Sunday, March 3, 2019

Raspberry Swirl and Trinket SAL

It is said that every end is a new beginning. Well, I have both a finish and a start to share with you. Plus a bit of bragging :-)

1. Raspberry Swirl
2. Trinket SAL
3. Meet Cute is on QI

First the finish.  Meet Raspberry Swirl.

Raspberry Swirl

Raspberry Swirl is the finished quilt resulting from my workshop with Debby Kratovil.
First quadrant

Two done, Two to go

Completed center

This was my first workshop and first time working with my Dresden ruler.  I am sure the ruler was feeling bereft and was thrilled to come out and play :-)  I completed the four quadrants in class.

Corner Squares pinned

Finished Top


The center circle is a bit wonky but I still love it.

Faux Piped Binding


I used invisible thread for appliqué and quilting in the dresden blades. In the corner triangles with paisley fabric, I switched to my normal ivory thread for quilting.

Hearts Backing

The red of the paisley corner triangles matches the red solid perfectly.
And the faux piped binding adds a nice touch.

Yes, I am happy :-)

 And one last look...because it looks like a spiral but it is really a circle!!!
Hello Wonky - I love you!!!

Since I am no longer a Dresden virgin, I will try more Dresden blocks/patterns.
What is your Dresden experience?


I have decided to join the Trinket Sew Along with Alison Glass.

Pattern Booklet



I bought the pattern from Fat Quarter Shop.  There are 97 blocks and each one of them is paper-pieced. I know I know, paper-piecing is not my thing, but I am sure this is the only way to get rid of my PP fears. One small block a day, progressing from the simplest to complex.

Suggested Fabrics 
Although the sample quilt uses Alison Glass' Kaleidoscope fabrics, we can use fabrics of our choice.
There are prizes to be won and the sew-along suggests that blocks are made (and posted to IG) every day. Yes, Every. Single. Day.  I plan to.

Kaffe Fassett Shot Cottons

Here is my fabric pull.
I had bought these Kaffe Fassett shot cottons in 2014 and I am thrilled that this TrinketSAL will be the perfect way to use them and show them off.  They do not match exactly with Kaleidoscope fabrics, but I am sure we will do just fine.

Can I really cut you up?

Too lovely to use?

Oh but I must...
I know I got a little too carried away with photographing my fabric pull.   But then there is no such thing as too many photographs, especially when it comes to pretty pet-worthy fabric :-D

40 Fat Quarters
Which picture should go on Instagram?
All of them :-D

Pattern - check
Fabrics - check
It is time to print the templates.  Nope

I am going rogue..FP rogue!
I have chosen to go the freezer paper route. No sewing on paper, no pulling paper, no mess and no waste. The reusability of FP templates is a huge plus for me.

The sew along begins March 10 and ends on May 20, 2019. I will be posting regular updates.

Promise, this is the last one!

Are you sewing along?


Meet Cute was one of the several patterns mentioned on Quilt Inspiration's Jelly Roll Quilts.
That my pattern is on Quilt Inspiration makes me want to rock and roll. Pun intended :-D
The complete tutorial is on Moda Bake Shop.

And with that I complete my bit of bragging.

Hope you are staying warm and keeping busy. As usual, I'd love to hear from you.


  1. very pretty fabrics to use for your quilt along - and using freezing paper sounds good to me.
    Love your piece at the top of your post it turned out really well

  2. Raspberry Swirl is gorgeous!!! Congrats on finishing that one off. I was a Dresdan virgin until November of last year when I had to make two for the Christmas Mystery quilt. The were not what I expected, but now that I know what to expect, I'll be making more. I've learned to really like and enjoy paper piecing, you can do things with it you'd never be able do otherwise (well maybe some things you can do by applique, but that technique is just not my thing, ever). Enjoy your new project, your fabric pull for it is gorgeous.

  3. Raspberry Swirl is a winner, for sure! So pretty. Love the photo with you and that big smile next to the quilt. It brings a smile to my face! Oh my goodness, those fabrics for the Trinket sew along -- I may just keep scrolling back and forth between them to see all that loveliness over and over! Have fun with the sew along; I'm not participating, but will enjoy seeing the blocks as they are posted on IG.

  4. The perfect project for a Dresden virgin! I’ve used dresdens a lot throughout the years and have so much fun with them. It will be fun watching as you make your way through the sew along! Lovely fabric pull!

  5. Brag away, friend! Congratulations on your success! Raspberry Swirl is fabulous, and I love those shot cottons for the Trinket quilt along. They are so yummy! The quilt is going to be great. Good luck making a block a day!

  6. Raspberry Swirl is so lovely. Congratulations.
    It's always fun to see fabric, too.

  7. Yay! That is a fantastic finish, Preeti! Red is my favorite color and I love quilts that have illusions, so I'm already a big fan of this one. I am still a Dresden virgin myself but I know it's only a matter of time. I'm not doing this Alison Glas QAL but am involved in a BOM with Sarah Fielke. I'm looking forward to watching your QAL updates. Will you be updating on the blog or just instagram? YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY FABRIC PICTURES!! :D

  8. What a happy quilter and a beautiful quilt! I am thinking if I am a Dresden ruler virgin and I think you brought to mind a the technique for a month that I need a challenge. Congrats on your mention - so much fun to be acknowledged this way.

  9. First of all, you have every reason to brag. Congratulations!! Perfect place for Meet Cute because all of your quilts (and the stories that go with them) inspire. Including Raspberry Swirl! I love reading about all the details you included—and it struck me that you usually use ivory for quilting. I don’t think I had paid attention to that detail before. Anyway, lovely quilt! (I am a Dresden virgin.) And finally, those shot cottons, tiny piecing and freezer paper. This will be a fun follow. I’m glad you are liberating that fabric bundle by using it. I can’t myself join in with the SAL but you can be sure I will join in vicariously.

  10. "I have chosen to go the freezer paper route. No sewing on paper, no pulling paper, no mess and no waste. The reusability of FP templates is a huge plus for me."

    ????? I've never heard of this. Explain more, please?

    1. Check out this tutorial

  11. Raspberry Swirl is amazing. I would have loved to have taken that workshop. I'm doing the Trinket SAL as well. Need to get myself organized.

  12. Paper piecing with freezer paper is my preferred method. I love your fabric pull and one can never have too many photos of all that loveliness.

  13. I'm just now using my Dresden ruler, but not for something as amazing as Raspberry Swirl! It turned out beautifully! Pretty eye candy fabric pull for your upcoming QAL, too. I'll enjoy reading and following along as you work on it!

  14. Your Dresden is beautiful but no more than your smile! Looking forward to the trinket SAL.

  15. From Dresdens to paper-piecing: new skills! Your Raspberry Swirl is lovely. I used a wedge ruler for the first time last year. The quilt turned out well but I could really use a class from a pro. The quiltalong looks intriguing. It's a beautiful array of fabrics.

  16. P.S. I've admired Debbie Kratovil's work in Quilt magazine over the years. What fun to attend one of her workshops!

  17. So where were you that Debbie was teaching? I've followed her for years but haven't tracked down where she was quilting. So fess up. Love your finished Raspberry Swirl -- the name and the quilt. Your color pull is fabulous. All those fabrics are going to make a luscious quilt. Good luck with one block a ... gasp ... day? Lots of great things happening in your neck of the woods.

  18. The Raspberry Swirl is perfect; don't see wonky at all. No wonder you are pleased with yourself. Good luck with the Meet Cute quilt. Those shot cottons will look so rich!

  19. Well Raspberry swirl is wonderful so no wonder you are happy! I'm impressed that you are doing a sew along that requires posting every day...I can't even keep up with the once a week, or once a month stuff.

  20. Okay, so:

    1. WHAT wonky center?!! I see no wonkiness, not even through my nifty new glasses, on my giant monitor, zooming in. I think that your wonky center is "fake news." That Raspberry Swirl quilt is sublime.

    2. Be careful with your "Dresden virgin" metaphor, because if you really get into Dresdens and start making a ton of them, what would we have to call you THEN?! :-(. Hah!

    3. OH MY GOSH I love your shot cottons so much!! I bought a bunch of them too, thinking of a new appliqué project perhaps, but I had to lock them away in a drawer and force myself to work on my son's graduation quilt. I think that Trinkets quilt looks like hand painted tiles, so much fun, and I can't wait to see your quilt come together! Sew Preeti, Indeed!

  21. Raspberry Swirl is glorious!! I don’t know what’s wonky about it, but it’s a gorgeous piece. Congrats, Preeti!!

  22. Congrats on finishing your class quilt. I love the picture of you and the quilt :) Also great idea to quilt more triangles to the dresden design.

    And the KF fabric will be gorgeous. I bet it will be as delighted as your dresden juler to be finally used :)

  23. Love your finished quilt which does seem to spiral. I have two Dresden rulers, but have only used one to make a tree skirt. The Dresden block is on my bucket list. Such a beautiful fabric pull too.

  24. Love your finish. Someday I want to make a big one....someday..sigh

  25. my experience of dresden has been rather mixed. I have made dresden blocks for a bee, simpler than yours to be make into flowers. I remember a lot of swearing trying to get the pieces to line up. A ruler may well make all the difference

  26. That's going to be quite the colorful quilt along. It will be nice seeing your progress.

  27. I'm so in love with Raspberry Swirl!! Very pretty quilt

  28. Dresden virgin....hahahaha! I am far from that. I think I've made five, maybe six, but who's counting? You are a Dresden queen! Really, it's beautiful.
    Good luck with the new project. I'll be following, I promise!