Saturday, August 24, 2019

Feeling Blue

I am not just making quilt blocks I am making friends.

Hmm... try again
That's it!

One fine day I received an email from Gail in which she explained that she was the original designer of the block (Abigail Angel) that eventually became the International Sister Quilt Block. She appreciated the fact that I did not claim the block as my own but had shared the tutorial freely. Gail further wrote that she was pleasantly surprised with the long life and the evolution of the block.
I was thrilled to hear from Gail - the original designer!!!
I asked if we could meet.
She said yes.
We chose Baltimore not only because it is in the middle but also because it is a beautiful city.

Gail & Steve modeling the Abigail Angel blocks

We met at Isabella's which is a tiny shop in Little Italy serving the best sandwiches, salads and pizza.
We chatted about quilts, quilt shows, our individual paths to quilting and agreed to stay in touch.
My suggestion for gelato was met with smiles and approval so we went to Vaccaro's.

Gail with her signature block

For those who may not know, a trip to Baltimore is incomplete without a visit to Little Italy and a visit to Little Italy requires paying a visit to Vaccaro's. It is not just a gelato shop. It is an Italian dessert shop with Italian cookies, cannolis, gelato and more.

It is not sunshine, it is a halo :-)

A pensive expression

Little Italy in Baltimore also holds very special memories for me. The year was 2007.
I was across the street from Vaccaro's when Paul asked me to marry him. I said yes and then we promptly crossed the street to get gelato, because a sweet celebration was in order :-)


Filler Blocks

The panel

For days following the El Paso shootings, I had no desire to sew.
Scraps got sorted and fabric room got organized.
Last Friday, I saw Sarah's post about Socorro Foundation and immediately I had something to do.

Panel Blocks + 9-Patch Block = Layout

Paul: You made a lot of extra blocks.
Me: They will make the second quilt.
Paul: Same as this one?
Me: Hmmm.
Paul: Don't you need more of the animal baby blocks?
Me: I have another panel - just need to cut it up.

A different 9-patch

This "cat on the yarn ball" fabric came from Lara.  I am thinking of you, Lara!!!

Piecing a Disappearing 9-patch

Paul: Oh this looks nice and bright
Me: I wanted happiness
Paul:What are those blocks for?
Another quilt
Paul:So three?
Me: For now. I am sure they need three hundred.
Paul: Who are they?
Me: The Socorro Foundation, a nonprofit organization is opening a Family Shelter and Education Center that receives families released from federal agencies. 
They provide families with a safe place to rest, shower, eat and prepare for the next leg of their journey to their sponsor family. 

Paul: I am sure they need lot more.
Me: They are listed on Amazon and I have added them to my charity of choice.
Paul: Love you babe
Me: Love you too


Completed the blocks for the August RSC 2019.  The International Sisters wore blue. Check other blocks at Angela's linky party here.

Rocket Blue

Fishy Blue

Transitioning to Purple Blue

Sombre Blue

Floral Blue

Orange Flower Blue

A Hint of Blue

Pink and Blue

All of Us

and me...feeling blue

Blue is also how I have felt lately but this cheerful bundle arrived yesterday. With "$20 off of $40" coupon it is a steal.

The Boundless fabrics remind me of Tula Pink and Kaffe Fassett.  What is your opinion?

Boundless Looking Glass - FQ Bundle

May be I will go and make something colorful. As usual, I'd love to hear from you - your comments always lift me up.


  1. What a wonderful post, Preeti! I love your story of the meet-up in Baltimore, and your sister blocks. The conversation between you and your husband about the quilts for Socorro is priceless, too, and the quilts themselves are inspiring, and so simple! Enjoy your bright and colorful bundle!

  2. sounds like you had a great time and nice to meet another quilter for chatting and lunch

  3. As always, Miss Preeti, your post is full of meaning and inspiration! Thank you for being you! How wonderful that Gail reached out to you and you’ve made that precious connection. When you’re through with RSC2019, you’ll have enough sisters blocks for a king sized quilt!

  4. You certainly know how to pack a lot into a post! Wonderful story about the sisters blocks! It is amazing how some simple shapes can be so different and able to be given a different spin with fabrics. Great use of panels for the gift quilt. Always love your stories.

  5. Oh Pretti, how fun that you and Gail were able to meet and share the story of the quilt block! My two ladies are needing friends, so perhaps I'll stitch up a few today. Your little quilts are sure to bring joy to some littles' hearts and smiles to their faces during hard times. Keep smiling, my friend, and know that you are sharing joy and kindness with the world that desperately needs it.

  6. It seems right to me that we are feeling blue in these times. The inspiring thing, however, is that your blue feeling is being transformed into bright, cheerful quilts to help others. There is so much comfort in wrapping someone in a warm quilt and in being the one wrapped! Also, I love the ladies that you shared in this post, and I love the conversation snippets with your husband that you share with us. Another source of great comfort for you...

  7. What an AWESOME post. Preeti!! You managed to add some happiness to your BLUE mood. The original designer was found, a new charity was supported, and you got some wonderful fabrics for your NEXT quilt!

  8. Wow- I didn't know that Boundless had such vibrant colors and patterns. I've not seen those "angel" blocks before. Very cool. How neat is that to me the designer. Thank God for the Socorro Foundation and your help.

  9. My first thought on your blog post, Preeti, was, you do NOT look blue!!! You look super happy spending time with a new quilt friend. Your quilts looks super happy. And your new bundle does look like happy Tula Pink fabrics!

  10. I;m sorry you're feeling blue! Your blocks and quilts look very happy, and how great to make a new quilt friend! What a kind and generous person she is to share the pattern. Hope you're feeling less blue soon!

  11. Wonderful blocks and so lovely that you met the original designer. Just one of the lovely international ladies has her hands resting by her sides, which is a look that says to me "I am relaxed" - so not saying change it, just letting you know! Love the charity quilts you are making. Its good to see what others do, as sometimes I make mine more complicated then needed - the fabric needs to shine, which you have done beautifully.

  12. How fun to meet the designer of the sister blocks! Her angels with their faces and hair have a whole different feel from your international sisters, though. Thanks for the info about the Socorro Foundation - I love your quilt for them!

  13. Thanks for introducing Gail. How apropos is it that the International Sisters were originally angels? The story of the sisters just keeps getting better...and it started out pretty darned good!
    Hope you're feeling better now that you've been able to sew a little. Creative pursuits generally help when we're feeling blue. Making quilt for the Socorro Foundation is a brilliant idea. I'm going to look them up right now (before I forget). Have a great week.

  14. I hope you are not feeling blue anymore. The trip to Baltimore sounds exciting :) And I am glad you have varied hand styles in your ladies again. xo

  15. How nice that you got to meet with the original designer of the sister blocks. Your blocks look great and I hope you are over the blues soon.

  16. Your posts, Preeti, always lift ME up! Your quilting, your life view, your own love story all contribute to making my day a little better. Thank you!

  17. Sweet connections over the Sisters/Angels Blocks, and that you live close enough to each other to meet! I’m smiling now as I see your lively quilts for the Socorro Foundation. There is so much to be blue about, but this opportunity came at just the right time. It seemed that there was nothing to do for the people at the border—and now quilts and pillowcases. Such small things, but such a big way to give some love and confront one of the sources of the blues.

  18. I am sorry you are feeling blue - these shootings are too much. I do love that you met the designer of the block and her quilt is adorable. I love that you are making quilts for this wonderful charity. I am going to add them to my to do list!

  19. These days it is hard not to feel blue. We just keep on and hope for better days soon that will lift our spirits...and we quilt on hoping to help out where we can.

  20. Great post. Love to hear the "Abigail Angel" block designer reached out to you, and that she sees how you've transformed them into a Women of the World Sisterhood. I do like your Boundless bundle, they remind me of Anna Maria Horner and Amy Butler fabrics as well, with those rich colours and almost baroque designs. And now I have a strong desire for gelato! Preeti, thanks for sharing your adventures in quilting. ~Diana from Toronto

  21. how lovely to meet a fellow quilter, the Abigail Angel variation you made is really cool. I love that you are making quilts as well for families released , it has been dreadful watching this from across the pond.

  22. How nice that you were able to meet the person who inspired your beautiful sister blocks. I love the fabrics you are using for the ladies. Your donation quilts are so bright and cheery. They will certainly brighten someones day!

  23. I love the colorful new fabric - hopefully it picks you up. How fantastic to meet the original designer of the blocks! Have a happy happy week!

  24. So wonderful that you had a meeting with Gail. And dessert just made it even better. LOL I love those animal panels. So adorable.

  25. I love your ladies. Will you ink faces on them, or leave them as they are?

  26. What a fun adventure meeting up with Gail. As the original designer, she had to be thrilled how the block has taken off and gained new life. I'm sorry you are feeling blue. I think we all have those moments. You always seem to be such a cheerful and happy lady that it's hard to think of you as anything other than that.

  27. Preeti,
    I'm so glad you met Gail. I love her Angels - with the face and hair detail and the lovely quilting. I love your bright sisters too. I've been eyeing that exact same bundle of Boundless ......

  28. A lovely post, how special that you were able to meet Gail and forge a new friendship. I just wanted to let you know the bug has bitten me too and I have a small pile of sisters..... thank you for the inspiration!

  29. Preeti, this was a fabulous story to share! I love how bonded we as quilters are just by our hobby. Quilters are the kindest and most giving people I know!

    I am sorry you were feeling blue when you wrote this post. Those happy colors you got sure could brighten any quilter's day, though.