Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Have you met the princess, Esmeralda?
Here she is.

I am in love with her.


Shines & Shimmers

Me: Look, look, these point meet so perfectly.
Paul: Uh Huh.

Me: Love when that happens.
Paul: These points seem a teensy bit off

Me: Who told you to look at that one? In any case, that is a reject.
Paul: Hmmm. So not all points are perfect.




Me: They are better than before.
Paul: Before? You have made this before?
Me: Yes, it is the same design as Mom' Quilt that I made last year.
Paul: Oh the pink/orange one.
Me: Yes


Pure Joy of meeting points

Paul: You had a very royal name for it.
Me: Raanihaar, meaning The Queen's Necklace

Staying Organized

Paul: What is this one called?
Me: Esmeralda.
Paul: That is a mouthful
Me: This quilt has been a handful and then some

Square to 8.5"

Cutting Corners :-D

The magic happens here

Squared again

Paul: Handful? How?
Me: It is queen-size, and has a thousand pieces.
Paul: Wow, that is a lot. But still fit for a queen?
Me: Yes, but the colors are softer - not a queen, may be a princess.
Paul: A Princesses' Necklace?
Me: Yes, but that does not have the sound effect. I chose to call this one Esmeralda.


Paul: How did you come up with that name?
Me: I was just thinking of impressive sounding royal names - Desdemona, Esmeralda, Ophelia, Arabella - that are not too common. I like Esmeralda the best. Further, the quilt has shades of emerald green, so Esmeralda.

Design Wall - What would I do without you?

Press Seams Open

Paul: May be you should have spent more effort on matching the points than naming the quilt.
Me: You are banished from Esmeralda's court.
Paul: Is that so?
Me: Till the time you are summoned to fulfill your duties as the quilt holder-upper.

Finished Flimsy!

The fabrics are from Moda's new fabric line - Wild Nectar by Crystal Manning.

I wanted fabrics with a good contrast against the white background. Otherwise it would have been difficult to see the intersecting circles. Therefore, I did not use the two prints with beige background.

Turquoise Border
(But they are already in the next project. Details coming later. Watch this space.)

As much as I love the peach, emerald and gold together, I am convinced that it is the Bella Turquoise border that brings the whole quilt together.  What do you think?

Moda Grunge Pool

The backing is 108" wide Moda Grunge Pool. It is absolutely lovely.

Turquoise, Pool and Admiral Blue - One Happy Family
The quilting is super-simple.
Quilted two inches apart, using my walking foot and one of the decorative stitches on my Janome.

Trimmed & Labelled

Binding in process

The binding is Bella Admiral Blue and I believe it works beautifully.

A pop of binding
I was a bit concerned, that some of the light peach fabrics may not stand out enough from the background, but my fears were unfounded.

So gorgeous!!!

Everyone (I mean everyone) has loved this quilt - quilters and muggles alike. So obviously, I have been showing it off :-)

The illusion circles

The 99 blocks are arranged 9 by 11. The border is about 3.5" .
The finished quilt measures about 80" by 96".

Esmeralda on the Green
Feeling Shy?

With sunlight filtering through...

Although I took over 200 pictures by myself, I wanted just one picture showing the whole quilt - top to bottom - and that proved to be challenging. Even with Paul's help, on a nearby playground with a dozen clothes pegs, Esmeralda struggled to break free. Here are some pictures from our breezy attempt.

Thank you, Paul!!!
Aah the Breeze
Almost still

Taking it down

And Rekha, my buddy at work, is a fabulous quilt model. Look how she owns it.

Thank you Rekha


Getting close
Paul: So who gets to snuggle with Esmeralda?
Me: Whoever is worthy.  We shall see.

Now that I have completed this humongous beauty of a quilt, admired here, shown her off and taken 300 pictures, there is nothing more left to do.

Just kidding :-D

I am going to play with the scraps. What I do with them is the stuff of my October OMG
Here is a glimpse.

October OMG
I will be linking with all my favorite linky parties. I do look forward to your thoughts.

If you love Esmeralda, and want to make the quilt or a few blocks, please go to the Moda Bake Shop for the complete tutorial, fabric requirements and lots of process pictures.


  1. A very enjoyable blog post - made me smile at the conversation (sounds like a variation on a them in my house). Beautiful quilt and great pics. Thank you :D

  2. Esmeralda looks beautiful. What a stunning quilt. A lot of work but a wonderful finish.

  3. Definitely appreciated by "quilters and muggles" alike! Wonderful job with the quilt and blog!!

  4. Your quilt is just gorgeous! And playing with scraps is fun. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck on your project.

  5. love it - I will be getting a sewing machine soon that has decorative stitches and will love to try them out like you do in quilting.

  6. Absolutely beautiful and worth every minute you put into it!

  7. Esmerelda is so very, very lovely. I have some fabric in my stash that I think would work very well with this pattern. Hmmmmmm? Thinking of the possibilities.

  8. Oh! I forgot to add, I agree about the border bringing out all the other colors. My first thought when I saw Esmeralda was that the border color was perfect for the quilt.

  9. Esmeralda is beautiful!! Well done!! Thanks for showing us how you made it. I loved all the pictures of it. The border is perfect and the backing. The darker binding is just the right touch.

  10. Another gorgeous quilt! I love the peaches, teals and blues together. You certainly have the knack for combining colours!

  11. Gives me goosebumps, Preeti, dear!

  12. Esmeralda is breath taking! Those turquoise, dark blue and peach prints look stunning together! I'm not sure I would be able to part with her. Technically, if your mom is The Queen's Necklace, couldn't that make you Esmeralda? :)

  13. Preeti, she is a beauty. I always get a chuckle out of your conversational posts. Can't wait until you work with the scraps.

  14. This is stunning! I love all the pictures (and commentary) you shared. Awesome job, Preeti!

  15. AAAHHHH!!!!!!! You made a Moda Bake Shop pattern...that's so fantastic and I'm so happy for you. And happy for me cuz I have it copied and will, hopefully, make this one day. Your blog always makes me happy...keep on doing what you do so well. ;)

  16. This is stunning! The border brings it full circle and was the perfect choice! I would never give this one up...keep it! Well done Preeti. I am so mesmerized by this one!

  17. What a fantastic post about a beautiful quilt. (quilters and muggles alike - I MUST remember that phrase - I love it!!) Congratulations on a stunning finish.

  18. This is the first post I read this morning and I feel sorry for the next couple that I will read because they won't hold a candle to yours. You are a tough act to follow Preeti.

    Love the pattern and oh my gosh, your precision is inspiring.
    Love the conversation with Paul. You crack me up, quilters and muggles. :-)

    The blue border works like a charm.

    Fantastic finish dear friend.

  19. Hi Preeti,
    Your coworker is a gem and a great model. I love the conversations you have with DH. He's a gem, too. What a beautiful quilt - everything came together perfectly. Looking forward to seeing more of that October OMG! ~smile~ Roseanne

  20. Preeti, I am so very proud of you! You just keep getting better and better. Got a big smile when I saw Esmeralda was featured in Moda Bake shop! Congrats!

  21. Esmeralda is truly gorgeous! I also really love the quilting that you did. You are quite ambitious to quilt a queen size on your machine. I just love it! (Although I may love it in a throw size for myself, LOL)

  22. Esmeralda is completely enchanting! I love the colors and your story of making it. And it's finished just in time for fall's cooler temps, perfect for snuggling!

  23. A beauty for sure. Esmeralda is a queen.

  24. A beautiful quilt, I love it! And great pics too!

  25. This is a gorgeous quilt! What is the name of the pattern? Or your own design? I love the fabric line, and whoever gets to snuggle under it is going to be pretty lucky!

  26. Esmeralda is a beauty! The border is a perfect choice. Love all the photos.

  27. Esmeralda is beautiful indeed! Congratulations on this fantastic finish!

  28. What a fun post! Truly, though, the star is Esmeralda! What a beautiful quilt. that photo of the sun shining through makes me want to be a kid again and jst sit under there and play. I need to make a new bed quilt, and this pattern is definitely in the running! Love, love it, Preeti!

  29. Love Esmeralda! It turned out beautifully. I enjoyed the running commentary. Good luck on your October goal.

  30. Amazing as usual. Congrats on your Moda pattern!!! So well deserved. I love reading your blog posts. You inspire so mny of us. Thank you!

  31. It is a stunning quilt. I've always loved 'circles' that appear and your colours are fabulous. The turquoise border certainly is a perfect fit. Lovely through and through.

  32. A BEAUTIFUL quilt! I am so pleased you made a tutorial. I haved admired the Queen's necklace you made for your mom so much and kept my fingers crossed that a pattern would one day follow. Thank you!

  33. Beautiful quilt. Thanks for the tutorial. I'm putting it on my list of quilts to make. Thanks for sharing.

  34. GORGEOUS! I agree- the border really pulls out the colors in this HUGE quilt. And, of course I love your "conversations" with Paul. Hope he is worthy. hee hee
    mary in Az

  35. Oh Preeti, you are a master of this pattern! Moda is lucky (and smart!)to convince you to write the pattern. I have no doubt that it's a great tutorial with many of your gorgeous photos. First Raanihaar and now Esmeralda--both stunning quilts deserving of their royal names. Beautiful Preeti!

  36. Preeti,, this quilt is wonderful and I've been waiting to see it since I knew you are now a Moda Bake Shop Chef and you barely announced it until the end. I'm going to check out the tutorial now. Congratulations on your quilt, your pattern and for quilting Esmeralda yourself. (Plus for putting up with Paul). Big pats on your back.

  37. Oh, my goodness! This one gives me’s so beautiful!

  38. Fabulous colours. What a beautiful quilt!

  39. What a quilt!!!! Now I really want to try one of those kaleadoscopes... how will I manage if I can't even spell it? well I will certainly try. Yours is such an inspiration. And yes, i enjoyed the conversation too.

  40. This quilt is gorgeous. I enjoy reading your blog.

  41. Yes, I echo everyone's comments here-this is a beautiful quilt. I enjoyed reading your 'conversation'. My retired engineer hubby is very hung up on exactness something, sadly, I am lacking. :)

  42. It's a beauty, Preeti! Thanks for sharing the design details. The discussion with your husband reminds me of the Popser essays. (They were published in Quilt magazine and a selection became a book -- but I don't think the website exists any longer.)

  43. Gorgeous Princess! And paper pieced, my nemesis. You are brave. I always love your including conversations in your posts, lol

  44. Love your 'points' darling!! Makes my heart sing at their perfection:-). Tootles! Kim A

  45. It certainly deserves a royal name! It's stunning, Preeti! All of your points look perfect to me!

  46. 300 pictures sounds about right for such a beautiful (and spirited) quilt! I love all the colors together, but yes, that border is what brings out the best in all of them. Isn't it funny how you just know a particular quilt is a keeper? Congrats on having a tutorial in the Moda Bake Shop. Now I can say I know a quilt celebrity.

  47. Just beautiful. I love this quilt pattern and your colors work so well together. Also love Moda Grunges.

  48. Esmeralda is fabulous. I too have become enamored of Grunge. I bought several pieces to throw into my log cabin quilt. Of course, I was very careful to cut just a few strips from each one since I want to keep savoring it rather than using it up. Heck I only bought 1/4 yard pieces too. Esmeralda will be well received whoever gets to snuggle up with her. Great job.

  49. Love the name and your story. So glad Paul's banishment was lifted while he held the quilt. Congratulations on a beautiful finish.

  50. This is such a wonderful quilt, from the design to the colours, it’s a winner. Congratulations on the Moda Bake Shop tutorial too, I already checked it out :-)