Wednesday, July 31, 2019


Last week, Paul and I went to watch the movie Men in Black.  I was underwhelmed.  As we stepped out, I sneezed.

On location

Paul: Wow that was a big one
Me: (sniffle)
Paul: Your nasal passages are remarkably sonorous
Me: Uh huh
Paul: I am glad that was outside, otherwise they would have to fumigate the whole theater
Me (fed up with his teasing): Well, I could sneeze more daintily, but what is the point? I am already married.

That was my fitting response to his incessant teasing.
This quilt is my response to the challenges of paper-piecing. Hence the name - Comeuppance.


Bob approves!!!

This quilt has been a very long time in the making.
The pattern is Trinket by Alison Glass. 

Choosing fabrics was fun but making the blocks was a mixed bag. Some were easy.  Others were tricky and yet others were absolute torture.

There were 10 blocks in each of the categories - Lines, Shapes, Things and Life.
Each and every paper-pieced block was made and shared on Instagram according to a pre-determined schedule, in order to be eligible for the weekly prizes.

I liked this block but wanted to explore how would it look with a range of values.

Lines #4 :-)
Is it a hat or a boat?
These were fun
The skinny strips were tricky.
Line #10

The arrows were easy.

 These crosses were a bit tedious.

Although these stars had several steps, I love the finished block.

Why would I make two identical blocks?  Because instead of making the two halves as mirror images, I made them facing the same way.  So if you look close they are not identical but mirrored.


These are a few of my favorite things!!!
Another boat shaped block - time to play with colors :-)
 I enjoyed making this house block :-)

This has so many little pieces but when it was done, all points matched. It was a miracle. I was in love!!! So perfect.

This was an interesting block. Very skinny vein in the middle, but overall it looks good.

12 small pieces, four template units to make one block and the seams almost matched. UGH!!!

Love the cute hearts.  No pesky points.

In this case, the little icon does not match the template.  Following the template, I got the yellow/red block but then I decided to replicate the block in the little icon and made the green block.

Take a closer look at the blocks below. The purple block looks like a bat (I think) but the green block looks like a starship.  It is the reversal of dark/light colors.  These two were my absolute favorite blocks.

And then there was one bonus block - the ribbon block. Yeah, I did not do so well.
Bonus block

Once all blocks were made, the real challenge began. The choice of the background and the layout of the blocks took a hundred different iterations.

Gotta start somewhere


I really liked this layout - just the blocks, no background, arranged to create the Colorwash Effect.
But that would make a tiny quilt and for all the time that went into it I wanted something a little more substantial.
Some method to the madness
So the blocks were spread out to alternate with background blocks.
Almost there and yet so far

A solid black or a solid white will make the blocks pop but may seem uninspired.
Sometimes simple is the best way to go. But is this that time?

All those folks who believe that art just comes naturally to the artist, do not know about our discards.  In quilty terms, you can see where the needle has been but you do not see where the seam ripper has been. There is a lot of trial and error before a project is finalized.

Black Center, graying out to the edges
How much gray is enough? Do I want light grey or charcoal?

Light Center, Darker at the edges

In this case, the design wall was a life-saver.
Should the background start as white in the center and get darker towards the edges...
Or black in the center and fade to almost white at the corners.

Light Grey to Black

This may be it

After several do-overs, many conflicting opinions, I chose the graduated layout with maximum contrast, meaning dark background near the lighter blocks and lighter background as the blocks got darker towards the corners.

Final Layout

Yes it took several iterations but I am sure this process was worth the final layout.

I shared the completed flimsy on Ig as required. There there were a few grand prizes.  No, I did not win anything. But I finished the top and I received the finishers pin.

Finishers Pin!!!

Paul promised me a spa gift card if I finished the quilt.

Choosing the backing was easy but choosing the quilting was not.

Bright Backing

Walking Foot Quilting

Nothing should distract from the painfully paper pieced blocks. Since I firmly refuse to do a stitch in the ditch and my several attempts at a spiral failed miserably, I chose a simple straight lines at 45 degree angle.

For binding I chose a greenish/aqua/striped fabric.  It just seemed to fit.
Aqua/Turquoise Striped Binding

Finished it!!!
And here are a few more pictures because I cannot stop showing off this jewel of a quilt.

So happy

It glows

Me (reading the news): Natalie Portman will wield Thor's hammer in the next Marvel movie
Paul (smiling naughtily): It is about time.
Me: This is not a sexual reference.
Paul: I beg to differ.
Me: You don't have to beg.  You can have anything you want!!!
Paul: You can have anything you want too.
Me: How about that spa gift card?
Paul: Sure babe!!!

This is me at the spa, after the massage and shower - in a state of pure bliss.

Ah bliss!!!

There is only one thing that can add to my bliss - your comments.  I'd love to hear from you.
I will be sharing with all my favorite linky parties.  See full list on the sidebar.


  1. Wow, Preeti! This quilt is quite an accomplishment. Such detail on some of those blocks. You did good, girl!

  2. I loved reading about the making of Comeuppance, but nothing compares to the finished quilt. It is drop dead gorgeous!! The graduated colors of background squares is inspired, and sets off those bright little blocks to perfection. You deserve a week at the spa for that one (although I’m not sure Paul or your boss at work would agree). I also love seeing your cute smiling face in all the finished glamour shots with the quilts. A beautiful, happy post! xo

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! It was fun to read about the creation of each set of blocks. Congrats on another beautifully colorful finish.

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  15. My hats off to you for making all those small paper pieced blocks. They are NOT my favorite thing to sew so I usually steer clear. Really love the final setting you decided on because it draws your eye right into the whole quilt. Nicely done!

  16. So here comes a bit more bliss :) I looove taht first picture, the colorful boats, the gorgeous quilt and your huge smile! One should distract from the other but they don't... just adding more bliss lol Enjoy your finish! It is gorgeous and you can be really proud - especially since you accepted the fpp challenge! xo Melanie

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  21. I think we all have trinkets scattered throughout our homes, and it would be a chore to pull them all together. However, with this quilt, you did a great job on the fabric trinkets and pulled them all together so well! Love the bit of colorwash nod in it as well :-)

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  34. Beautiful finish Preeti. I know you said it was a long time coming but wow, I feel like you finished this so quickly. Maybe having the QAL dates motivated you but still, alllll those paper pieced tiny blocks!! I love looking at them and trying to choose my favorites. Also fun to look at the differences you pointed out between blocks. It is a wonderful quilt. Taking all the time to play with the layouts was the smart thing to do because your final layout is lovely. Such a great quilt and one to be proud of.

  35. You quilt is stunning! I'm working on a Lucy Boston PotC quilt with the same gradient background. Can you share what greys you used? I'd appreciate it. :)

  36. Hey, spa girl! You guys are too cute. Your paper piecing looks fantastic -- is this really your first time with paper piecing?! And of course the thought and care you put into your color and design choices shines through in the finished quilt as usual. You have created a stunner and your day at the spa was well-deserved. Now, on to the next Preeti masterpiece! (Says Master Procrastinator, Rebecca Grace)...

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