Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Women of Color

Yesterday I had an appointment with six sisters.  They all wanted pink gowns with matching headdresses. I was ready. Here are the six complete outfits (in the show window) I had chosen.

Fishes, Florals and Spools

Imagine my surprise when not six but eight sisters showed up.  I was prepared for six.
Now I needed two more complete outfits.

Paul: Do you have enough for eight?
Me: I think so.
Paul: Do you need my help?
Me: May we get pizza for dinner?
Paul: Consider it done.

I busied myself with the task at hand, one sister at a time.

Sister #1

Sister #2

Sister #3

Sister #4

Sister #5

Sister #6

Sister 7: What do you have for me?
Me: (pointing to the show window) Do you like any of these?
Sister 7: I was hoping you'd have something different for me.
Me: What would you like?
Sister 7: Something with a geometric design.
Me: I'll see what I can do.

Geometric Design
Sister 7: Ooh this is perfect.

Sister #7

Sister 8: Do you have anything else?
Me: Floral or Geometric?
Sister 8: Floral but unlike anything my sisters are wearing.
Me: Of course. Because you are unique.

This is what Sister #8 chose.
Sister #8

All eight sisters stood in front of full-length mirrors, admiring their new dresses, laughing and giggling, while I gathered the pins, the fabric bits, loose threads etc.  Just then the front door opened with a bang and Sister #9 tumbled in - hot and disheveled .

Sister #2 - What happened?
Sister # 4 - Oh poor baby
Sister #1 - Did you get lost?
Sister #6 - Did you miss the train?
Sister #9 - I was listening to this podcast and I got so engrossed that I missed my stop.
Had to wait for the train and then I power walked from the stop here.
Sister #3 - I am so glad you made it here.

Someone offered her a glass of water and another one fanned her face.
Someone helped her out of her shoes and another one massaged her feet.
And all of us (eight sisters and me) gathered around her to find her the most perfect gown and headdress.

Sister #9

What do you think?

All nine sisters left my showroom/studio feeling happy and looking beautiful.
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Women of Color - in Pink

Of all the ways I identify myself, my identity as a woman is the strongest.  So when two (or three) more sisters showed up, I could only do one thing - open the door wider!!!

Every complexion is different but all palms are open. And whereas the open palms initially signified a willingness to dance, it also means that I welcome you with an open heart. Because whatever affects you affects me too and if you are being attacked, I am under attack as well.

It does not matter whether your name is Alexandria, Ilhan, Ayanna or Rashida, I stand in solidarity with you and my house is always open for you.

Purple Dress Materials for the next visit

The sisters promised to be back and this time they want purple gowns and matching headdresses.  I had so much fun dressing them up that I am looking forward to their next visit :-)

These traveling sisters may visit your studio too. Consider yourself warned, they may say that they need three outfits but then five will show up. CathyKaholly and KiwiKid had similar experiences. Do let me know if you encounter the traveling International Sisters (link to the tutorial).

I finished!!!

In other news, I just received my Finisher's Pin for the Trinket Sew Along.  I will be showing off my completed Trinket quilt in the next blogpost.

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As usual, I'd love to hear from you - my quilty sisters in the blogland!!!


  1. So now you are providing a dress boutique for the sisters! (Is it time to buy some more fabric?) The pink dresses are so pretty. I look forward to seeing the sisters in purple.

  2. Lovely dresses, the purples dresses will be gorgeous! Happy Stitching!

  3. I love them. Have you named each sister?

  4. I look forward to every blog you post -- you are amazing and inspiring. I wish I knew more people like you!

  5. Some Sisters came to visit me. There are others at my door, waiting to come in. They will be welcomed in, soon!

  6. love your post today and love the block

  7. Fabulous as usual and the upcoming purples make me drool.

  8. I've been following along-I think I may have sisters waiting to be dressed! Bless you for your decency and and positivity.

  9. They are amazing! I can't wait to see more.

  10. I was wondering if you had a reason that all palms are open :) xo

  11. You’re just too cute, Preeti! I love your wild imagination and the stories you can weave. My sisters grow, too. I just received Kiwi fabrics from friend in Australia that I’ve swapped with. Can’t wait to prep and sew at least one Sister Sue! They certainly are addictive!

  12. Oh, I wish my sisters were like that! Good thing I have quilty sisters! Your international sisters are gorgeous and look wonderful in their new dresses. And of course they're all ready to dance! :)

  13. Yours sisters are stunning, just like you. My sister came to visit last week, but she was going to a wedding so she brought her own dress, thank goodness. I gave her a bed for the night and breakfast in the morning instead. She loves nice clothes, though, so if she gets wind of dress possibilities, I may be in trouble.

  14. All so lovely, and the sparkly backgrounds just make each woman shine brighter. Have a wonderful quilty day.

  15. Preeti, what a coincidence! I had eight Sisters show up here in my studio this week too. There was no ninth Sister, and two of my seven are twins, but they are all planning to attend the Rainbow Scrap Saturday party. xo

  16. Such a sweet post Preeti. Love these women and how supportive they are of each other. As it should be!! That geometric dress is amazing. Love these blocks.

  17. So pretty. I love where you're going with this. Can't wait to see the purple sisters!

  18. Love them all. Looking forward to the purple dresses. You did great with the geometric dress. I'm waiting to see how you're going to put them all together at the end of the year. This is going to be a very special quilt.

  19. We sisters have to stick together! I love your wonderfully dressed new ladies, especially the one whose dress is full of thread spools. She must be working extra hard these days!

  20. What gorgeous outfits for the sisters! We do stand with them! and dance with them and love the way they keep demanding new outfits! So perfect.

  21. I love these first I was just looking a pretty blocks and then the sisters just popped out. Wonderful. I may be tempted to make some myself.

  22. Sister #9's face shows her struggle. :) Glad she was able to made it before everyone else left!
    (This post was great fun to read.)

  23. I just had to add another comment in solidarity with your writings about the International Sisters (of both the fabric and the flesh variety) sticking together and supporting each other. To that end, I’m going to begin naming my Sisters blocks. In addition to the four names that are obvious from the recent verbal sewage of a particular politician, we can think back to Sisters who can be celebrated for their achievements and positive contributions. Rosa, Harriett, Teresa are the first three that come to my mind...

  24. I love your creative blog post and this lovely community of wonderful women coming to life! Thank you for the inspiration today!

  25. Sew colorful! I love your stories. And that Finisher's Pin is a true ribbon!

  26. I love the sisters and the stories on this post! Wonderful, inspirational!!!

  27. Lovely Sisters, as women are our sisters all over the world

  28. These blocks are so cute! You've got really fun fabric choices for their outfits

  29. Have you got a Maya in the group of sisters yet? These are coming along so nicely!

    1. If you are looking for Maya, I encourage you to check this link -
      I have not named my sisters but Cathy has :-)

  30. Not only are these sisters beautiful, but they’re strong, unique, and, banded together, they can change the world.
    A question—- do their dresses come from
    your stash?
    Your posts always make me happy.

    1. Thank you, Mary.
      Yes, their dresses come from my wildly colorful stash!!!

  31. A very beautiful fashion show by those traveling sisters! Looking forward to seeing the next one all in purples.

  32. Wonderful fun post, love all the sisters ans their antics. The purple sisters are going to be wonderful too. I made a Karen sister last night, with fabric I swapped with Karen of KaHolly. So much fun.

  33. I have been looking for several hours on where I can purchase the sisters pattern. HELP

    1. Dear Unknown, I have a detailed tutorial. Click on Tutorials at the top and scroll down to #15.

  34. Thank you for sharing this wonderful block.