Sunday, January 17, 2021

Island Batik January Challenge - Placemats

The Island Batik January challenge is Placemats. 

The Island Batik box included a pack of 10" squares of "Blinded by Science" designed by Jackie Kunkel of Canton Village Quiltworks.  The solid gray yardage was also provided by Island Batiks.

I used the 70/10 Microtex Sharp Needle by Schmetz Needles that was part of the Island Batik Box. 

Schmetz needles 

The four placemats finish at about 12" by 18" each. And I tried appliqué for the first time. 


Well that was the executive summary. The story follows:

Paul: What are you making?
Me (smiling): I am making eggs.

Applique in progress

Paul: Do we have bacon?
Me (trying to control my giggling): Yes and it is looking crisp.

Making Breakfast :-)

Paul was disappointed that none of the breakfast items were edible.  But once he was fed, his mood brightened.

Eggs and Bacon

Paul: I like this font.
Me: It is so happy. It makes me smile.
Paul: If I ever become a teacher, you can come decorate my classroom.
Me: You should ask Wendi Gratz.
Paul: Who is she?
Me: I got these letters from her website - Shiny Happy World.
Paul: Nah, I prefer to outsource it to the Indian woman.
Me: You bet.

Toast and Milk

Paul: That "o" in "bacon" looks different.
Me: And so does the "o" in "toast".

Sharing is Caring :-D

Paul: What happened?
Me: When we go out to eat, and let's say you get crab cakes and I get shrimp and grits.
Paul: Yeah?
Me: I let you taste my shrimp and you let me have a bite of your crab cake.
Paul: So?
Me: So that is exactly what happened here. Bacon and toast are sharing :-D 
Paul (mildly exasperated): But eggs and toast are not sharing the letter "s"?
Me: I wanted to add a touch of whimsy. Too much and it loses the impact.

Breakfast is Served!!!

At this point Paul rolled his eyes loudly and walked away.  But don't you walk away without telling me how you feel about bacon and eggs. Of course if you are a vegetarian, I'd happily welcome your thoughts on milk and toast.

Disclosure: The fabrics and needles used in making this project were generously supplied by the following companies:


The Rainbow Scrap Challenge color for January is Pink! After thinking, re-thinking, evaluating and discarding some (more than a few) options, I decided to follow Angela (well, almost).

I will be making the Sister's Choice blocks with a small difference. Instead of using a 2" grid that would yield a 10" finished block, I am using a 3" grid to yield a 15" block. 



Lots to Find :-)

Contrasting Center

I chose the center square such that it is in contrast to the rest of the block.  I am sure it will create loads of interest in the completed quilt.

So here are my Pink blocks for January 2021. Whether you blush at the thought, or you turned crimson cause you were caught in the act, there is a pink for you :-)

January 2021 Blocks

I have been watching Bridgerton on Netflix and these colors mirror the entire range of my thoughts. 

I will be sharing with all my favorite linky parties plus Angela's Linky Party, see full list on the sidebar.


  1. your placemats look wonderful - I haven't seen that line of fabric. I like the sisters choice quilt block and 15 inch blocks are a nice size!

  2. Those placemats are so fun, Preeti. It's pretty exciting to see your first Island Batik project too - yippee! I like your Sister's Choice blocks too!

  3. Hooray, first project for Island Batik is definitely a winner! That font is fun, and yes, I will be downloading it today, but I am hungry for eggs and toast, which I did not have for breakfast...the power of suggestion.

  4. The placemats are beautiful and have a touch of whimsy that I always look for in your work. Congrats on your first IB project.

  5. Cute placemats! I giggled at your conversation! I too like the font! Your pink blocks are great with the contrasting centers!

  6. What a fun conversation! And the placemats are adorable

  7. Love the breakfast batik placemats! I always have trouble with appliqué—did you back the fabric with a stabilizer?
    Pretty Sister’s Choice blocks. Love the color combos.

  8. Awesome placemats (and congratulations on being a 2021 Island Batik Ambassador, Preeti!!) Supersizing Angela's Sister's Choice block is a good idea. Bigger blocks = Quicker quilts!!

  9. Hi Preeti! Love the placemats and love bacon and eggs. We had that for breakfast every weekend with farm-fresh eggs (my dad was a citified farmer so fresh eggs when a necessity). I still adore that for breakfast although not every weekend. I also love the Sister's Choice blocks. I finally landed on a decision for my first RSC blocks and hope to have them finished soon. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  10. The placemats are darling! That is such a fun font! I've recently been processing my scraps and have a bunch of squares I can use to make some Sister's Choice blocks. My goal is to make some scrappy quilts and clear up some space in my sewing room. Something tells me that is a fight I am going to lose .. :)

  11. Sharing is caring, even if it’s just an “o”. 😀

  12. LOL!!! I love that the bacon and toast are sharing!
    Paul must make you laugh a LOT!!!
    Your placemats are great!
    Happy Quilting! :-)

  13. Preeti, the placemats are fabulous and adorable! I love the Sister’s Choice blocks. In fact I am working on a Sister’s Choice quilt myself, but not for the RSC. I’m doing pyramids for that one.


  14. Fun fabrics and I love your placemats! So it seems like the challenge was to use the fabric and make placemats, but the design idea was all you? If so, great job! And I love the swapping of the O's. So cute!

  15. Love the place mats; so bright and cheerful - just what you need to start your day! Love the pink blocks too. I've done mine all the same colours, may have to rethink that having seen yours. Should have thought of that because I watched you make last years blocks :-(

  16. Love your place mats and conversation with Paul. The batiks are great. Your pink blocks are very cute too.

  17. Your placemats are a whole lot of fun. As usual, I bet everyone will fight over the bacon. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  18. As soon as I saw those words I thought, “that font looks very Brady Bunch-y!” 💕 Love the colours of your Island Batiks layer cake, if I come across it in a Canadian quilt store (& it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg as designer precuts tend to do up here), I will get myself a stack. Really like all your pink star blocks too.

  19. Great job on your placements. Such a creative idea.

  20. I'm a big fan of bacon and eggs. Toast is good, as long as it's gluten free for me. :) I like milk in my coffee and also on its own.

    YOUR bacon, eggs, toast, and milk are wonderful! Nice job.

  21. These are adorable placemats, and I like the font, too. This is a lovely idea. Congratulations on your first ambassador project!

  22. Love the applique elements on the placemats!

  23. Your first IB project is a winner. I spied a cute little giraffe in the center of one of the Sisters Choice blocks. I have something in common with Paul as my husband claims he can hear my eyes roll loudly all the time.

  24. Oh Preeti, you made me giggle. Great work..

  25. A wonderful addition to the breakfast table, love these!

  26. Not vegetarian but not a fan on eggs! However, I recently read that bacon is better for you (and less calories) than sausage. So, yep I like your bacon. Although I don't see anything weird about O. Thanks for the heads up on the alphabet. I have visited her site before but don't remember the alphabet. These are so bright and fun. But how could you stand to use them and then get blueberry jelly on them?

  27. These are so cute!!! Makes me want to sit down and eat breakfast! Fantastic first applique--I would never have guessed you hadn't done it before!

    Your conversations with Paul are always good for a laugh and I like the analogy of toast and bacon sharing. And if you are sharing crab cakes and shrimp and grits, I want to eat with you! (I'm a good sharer!)

    Loved your comments about the pinks being blushes from Bridgerton :)

  28. Cute fabrics, placemats, dialogues, pink blocks! Cuteness overload here!!!

  29. What a clever idea to write breakfast food on your placemats. Sister's Choice is a favorite block of mine. My sister has a quilt of them. Putting a contrast in the center adds interest and whimsy. Good job, Preeti. As usual.

  30. The idea for your placement mats is genius. And I love the shared "o" ;) Great first project as ambassador! And I see you picked a design for the new rainbow "challenge". they look fun! Let's se how many quilt tops they will yield at the end of this year ;) xo

  31. The placemats are adorable Preeti. First project done!
    I haven't started watching Bridgerton. I better check it out.

  32. Congrats on becoming an IB ambassador! Cute placemats.

  33. Oh my goodness -- "outsourcing to the Indian woman," indeed! I think we all need a "Sew Preeti Quilts" reality TV show, starring Preeti and Paul. You know, your placemat idea would be so wonderful for anyone who has young children or grandchildren who are learning to read. I can just hear those little voices piping up "EGGS!" "BACON!" and "I WANT THE ONE THAT SAYS 'TOAST'!"

  34. Hmmmmmm! How DOES one "roll their eyes LOUDLY"? Gotta laugh out of that for sure!

  35. Those are adorable!!! We all must have placemats on the mind this month! and poor Paul - always having to share - bwahh haha

  36. I am in love with your placemats. Great the letters. Love them all.

  37. Preeti, I just love those place mats! They will be so loved. YOur rainbow scrap stars are so cute and can almost be an "eye spy" as well.

  38. Preeti, I don't know where to begin! Thank you for the link to the Shiny Happy Letters. I went right down Wendy's rabbit hole. Lots of fun there. Love your placemats and the way you swapped out the Os. You are so funny! I think your stars will make a very playful quilt. Love the giraffe in the center!

  39. Very fun place mats. I love those fabrics! Very pretty pink blocks for your RSC. I miss playing along, maybe next year once the UFO list is under better control.

  40. Thanks for the patterns for the letters I have SO many uses for them.