Sometimes I pick a pattern and choose fabric accordingly.  And sometimes there is some fabric that I have to use.  In this case, it was the color purple.

Kaffe Fassett Design Roll Strips

Well, the quilt needs to be purple. Purple is a difficult color. I have very limited purple in my stash.

Voluptuous? I can work with that :-D

My best bet was Kaffe Fassett.  I had a couple of design rolls - 6" by WOF strips.
And that became the starting point for the quilt. Now, let's select a pattern, shall we?

Basket Case

If I stitch a 2.5" strip on either sides of the 6" strip and cut into squares, I should have my blocks. Arrange in a rail fence fashion and there is your pattern. Simple and Purple.
But but but there is not much fun in that. I have already made quilts like that.
Remember Basket Case.

Life's Embrace

An elongated 4-patch block with sashing, arranged in rail-fence style.  That is Phoebe's flower box from MSQC. I have already made that pattern - a few times.

Phoebe's Flower Box

As I am considering these patterns, I am aware that they have to be suitable to the pre-cut at hand.

6" Strips - Green, Purple and a touch of Yellow

If you are ever in this mode (trying to decide a pattern) do not , I repeat firmly - DO NOT GO TO PINTEREST.  You will see a thousand other things and forget the original mission.

No that did not happen to me. I did not see this quilt from Kitchen Table Quilting.
Ok, I did and was immediately fixated on it. Time to sketch.


Adding Color

In Process

I am in love

At this time, I realized that it would not work with my pre-cuts. Bummer!!!
Time to modify the design.

Final Design

Instead of a 9-patch, I modified it to a 4-patch, while the snowball blocks remain the same.
The pattern will have 63 blocks, arranged 7 by 9.  There will be 32 4-patch blocks and 31 snowball blocks.

First Block :-)
Design - Check.
Fabric - Check.
Let's go to town.

Off to a Good Start!!!

I feel like I am off to a good start. Hope I can maintain the momentum. What do you think?
As usual, I'd love to hear from you.

I want to take this time to thank you for your lovely, kind, sweet, heart-warming and very generous comments on Playing Footsie.  Sending big hugs to you for the love you shower upon me :-)


  1. It's going to be a colorful and fun quilt. Happy stitching. You've got some fun colors to play with.

  2. Glad I'm not the only one who uses graph paper to design my quilts.

  3. Let's go to town! It looks great so far. I like both sketches and the initial fabric pull, too. This will be very colorful, as always! What happens in August?

  4. Lovely pull of fabrics--if I look around online I also forget what it was I was going to do!! Too much input ;ooo...hugs, Julierose

  5. Pinterest (aka the time black hole) got me a time or two too (or 100 but who is counting) I love the fabrics you pulled. I will look wonderful

  6. I like these fabrics. The purples are on the blue side and it's one of my favorites. I use grid paper for a lot of things and it lends itself well to quilt design.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. A snowball and nine patch quilt has long been on my list. I love your modified version. Purple and green are a favorite combo of mine too but purples are thin in my stash as well. Have fun!

  8. what a colorful project! good luck with your goal!

  9. did you happen to notice that there is a pattern on rows 4-9, but not the same pattern on 1-3? You have consistent purple or green diagonals, but the pattern is interrupted on the first 3 rows. But I love the colors and pattern you are using. Can't wait to see the finish. Jo

  10. I am glad, I am not the only one with ambitious projects :) And no, of course I have never fallen into the black hole called pinterest ... lol

    Sending you lots of sewing motivation and time! Enjoy :)
    xo Melanie

  11. Kaffe Fassett fabrics intimidate me with their saturated colors. Looking forward to you next post and the snowball blocks. You work so well with lots of color and you can't really go wrong with purples and greens!

  12. So good of you to stick to your stash. I loved reading about your design process. Good luck with your finish.

  13. It is going to be a great looking quilt. I really like the colors and the fabric.

  14. Great quilt pattern. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck on your project.

  15. I really loved your first fabric pull, but then those are just my colors and I love batiks!! I love your pattern idea and can't wait to see the finish-think of the Little Engine that Could and you will be soon done;)

  16. A fun colourful quilt in the works, it will be a beauty.

  17. I've been thinking of putting a quilt kit together something like I'll be interested in seeing how it turns out. I guess those are 5 inch squares.

  18. You know how to make things work! This pattern is going to be uber-pretty in the Kaffe fabrics you chose. I like that the purples are so overwhelming as they usually are in fabric. These give you lots of wiggle room for adding in other colors.

  19. Modifying the pattern to work with the fabric you have on hand looks like a perfect plan. I hope you enjoy putting it all together!

  20. You have such a great eye for colour and pattern Preeti, I find patterns so difficult to work with but you make it seem effortless. The great thing about your modification is it makes the quilt easier and faster to make, perfect for a deadline and in my opinion it looks just as good as the first draught.

  21. Purple is a color I don't have much of either - wonder why? It's a perfectly nice color. :) Your fabric choices are so nice and I'm looking forward to seeing your finished top. It's easier for me to find a pattern and then choose fabric instead of the other way around. You have a great design!

  22. Hi Preeti,
    HAHAHA - no, Pinterest would never in a million years distract a person from their original mission. Never. Nope. Not me anyway. x fingers crossed behind my back x I look forward to seeing this complete well before August knowing how you work. ~smile~ Roseanne

  23. Love how you explained how you came to the quilt plan. The quilt will be gorgeous. But even better, if you haven't thought about it is by changing from a 9 patch to a 4 patch saves you a ton of time cutting and sewing! Quilt on!

  24. Good luck. You're starting with some great fabrics. Happy sewing.

  25. I'm a little confused. Are you using both the batiks in the first photo and the Kaffe fabrics? Regardless, I like the design you've adapted and look forward to seeing the finished project.

    1. Miss Pat, the picture caption reads Initial Fabric Pull. It was later superseded by the richness of Kaffe fabrics. No batiks, just Kaffe. Thank you for faith in my abilities :-D

  26. I laughed about your Pinterest comment-so true. I get distracted there so easily, but I love it. Your 4 patch substitute is great. I'm working on a 9 patch/snowball doll quilt right now, and I'd like to make a smaller version too...a 4 patch would work great. Thanks for the idea! Also, thanks for participating in Design Wall Monday.

  27. Thanks for sharing your thought process. It's always interesting to see how quilters come up with the patterns and ideas they sew.

  28. Purple is nearly nonexistent in my stash too! I love your idea and can't wait to see it. Pinterest is a rabbit hole that can last for hours! Get going girl...July is nearly gone!

  29. This is going to be pretty, especially with the fun fabrics you have pulled. Do keep us posted on the Midweek Makers linky party - thanks for sharing today!

  30. A beautiful quilt in the making. Love the fabrics and the design.

  31. You crack me up. Don't go to Pinterest, you say. Yes, it does have so many, many distractions. I love seeing your process of creation. I love the batiks in the first photo.

  32. Just checking back in! Don't want to miss anything! You have some of the prettiest fabric ever!

  33. Love love those batiks Preeti! Glad to see someone else colours squares and triangles- great colour combo. :-) Catching the Footsie story, aww.

  34. trust you to come up with a good design easy to make! The colors are exciting! LeeAnna

  35. Great advice about not going to Pinterest. In 2013 I bought some lovely fabric for a new quilt for my bed (the old one was made in Chad in 2003 and was worn out). I started pinning possible pattern straight away. In 2016, I made the first cut into my fabric, for the Splendid Sampler. I suddenly decided that if I was never going to decide on a pattern, I might as well make a mystery sampler!

  36. It's going to be beautiful and you have my favourite fabric , the kaffe tiny circles . Or one of my many favourites !!