Sunday, June 26, 2022

Checking in

Paul's Covid recovery has been much slower than we'd like. I noticed that the cough syrup was almost gone.

Me: I can fetch you more Nyquil, babe.
Paul: Nah, I'll just use Dayquil if I need.
Me: Oh Ok.
Paul: Or I'll mix the half dose of Nyquil in the Dayquil.
Me: What? You a pharmacist now?
Paul: Pharmacist? No. Bartender.
I burst out laughing.
Paul: It has alcohol.
Me: Yes, it does.

Picnic with Paul

Staying away from restaurants/enclosed spaces, we decided to go on a picnic. It was a beautiful day.

On the quilty front, there is a lot going on. Too much, actually. But I cannot show it till next year :-( UGH.

Just the Binding 

Hope I can complete 40 out of the 80 blocks.

Blocks in Process

Ready to cut!

But they go so fast that I managed to finish all 80. Yippee! 
Here they are on my design wall, very neatly organized. 80 Twisty Blocks of 20 different fabrics, four in each stack. 

Twisties - 20 times 4 = 80

Doing a happy dance now. 

I will be sharing with all my favorite linky parties. See full list on the sidebar. 

This brings me to the end of quilty discussion today.  This being my personal blog, I will now share my thoughts on matters that concern me.  If you do not agree with my "politics", please stop reading now. 


This is a distressing time in our country. The monumental decision to overturn the landmark ruling Roe v. Wade is the most controversial in American history. As most of the developed world moves ahead, America is certainly retrograde.

The partisan nature of the decision is particularly distressing. There is no concern for women's health or popular opinion, or any acknowledgement of changing times. When Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973 it was a 7-2 decision, with several Conservative judges siding with the majority opinion. Not today. The decision was split along party lines. Although the conservative justices could have chosen a less extreme version (decide the current case in favor of Mississippi without overturning Roe v. Wade), they chose the one that would be the most devastating and most consequential - destroy the constitutional freedoms women have enjoyed for 49 years.

According to the dissenting justices "young women today will come of age with fewer rights than their mothers and grandmothers." Indeed, they said the court's opinion means that "from the very moment of fertilization, a woman has no rights to speak of. A state can force her to bring a pregnancy to term even at the steepest personal and familial costs." "With sorrow — for this Court, but more, for the many millions of American women who have today lost a fundamental constitutional protection — we dissent," they wrote.

The following image (from the New Yorker magazine) showing the burden of an unwanted pregnancy that many will be forced to carry in a post-Roe America aptly captures what is difficult to put into words.

From the New Yorker Magazine

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the decision was "a loss for women everywhere". "Watching the removal of a woman's fundamental right to make decisions over their own body is incredibly upsetting," she said in a statement.

It may take another 50 years to restore women's rights, although hundreds of thousands of lives will be adversely impacted in the process. Now, more than ever before, our lives, our liberties and our livelihoods depend on our vote.


  1. We, too, are so totally devastated by the reversal of Roe v Wade--
    I fear for my grandchildren in this world!! ;((((
    I hope Paul recovers soon...
    hugs Julierose

  2. Your Positivity QAL blocks are beautiful! Yay for getting all 80 done! The SC decision was so disheartening. It is an awful step backwards for women. The repercussions will be wide-ranging and something everyone will be forced to reckon with, in terms of health, economics, workforce impact, tax implications, etc.

  3. Oh, those goodies from Bernatex are awesome! Proof that I made a good decision to join the quilt-along! As for the recent decision, I happened to catch the president in his press conference by accident and was happy to have caught it, but so very saddened to hear the decision. I thought all the hoopla over th leaked info would come to nothing. Because so often that is the case. Boy was I wrong. I feel so many negative, helpless emotions. I know I'm not alone...hugs

  4. I so agree with all that you say - my granddaughter at age 19 has less rights then I did at the same age - our country is stepping back in time instead of moving forward I do not know what is happening at times and how did this happen - how can this be happening. On another note I am sorry to hear it is taking Paul awhile to recover, it is odd that some are affected more than others - so far my husband and I have escaped getting it but we are retired and have stayed home a lot more in the last 2.5 years then we ever did before even with 4 shots we are staying careful as we both have health issues - we made it to our 50th anniversary last week and would like to see more in the future!

  5. I did not know Paul had Covid. Hope he improves soon and doesn't wind up with long Covid symptoms. I share your distress with the horrendous SC decision. The former President's legacy of destroying our democracy will live on for years as the further damage this court can do is enormous. While our votes do matter, the fact is that we must live with the current court for decades and they've shown there are no boundaries they will not cross.

  6. I just left California after 21 years in the US. I cannot imagine how you are feeling. Know that I, Canada and the rest of the world is heartbroken for the women in the United (?!) States.

  7. I am sorry to hear that Paul's recovery has been slower than hoped for. I will be thinking of him and hoping for a full recovery and that he continues to feel better every day. Having a partner not feeling well is a particular stress that I am all too aware of. And having all 80 of your blocks pieces already for the Positivity QAL is fantastic; they look wonderful. As for our country; these are dark times. I'm thankful for people who light up the the darkness as we all forge ahead on this path together.

  8. Hope your husband continues to recover. I’m so afraid of where this country is headed, and agree with everything you said here. On a happier note - your quilt blocks are looking wonderful.

  9. I am now focused on getting my QAL blocks finished. Cutting lots of scraps today. These are definitely dark times and I am so disappointed in a lot of Americans. But I am standing strong and fighting!

    Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!

  10. As a Canadian, I grieve for the decision the Court has brought down. I heard one American woman comment that there were more laws against her womb than against guns controls. As women, we shouldn’t have to be repeating this fight.
    I am working on my blocks but not as far along as I should be. The prizes look tempting!

  11. Hi Preeti! Again, your way with words inspire me. VOTE. Yes, that is our only true voice. Or get involved if you happen to be a millionaire, although I would like to remain naive enough to think that money doesn't matter. Let common sense prevail. I hate to think what the next thing they might focus on and overturn. 2024 will speak for itself. True evil over hope, I guess. In the meantime, I will focus on Positivity2 and something that can make a real impact on one individual/family's life. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  12. Paul must be getting very annoyed by now. Such a drag that it is taking so long for him to get over this virus. Love the blocks you made and feel very impressed by the speed with which you made them!!! Thanks so much for hosting this event (again) Preeti! You're the best. :-)

  13. I am skipping your event this year -- but I love the pattern you developed. Your blocks look wonderful. I am worried over the turns the USA has taken especially decisions by the Supreme Court, the lack of ethics in many of the people who are serving in government. My answer is to vote for the progress I want to see happen. I'm tired of the backsliding currently happening.

  14. I hope Paul fully recovers quickly. Not feeling well is a drag. This week’s overturning of Roe is just heartbreaking. And it may just be the beginning of a descent into a pit of revoked rights (if Clarence Thomas has his way). Time to add more justices to the high court and begin the fight back.

  15. Oh your quilt blocks are so beautiful!!! Sparkle & shine! Well wishes for Paul. That COVID cough just lingers unfortunately.

  16. I was a senior in high school when the Roe v. Wade decision was handed down from the Supreme Court and I did my senior project paper on it. It reflected a huge milestone for women's rights and gave us the freedom to choose safe health care over devastating consequences. I am dismayed that the Court has taken away women's rights in such a fashion, and my fear is that they will almost assuredly continue to do so. In just a few short years our country is not the same. As the world looks on, they are laughing while we cry. I just don't know . . .

  17. I agree with what you and the other commenters have said. 'Get well soon' wishes from across the pond to Paul and THANK YOU for always having a great blog for me to read :)

  18. Great surprise package! And congrats on the wonderful quilt blocks. I hope they bring you some rest within all the emotions. I already find it hard and I am "a million miles away". I can't fathom how you must feel. Big hug xo

  19. I hope Paul is getting better. Everyone in my family is vaccinated but many have caught Covid. Fortunately no one has been hospitalized; just down and out for a week or so.
    I am heartbroken over the actions of the Supreme Court but realize that's the conservative opinion of women. And, in fact, of anyone other than wealthy white males.

  20. I so appreciate your thoughts on the overturning of Roe vs. Wade. It is a sad time for women (and men) in our country. I haven't been able to join your quilt along but I really do love the cause and efforts of others. I hope Paul is feeling like himself again soon. My husband had it earlier this year and it was months before his cough went away. Luckily, this too shall pass but it's a rough illness while it lasts. If anyone says Covid is just a bad cold...well, they were luckier I suppose.

  21. Hope Paul is feeling better! Glad that you got your positivity blocks done. I am just getting back to sewing, but more mobility daily. What a generous package of goodies from Benartex! SCOTUS is a mess which is such an odd thing to say. I always felt this was an honorable institution and one that belied what how a particular justice might rule. I don't think perjury works backwards, but I wish it did. My actions are focused towards those places we can make inroads to restore and protect the rights of so many.

  22. What beautiful Positivity 2 blocks!
    Hope Paul is all well now!

  23. Hope your husband is on the mend soon. Pretty blocks. I hope your QAL is successful. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  24. Poor Paul! I hope his recovery is both swift and thorough. And I am so curious about your big news and projects having to wait an entire year -- my curiosity is so strong that it ITCHES, like chicken pox that can't be scratched!

  25. Words cannot accurately convey how INCENSED I am about this country's antediluvian attitudes towards women, and what an utter scam and distraction the ongoing culture wars are vs the actual problems that we face her that need attention desperately. I have fewer rights to bodily autonomy as a live woman than a dead man, despite the fact that the majority of the country believes abortion should have stayed legal at a federal level; and now class will dictate your healthcare quality even more drastically and obviously than before. It is absurd and infuriating, and I will not go quietly into this theocracy.

  26. I cannot say it better than Astrid Reflux! I feel privileged that I live in Canada, and outraged for the loss of human rights in the US ... I'm sorry for your country and my friends there ...

  27. And best wishes to Paul for a quick recovery!