Saturday, October 10, 2020

Caterpillar in My Curry

The fear of an unfinished object is real.  It is not that the UFO will physically attack me but the passive aggressive nature of the silent taunts can be pretty traumatic.

A new finish

Therefore the leftover strip sets from "Playing with Fire" had to be quickly repurposed.  

Repurposing Leftover Strips

Paul: Very Halloween
Me: I am calling it Caterpillar in my Curry
Paul: WHAT!!!
Me: If you can have a wasp in your hat then why can I not have a caterpillar in my curry?
Paul: You mean "a bee in your bonnet"?
Me: Yup, that's what I said.

Simple Rail Fence Blocks

Paul: But why is there a caterpillar in your curry?
Me: Because the orange curry has yellow/black caterpillar in it...
Paul: You make it sound yummy.
Me: Well, it is what it is.

Caterpillar in My Curry

Paul: What happens to this one?
Me: I can give it to Jeanne for her charity quilt drive or save it for Nancy's baby boy due in December. Plenty of babies in need of quilts.
Paul: Isn't it kinda dull for a baby quilt?


Me: It is. That is why I chose this Charlie Brown backing.
Paul: Now that is cute.


Caterpillar in My Curry finished at 40" by 48".  A few more pictures.

Warm and Cool

Close-up Quilting


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After months of waiting, it was finally time for sunshine - Sunny Papayas to Curried Bananas.


Here are my Picket Star Quilt Blocks in gold, butter, honey, lemon, pineapple and butterscotch...or Yellow by any other name :-)

Corn and Curry

Sew Something Spicy

Light & Dark

Floral and Paisley

Butterscotch Juice Boxes

Floral & Geometric

And here are the blocks for RSC Project#2.  


There were a total of 104 comments on the blogpost Diamond Star Quilts - Book Review & Giveaway.  Thank you so much - you are the best :-)

 The lucky winner of the giveaway is #5. Congratulations SandyPA.


  1. Looks like your caterpillar boogied through the Easter dye pots on his way to your tasty curry.

    You are such a good giggle.

  2. You are so creative with some of your names - so fun! I am envious of your flat binding. I don't know what I'm doing wrong but mine always seem to be wavy, even though I use a walking foot.
    I really really like the last quilt - RSC#2 with the yellow and black & white fabric. Really pops!

  3. Love the caterpillar quilt, Preeti - what a wonderful way to use up those strip sets! The Charlie Brown backing is perfect, too. All of your yellow blocks are fun to see - so many pretty shades of yellow!

  4. Wonderful caterpillar quilt Preeti, I do enjoy the conversations with you and Paul. Love the backing fabric, Snoopy has been a love of mine for many years 😊. Your yellow blocks are beautiful, love that last group of blocks especially Charlie Brown and Snoopy.

  5. Congrats to SandyPA on her prize win and congrats to YOU on using up those leftover bits SEW quickly!!!

  6. that is so cute! and I love all the yellow blocks too

  7. I hope you have a few scraps left of the Charlie Brown backing to put in the next Scrap Vortex. Lots of fun fabrics in your blocks.

  8. Very pretty! I just found your blog! I love the caterpiller quilt! I think it is perfect for a boy!

  9. I love curry, but am not sure I'd want caterpillars in it. :) Your quilt is a great use of the left over bits and will make a great baby boy quilt. Love your yellow blocks, too.

  10. You have a talent for coming up with names! Love the yellow blocks!

  11. You have such a creative imagination!

  12. Your quilt is pretty on the top and cute on the back!
    Wonderful picket fence blocks. I can tell you are reveling in the yellow. It was a long wait wasn't it.

  13. I always enjoy your posts Preeti. You did an amazing job turning all those leftover bits into a fun quilt. Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!

  14. Love your names! I am not sure I want a caterpillar in my curry, unless it's a fun quilt! Love your yellow RSC blocks, too!

  15. Now that is a clever use of scraps! But those picket stars steal my heart (if not the show). You’ve been a busy girl! xo

  16. Beautiful quilts all--I especially like the yellow-black piece such cute "I Spy-ish" fabrics. Nice works Hugs, Julierose

  17. What a fun quilt...and you can have a caterpillar in your curry if you like! I love the backing too and this will be a well loved quilt by whomever gets it!

  18. Good morning, Preeti! I love your quilt finish. To me, it looks like construction tape to secure an hazardous area. HAHA! That Snoopy backing is a fun addition to your Caterpillar in your Curry! {{Hugs}} Take care. ~smile~ Roseanne

  19. I don't think your quilt is plain at all. It makes me think of construction and traffic too. Love your fun names for your quilts.

  20. Clearly we have different approaches to UFOs! This turned out to be a lovely quilt, but it doesn't remind me of curry, but of construction. It kind of looks like traffic or construction signs, and the bright colors will be perfect for a child. Love the backing, and your yellow blocks shine.

  21. I really like your Picket Star blocks. Nicely done. And, I still like your repurposed strips. Very clever.

  22. What a clever name for your quilt. Like you, I love to use my extras and leftovers for baby quilts because it keeps the fabric moving. {Not that I ever tell the parents it's scraps or leftovers.} In fact, I usually plan to sew enough extras for a baby quilt. Glad we agree on that.
    And cute fabric on the back helps.

  23. What a great result for using "leftovers". I thought at first of road or construction signs... but caterpillars also works ;)

    Though the best to me again is your way with words: The fear of an unfinished object is real. It is not that the UFO will physically attack me but the passive aggressive nature... -- LOOOOOOVE - this is the best way to describe the feeling!

  24. You are just the genius of whipping up cool quilts out of the debris left behind from former projects! Also, all this talk of curry is making me hungry, but I'm not sure I'm hungry enough to eat caterpillars. Time will tell; it's already past 2 PM and I haven't had lunch yet. There's a beetle outside my window that's starting to look pretty tasty... I'm adoring your RSC blocks as well.

  25. Look at you - taming the scraps before they take over!! love it!! ( also kinda reminds of traffic signs... can not tell you why but that is what came to mind)

  26. I hadn't even looked and didn't realize that I was missing yellow. Your yellows are beautiful.

  27. A great way to use up the leftovers. And that backing fabric is amazing.

  28. Love the way you used your leftovers into a very neat quilt. The yellow blocks are amazing. I really love those Picket Stars!

  29. Hi Preeti, I just had to read about a caterpillar in my curry - too intriguing to miss! I really love the fabrics in your Picket Star quilt block. They are really stunning! Take care.

  30. The quilt is fun and the name you picked is absolutely adorable! Love all your yellow scrappy blocks. Hope you've gotten in lots of stitching time this week.

  31. Great use of leftovers Preeti!