Sunday, March 24, 2019

Party On

This is what was advertised

And this is what I received

Same ingredients but a vast difference in appearance. It seems that the avocado slices were tortured and squished into submission before they made it to my plate :-D
Fortunately it was just as tasty as advertised.

Party 1
The Alison Glass Trinket Sew-Along is well underway.  All Lines blocks are completed.  As I work on the Shapes blocks I wonder how will my finish compare with the advertised look.

I am sure it will look nothing like the picture-perfect, glamorized version on the pattern booklet.  That look was so captivating that I am sure there are thousands of quilters (new and old) who purchased the pattern and joined in the sew-along.  Love the pictures on IG. Everyone else's work looks so crisp with bright colors and sharp pictures.

Is it still inspiration if it makes you feel inadequate?

There are 40 unique blocks in the pattern, 10 each of Lines, Shapes, Things and Life; each finishing at a small 4" square. To be able to participate in the final giveaway your flimsy must have at least one of each of the 40 blocks. That would require 41 background blocks, arranged 9 by 9 for a small quilt that would finish at 36" square.

IG inspired do-over of Lines#4

The quilt in the pattern shows 97 blocks with 96 plain charcoal blocks.  So if you want to make a quilt the same size as the pattern you would have to make all blocks at least twice and sometimes  thrice. That is why I chose to use freezer paper.  I can use the same FP template to make a block 3-4 times and it is still usable.

39 blocks

I have "huge" travel plans coming up next month and I will be away from my machine. So I want to make sure that I make the blocks in advance so that I don't miss the block posting dates on Instagram.   Paper piecing is neither fast nor mindless. Feeling pressured to keep up, I realized that I was
devoting too much time to this effort.

Blogging has taken a backseat for that reason.  When Rebecca wrote to me gently enquiring about my absence, it was time to take a break.

Is it still fun when you feel overwhelmed?

Party 2
I saw the block first on Pinterest but there wasn't a pattern or tutorial.  After a few iterations I came up with a design that made me happy. I made a few blocks.

Initial sketch

The first blocks

Won't this be perfect for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge? I had seen many quilters/bloggers participate in the RSC over the past years. With this fun and easy pattern, it was time for me to jump on and join the party.

Yes. So many colors, so many dresses.

January's color was red

We all covet flawless skin but that is so unreal. So my next "lady in red" is rocking freckles :-)

Every freckle has a story
February was yellow.  Here are my ladies in yellow.

Flowery dress


And finally March is green and here are my ladies in green.
Prancing like a peacock

Lounging with Llamas
The more outrageously loud (and busy) the fabric, the better. Hullo Angela, I am late to the RSC 2019 party but then you don't mind.
I will be posting my blocks at least once a month (highlighting the color of the month) to show off a new line of dresses and headwear. Check out what others have been up to this month at the linky party here.

No-longer a Party
I miss Sunday Stash linky parties.
No, I do not buy (or acquire) fabric every week but when I do I want to show it off.   Look, look what I got.  The Winter Flurries fabric line which not only caught my attention but held it firm.

Gorgeous Blues

Deep Turquoise

Midnight Blue
Circles and Diamonds

At 30% off, it teased and taunted me from the shopping cart but when Connecting Threads announced an additional 20% sale, it was time to say yes to it all.

The Real Party
There is no party like an Indian wedding and I was fortunate enough to attend one last week.

The ceremony

The lovely couple
As much as I wanted to make them a quilt, I did not. I understand that most couples these days prefer non-boxed gifts. And this was one day when it was not about me. But you can still see my lovely green bangles in the picture below :-)

Wedding Program

We had a great time with mouth-watering food, lively music, and spirited dancing while surrounded in an ocean of colors, perfume, silk and glittering jewelry.

Lisa and I
Lisa chose to go the more traditional route in a saree complete with matching blouse, jewelry and a bindi (forehead dot).  I chose the easy way out in a salwar kameez outfit.

Selfie before Reception

I am still recovering from all the merriment as I pick out tiny bits of sequins from my underwear. I have no idea how it got there.

What would you want - Single minded devotion to a single party (or project) or balance?
I choose single minded devotion to multiple projects - but one at a time.
For now I must make some chili for hubby dearest. And you can be sure I will give it my undivided attention.

How is your weekend progressing? Do let me know.
I will be linking with all my favorite linky parties. See full list on the sidebar.


  1. Your ladies are wonderful, and definitely perfect for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge! I'll enjoy seeing your fun fabric choices as the months go on!

  2. Is there a pattern we can get for the ladies? I have been looking but can't find and also don't know how to draft one.

  3. Welcome to the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!! I see you've already gotten into the spirit of things. Your Quilted Ladies are SPECTACULAR!

  4. Oh my these blocks are so much fun! I can't wait to see them in many beautiful colors.

    Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  5. I showed the Husband your layout of the Alison Glass blocks, because they reminded me of something... His response? "They're regimental badges". Of course! Army brat married to 20-year reservist, and that stuff gets buried in your psyche. I love your ladies, they look as if they're wearing traditional Nigerian kaba and gele (dress and headcloth).

  6. So fun to see your smiling, beautiful face in the photos! I claim the lady with the bird dress; she looks a bit like me and I like her dress! Just keep doing your thing, Preeti, and enjoy the process!

  7. I love your ladies. Can't wait to see what fabrics you choose for the rest. And it's OK to take a break when something starts to overwhelm you. It's supposed to be fun, not torture.

  8. Yes the initial pattern for these African queen blocks had been elusive online but they are draft able as you and many others have done. I believe the original pattern is by artist Anne Batiste. Yours will look wonderful in colorful dresses freckles and all.

    1. Yes the pattern is The African Queen by Anne Batiste. Took some searching to find it. 🤗

  9. Oh my, your lady blocks, which morphed from African women to international sisters, are totally awesome. I could definitely see making a few dozen or more of these. Not only will they be great for the RSC, but how fun would it be to play dress-up with them!?!

  10. Loving your 'lady' blocks! So preeti!

  11. I love your lady blocks, especially with the freckles.

  12. No - it is not fun if the deadlines are driving you. No- it is not fun if you are overwhelmed. And YES - it is all about balance! Loving those ladies, especially those with non-flawless skin. Welcome to RSC19 - I will miss my March finish unless this turns into a good sewing week, but I will be back on track for April.

  13. Lots going on, Preeti! A couple of years ago our AAUW convention shared the hotel with an Indian wedding. Oh, how glittering!....Your scrappy ladies are charming. I noted the small variation of the hand placement....Hope you can get everything squared away by the time you depart for your big trip.

  14. Sometimes life is overwhelming and it is time to step back and set some priorities - push a few things aside. I have done this with blogging a few times. It is a good way to free up some time. Taking a break is a good idea.
    As you know, I LOVE your ladies. Those blocks are adorable. This quilt will really be a special one. Have a great week Preeti!

  15. Wow, you have been really busy. The wedding looked like it was a lot of fun. I'm choosing to stay away from the Trinket QAL to finish some of the myriad UFOs in my sewing area. It is very tempting though, and I like your colors very much. And your RSC ladies are awesome! I made one of those blocks for a doll quilt destined for a guild challenge and a local charity. What a great idea for brightly patterned fabrics! Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. Your Trinket blocks are wonderful. I'm only making one block each. I love your lady patterns. You look amazing in the lime green.

  17. It is hard to stay motivated and true to oneself with all the picture perfect-ness from IG. Sometimes I loooove being a part of it. Sometimes I need a small break - that is ok too! Please enjoy your sewing xo

    PS: Your blocks are lovely - I think with a calming background fabric they will look amazing. Though you probably have something more vibrant & "crazy" in mind :)
    PPS: So excitet to see you soon!

  18. Oh, Preeti! If it's not fun, just stop doing it! Sewing is supposed to be fun, not stressful! You have enough blocks for a very pretty small quilt. You make so many big ones that a small quilt might be a nice change for you. Just go on your vacation and let the blocks be. They'll wait for you! The ladies look wonderful, of course, and so do you. No more stressing!

  19. I love your ladies! How big are your blocks? A few years ago I made a couple of hot pads for a friend using those same ladies after seeing some inspiration on Pinterest. I think I made my blocks 10 inches. I think a whole quilt of them will be wonderful.

    Stressful does not equal fun.

  20. Those lady blocks are incredible! I LOVE THEM!! It will be fun to see what new wardrobe each one has every month. Thank you for sharing a few wedding ceremony pictures. So much color and beauty!

  21. Your Trinket QAL is looking so crisp! Great job getting so many done. Your first Lines 4 was my favorite, until I saw your redo of Lines 4! Very clever RSC. Those ladies are having a party all their own. And speaking of party, that wedding! Beautiful. Thanks for sharing your collection acquisition. It's always fun to see what others are buying.

  22. You have some FABULOUS fabric there in your ladies, and on your body in your salwar kameez! Angela's RSC is such fun but I'm going to let you in on a secret: it never uses up your scraps but creates more!

  23. Love your new fashionable ladies blocks. They are perfect for the RSC and such fun. I agree Winter Flurries is really tempting, I bought some of that line when it was first marked down last year. Have no plans for it, but hope to play with it at some point.

  24. You always have one thing or another going on! I enjoy seeing all the Trinket blocks on instagram and it makes me wish I was joining in too! However, I'll watch from afar! Great idea to use freezer paper though! You are so funny! Sequins in your underwear! It must have been one helluva party! You look beautiful in your springy, bright and blingy outfit!

  25. Adorable lady in headdress. Thanks for inspiring.