Friday, October 20, 2017

Snowmen Express

After Esmeralda, which was a herculean effort, I wanted to do as little as possible.
Time to reward myself :-D

Fabric Shopping!!! 

The Nursery Rhymes fabric will make the backing of my October OMG quilt.

Windham Fabrics Nursery Rhymes
I knew I had to have this orange striped fabric.

Balloon Stripe Michael Miller Fabrics
I will most probably use it as backing and will use the diagonal lines to quilt from the back.

Jumping and Munching Sheep

I also got these sheep and look at those plump farm animals.

Plump Animals

I fell for these snowmen and ordered immediately.

Instant Attraction
When I received the package, I realized that it was not quilting cotton but flannel. Could not use them for patchwork, but definitely backing.

Lovely Plaid Joann Fabrics

Also found this lovely plaid at my local Joann Fabrics.

Combine this plaid with that snowmen flannel and you have an instant quilt. Honestly, I have not made a quilt more rapidly than this one.



I quilted it in the morning, before going to work.

Can you see the Quilting?

Finished the binding the same day, after returning from work.

Binding in process

Since it was so simple to put this together,  I decided to add faux piped binding (my first) to add a bit of pizzaz to it.

Faux Piped Binding

The turquoise blue of the binding matches the plaid. And goes well with he snowmen too :-)

Loving it

The finished quilt measures about 37" by 42".  I think Snowmen Express is a perfect name.

So cute!!!

Labelled and ready to go. Where is a baby when you need one?

Playing with Scraps

October OMG

Still working on my October OMG, using scraps from Esmeralda.

Border, Backing & Binding Scraps from Esmeralda

Remember me??? I heard the HSTs (left over from Clay's quilt) call out to me.

For Snowballing Corners

I had a few ideas.
Leftover HSTs

Looked at Pinterest. Too many ideas. Put these away for now. You little distracting things.

Another HST idea
Closed Pinterest.
Open Facebook.

Saw Janine's blocks for KaHolly. Oh no, time to get into action.

Making Doggone Cute Blocks for KaHolly
I chose Dog #5. This was the easiest block in my opinion.


I made two large blocks - one each in orange and turquoise.

Puppy Face
Moving one unit makes such a difference. And could be a mistake. See the puppy looks more like a lion when I moved that unit. 

No, no, no, get back to work.
Doesn't that look like a lion?

It is such a well-written pattern. Love the clear instructions, numbering of the pieces and all the little diagrams. Thank you, Lorna.

All done and ready to go!!!

Thank you, KaHolly, for this effort to bring some measure of comfort and healing to those affected by  the horrible storm.

I still have to complete my October OMG. How did a month of taking it easy turn into a month of frenzy? Does this ever happen to you?  I look forward to your thoughts.


  1. Hi Pretti,
    My post today is called 'looming deadline' so yeah, I get the frenzy. So many cute things to comment on - the plaid fabric looks like you pieced it! A non-quilter will certainly think you slaved away for HOURS on the top alone. I did think so, too, until you spilled the beans. Oh, and those puppies! I have to check out that link and sew so up for whoever is collecting them. Their cute little eyes almost follow you across the page as you type . . . pay attention to me. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. You are all over the place with your projects!! Cute doggies for sure. The snowman quilt worked out great. I was looking at different yardage in my stash and thinking of a whole cloth quilt. Those are so satisfying. Just focus on quilting and finishing - no piecing to be done. Great post Preeti!

  3. Preeti, that snowman backing is perfect for the plaids. You binding is perfect too. I love the piping.

  4. What a cute snowman quilt! The binding looks great, especially for the first time you've done it. Don't worry, some baby will come along to claim it soon enough. Looks like you had a great time fabric shopping, too. Love those sheep! Have a happy weekend!

  5. Your two sided flannel quilt is fabulous! The doggies are super cute. I really like Lorna's patterns, and she always thinks of such cute new things.

  6. Cozy as can be! Thanks for linking to Finished or Not Friday.

  7. oh the snowmen are adorable - and I love love love the sheep!!

  8. The snowmen fabric is a great backing for the plaids and the touch of piped binding is the perfect touch. Love the dogs.

  9. Snowman Express is really cute! That plaid fabric for the front really makes it work. As usual, you've got such fun stuff going on in your sewing room. Good luck getting caught up on your October OMG. I was thinking we had two weekends left, but there's just one. Yikes!

  10. That snowman quilt looks so warm and cuddly. Yay for fast finishes. The nursery fabric is super cute!

  11. Oh, what a great fast finish! Sooo cute! Good for you for trying that flange binding. Was it pretty easy? You have a lot going on here. Those HST's are going to make a pretty quilt!

  12. I love the snowmen express. I just came here so I could link your blog in a post I just wrote, because you inspired me to make and finish a quilt. It's simple squares, too! :-)

  13. Your recent purchases are so much fun, and your quick quilt is adorable! But those doggie blocks are great! Thank you so very much! You are such an angel. Everyone has been so generous., I’m looking forward to creating projects with all these doggie blocks for pet rescue. It will be such fun and so rewarding, not to mention it extends my birthday well into winter! XO

  14. Why do I love every single fabric you bought this week? Because they are all lovely. I love your finish too, the snowman fabric is such a surprise as a backing on the plaid quilt

  15. Lovely fabrics in your purchase. And great way to use the snowmen flannel. That will be lovely and warm.
    Lots of work with all your other blocks, too. The dogs look great.
    Cheers, Karen

  16. So much happening in your studio!!! Snowman express is adorable. Yes, where's a newborn baby when you need one?!!! Love the faux piped binding you did. And those dogs. I've seen them around. So cute!!! Love the colors you used.

  17. Taking it easy is helpful between blasts of dedicated work! Love those little dogs. I thought the upside down piece made him look more like a badger! I love all of these cute animals with millions of pieces!

  18. What a precious little flannel quilt, they are so warm. Cute doggies too! Thanks for sharing.

  19. That plaid quilt is so cute! Great backing AND faux piped binding!

  20. So much fun in progress! I can't believe how quickly you made the Snowman Express quilt, with piping even. And quilted before work? You go, girl! The plaid fabric reminds me of a madras shirt I had in college. It was patchwork. I loved it and literally wore it to shreds.

  21. Preeti, you make me want to run to my local JoAnn's and find that plaid fabric! You made an adorable quilt, and I love how fast it was!

  22. Love your doggies! Wonder if ours will play together in a project she makes? :-) And all your distractions...I am shocked that the HST play didn't squirrel you away into a vortex... Great fabric additions too, especially the fairytale one.

  23. You started this post giving me a smile, I love the nursery rhyme fabric. The snowman/plaid quilt? Love it, it’s reversible win win, clever trick with the binding, it sets off the plaid side beautifully. Your dogs are very cute, I’m being the cows tail again and just making mine now, I choose the same block as you but I’m doing the spaniel ears as I have two real life lunatic ones. x