Monday, August 20, 2018

Icecream with Sprinkles

Sex is like food, but different.

Beauty and the Beach

You imagine it to be sweet and smooth like ice-cream.
In reality it is like barbeque ribs - sticky and messy.

Ice-cream with Sprinkles

You picture it will be a neat little cup with a small spoon.  You daintily take a bite, close your eyes and enjoy the gentle melting of the ice-cream on your tongue. You take a deep breath of extreme satisfaction as the coolness travels down your throat, while the sweetness lingers in your mouth. Pure bliss.

Barbecue Ribs

In reality, the barbeque ribs are rather large and unwieldy. You go to pick it up and it is hot and it slips out of your fingers and as you try to catch it, the sauce splatters all over you. You manage to catch it but you are up to your elbows in brown goopy mess. It is spicy and smoky. It is sweet and salty. It is juicy but also burns. Pure disaster, but worth it.


Such is this quilt. It looks innocent - like a cup of ice-cream (with sprinkles) but making it has been a long drawn out process - like smoky ribs.

Kaffe Fassett

There were some scraps leftover from Clay's quilt other than the HSTs (that became Parikrama and the squares that went to the Little One).  Some were really skinny slivers.  I devised a simple plan to use up those skinny slivers.

Slivers - Composite and Simple
Make composite slivers!!!  Sew them along the length and cross cut into slivers, resulting in a mix of simple and composite slivers.
Are you still reading? Oh my goodness, thank you for your support and patience.

Cut and Insert

To give maximum focus to these slivers , I stitched background fabric on either sides to make a 6" square block.  Once I had 64 blocks, I would sew them in a layout of 8 by 8 and call it a flimsy.

Changed orientation to avoid bulky seams

Just when I got close to 60 blocks, I found a ziplock bag with slivers left over from Angel's Midnight Garden.  (Does that ever happen to you?)
Oh my goodness, more Kaffe Fassett fabrics. Was that a sign?
Of course it was a sign. More background fabric was cut, slivers were inserted and more 6" squares were churned out.

Contrast Borders

I was now up to 144 blocks.  Some slivers were still left over. What if I make the second cut/insert?
Some squares were inserted with sliver #2.

Light YellowBacking

Green Binding

144 blocks. Arranged 12 by 12 would yield a square lap size quilt of 66" sides.
I was already dreaming of snuggling with it, when I spoke aloud.

Sun shining through...

Me: Lap size goodness infused with magnificent slivers of Kaffe. So snuggly!!!
Paul: Lap size? Who is it for?
Me: Me, myself and I
Paul: What if someone else wants to snuggle with you?
Me: Who would that be (I asked innocently)
Paul: Brat, who else?
Me: Oh you?
Paul: Yes, me. Such a pretty quilt and none for me.
Me: So you really want to snuggle with the quilt, not me.
Paul: It can be both, you know.

Time for design modifications. At current layout, the quilt would be 66" square. I needed it to be 66" by 88". Meaning I needed a layout of 12 blocks by 16 blocks. That is a total of 192 blocks. I needed 48 more blocks. And all slivers were gone.

Brightness = Happiness

Finished at 72" by 94"
I cannot possibly put into words the mental calisthenics, the scribblings and scrawls that led to the final design and layout.

Hello Beautiful!

In the end, I decided on a layout of 165 blocks, arranged 11 by 15. Plus 5.5" borders.


I am calling this one Moonbeams. Because those colorful slivers - simple and composite - beam against the white/off-white/silvery moon-like background.
Slivers on Silver - say that five times fast :-D


Celebrating Color

My love affair with Kaffe continues...

Ready to Snuggle

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How is your summer - like ice-cream or smoky ribs? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Wow, some post. Some quilt. Thank you for walking through the process so I can understand the quilt. I always get paralyzed when I don't have a clear roadmap in my head of what the quilt will end like. I have a bunch of stuff I am stuck on now. You did an awesome job and Kaffe is addictive.

  2. And, another lovely quilt. I like the green binding against the Kaffe blocks. You also gave me an idea of how to better organize my scraps. Thanks for that!

  3. OMG, how do you keep coming up with funny posts!!! Love that quilt:)

  4. Reading your posts is like reading a mystery. Where is it going.. how will it end? But it always ends with a beautiful quilt! This one is no exception. Great idea to use those scraps. Moonbeams is the perfect name.

  5. Yes, I am still reading! What a terrific quilt and story. And a super-duper way to showcase those slivers.

  6. LOL You are hilarious! I was laughing out loud reading this post!
    Slivers on silver is a fabulous quilt!
    I always hope everything is going to be exquisite ice cream, but almost always turns out to be greasy, messy ribs! LOL

  7. Cute post. This is one of the most beautiful scrap quilts I have every seen. I'm going to remember your composite strips too. Thanks for posting so many pics and closeups of your work.
    xx, Carol

  8. OMG-Hysterical post up front! I really was laughing out loud. But, This quilt is beautiful and I like how you let it grow. I would never have thought to add that type of border but it's perfect. You are such fun and talented. Thank you. mary

  9. Absolutely beautiful, and a wonderful way to use up those slivers! You are quite the storyteller, too. I always enjoy reading about your finishes because you have such delightful stories for them.

  10. Another delightful post and a beautiful quilt from you, Preeti. I'm fighting this urge to run home and cut up some slivers of all my scraps and make one myself.

  11. Preeti, I love this post. I can relate to the ice cream versus ribs. Love the blocks and the quilting.

  12. Great post Preeti! Good to start the day off with laughter. The quilt, as usual, is gorgeous!

  13. What a fantastic quilt for all of those leftover slivers! And a perfect name too!

  14. Such a pretty quilt! I must try this with my scraps.......I have a few! Lol!

  15. Hi Preeti! I hope all the snuggling with the quilt (and you) are worth the extra effort. I have to add that the end result sure looks fabulous and what a great use of all those slivers. Happy Monday to you! ~smile~ Roseanne

  16. Well, take a look at that! All your efforts were well worth it. Great job using every little 'sliver' and obtaining such a beautiful result. There had better be some snuggling going on under that quilt when the seasons change. I certainly enjoyed reading this post.....but, then again, I always do!

  17. Of course I’m still reading, silly goose! Your posts are always too much fun. I’m amazed that you could stretch those slivers so far. If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is! The thing I’m wondering is, though, who are you snuggling with? It must be Paul. But maybe Kaffe, too? Seriously, though, this one is great way to show off bits of those colorful fabrics. I like that you included the border on it, too. It really makes the colors stand out from the silvers.

  18. What a fun quilt and you had me at "ice cream"!! I love reading your posts and it gives us a peek into your design process and more. You are keeping it real and as a follower, I love that!!!

  19. I gotta admit, I wasn't sure where you were goin' with that first line. Haha! And then you bring in ice cream and ribs, and top it off with a beautiful quilt! This was a great post, Preeti! I hope you and Paul enjoy many snuggles under Moonbeam!

  20. Uhm, what happened to the sex? No, I'm teasing but note that at the beginning I was reading to the end.
    I love this quilt, Preeti. It's pretty and happy and obviously you love it. too. I like that Paul also likes the quilt and was very sweet in his way of encouraging you to make it big enough for both of you. Your couple conversations are always fun to read.

  21. MARVELOUS, Preeti!!!! This one is a show-stopper! I cannot tell you how much I love, love, love it! Thank you so much for sharing your artistry!

  22. With an opening line like that, of course, we're still with you. LOL It's a great quilt. I like the borders.

  23. What a great way to use up those slivers! Very bright, colorful and fun. Congrats on another finish.

  24. What Anja said! Still laughing. But what a fun quilt! The border really draws it all together. Love it!

  25. Bwahh haa haa - I was a little worried where that was going - ha ha!! LOVE the quilt - and if someone wants to snuggle with you... I think they should bring the ice cream!

  26. Great design and colors for a quilt! I love it!

  27. love your quilt - the design is perfect and such a great use of small pieces!!

  28. Oh wow, this is fabulous! So many little treasures to discover! I enjoyed this post, your conversations are so entertaining and the photos are lovely.

  29. What a fun post and wonderful, colorful, and scrap filled quilt! I love how you put the whole thing - scraps and storytelling - together!

  30. I love reading your posts. Always smiling :) And your solution ist so beautiful. Love the border. It really pulls it together. Was worth the "calisthenics" :) Hugs!

  31. Such a pretty quilt! I think you should make a mini next, just to mess with Paul's head.

  32. I am so glad I found your post today! I am finishing a memory quilt for our son and have loads of tiny strips left... and wanted to make a quilt for me as well. Your quilt has given me inspiration. Thank you so much. Your quilt is beautiful!

  33. You THOROUGHLY crack me up, woman! "Sex is like food, but different?" I am glad you are not the sex ed teacher at our local high school, with all your BBQ and ice cream analogies -- the kids would be chomping at the bit to try the "adult flavor!" Your quilt is lovely. Are you calling it Moonbeams or Ice Cream With Sprinkles? I like both titles. You know you could have reached out to me when you ran out of slivers, because I have a ginormous ton of leftover 1 1/2" strips of mostly Kaffe Fassett fabrics from my pineapples, which I finally managed to get organized and neatly packed away this week. Whew -- now I have space to sew again!

  34. I love it when a plan comes together. I'm currently working on one of those quilts where the planning seems to have gone on forever and is very finicky. Yours turned out fabulous.

  35. This quilt is lovely! What a great way to use those small slivers and leftover bits. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  36. I LOVE it! And I so enjoy your narrative... is your hubby as funny as he sounds in your quotes? I always get a chuckle. Hum, I'm thinking of the 4 blocks I removed from my bargello quilt --- I could slice them up a little an put them in some whites or beiges or silver fabric and copy your quilt idea. Yes, I like that .... maybe I might even do it one of these days!

  37. Great post, kept me reading and looking and laughing too. Great way to use those slither scraps up, I watched the moon rise amongst the trees to night and thought of your quilt. it is well named. Thanks for the step by step tutorial and I know just what its like finding another wee bag of scraps LOL Cheers Glenda

  38. Such a gorgeous quilt. Such an effective use of those scraps. It's just lovely, and you are a wonderful storyteller too! Totally enjoyed your post!

  39. Loved it , I shall make one too , love to read your blog too

  40. What a great finish! I love how you used your slivers and added the border. Definitely snuggle worthy.

  41. Just found your post. I love what you have done with the slivers - such a good use of fabric that may have ended up in the bin!

  42. I am a sever scrapaholic myself and you did a marvelous job with your slivers! There is no cure for our addiction, so putting it to good use is part of our management. LOL Liz in Houston