Thursday, September 7, 2023

Island Batik Challenge & Blog Hop

The September Island Batik Challenge and Blog Hop is called Pieced to Perfection. We were required to make a paper-pieced project at least lap sized, using as many different fabrics as possible from our assigned collection.

I received Chromatic. It is an original collection designed by Deb Tucker of Studio 180 Designs.

Chromatic Bundle

Chromatic Fabrics

And here is my response to the challenge!

Bromeliad Garden

I chose "The Palm" block from EQ8 Block Library (under Old favorites). 

The on-point layout uses 24 blocks. I used 21 (out of the 22) fabrics from the Chromatic collection. I used three fabrics from Island Batik Basics, so that each leaf uses a different fabric. I chose the solid white background for maximum contrast with these dark/bright fabrics. 

I started with making an audition block and after about three attempts, I was ready to roll.

Audition Blocks

I chose this block because it gives me the opportunity to show off every fabric (except the white one) from the Chromatic collection.  

Since paper-piecing is not my strong skill, I wanted a block where imperfections did not cause a fatal flaw. Leaves, you know, are not exact :-) Further, since each leaf is its own block, a mismatched/imperfectly shaped leaf does not mess up the adjacent one.

Imagine the horror of mismatched seams, especially after all the effort of piecing and tearing out (hair and) paper. 

On the Design Wall

I used Aurifil Thread for piecing (50 wt) and quilting (40 wt). I used Schmetz Microtex 80/12 needle for both piecing and quilting. I chose Thermore batting from Hobbs

Completed Quilt

Since the quilt finished at about 47" square, I pieced the back, using the leftover fabrics from the front.
I like to think that I "zipped" the two white pieces together :-D

The quilt is named Bromeliad Garden, for the shape of the leaves.

Pieced (Zipped) Backing

I quilted diagonal lines using my walking foot. The Backing and Binding are Island Batik Solid White. 

Quilting Detail 

Of course I added my label and thanked my quilt model for his patience and support of all my quilty endeavors. He was rewarded handsomely for his efforts :-)

If you'd like to win a handsome reward (in Island Batik fabric), please leave me a comment on this post. I will pick two winners on September 15. 

Be sure to check each of the Ambassador’s posts as many of them will be offering their own giveaways – all the more reason to enjoy the Pieced to Perfection Blog Hop!

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September 22

End of Blog Hop + Final Round Up

Finally, the winners of the Avantika Quilt Pattern are comments #9 (Lisa Marie) and #42 (Sara). Emails have been sent. 


  1. A very fun and colorful quilt. If there are any imperfections in your leaves they are pretty much invisible.

  2. Enjoyed seeing your quilt. I thought "Isn't it pretty" and it is! The backing looks great, gives me ideas that I can use for backings.

  3. Fun new fabric line, a well met challenge, and a lovely quilt, Preeti!!

  4. Preeti, you made a very pretty quilt. The back is pretty too. Very good use of fabric. dorthac at aol dot com

  5. I love this quilt! The block choice is perfect to show off the beautiful fabrics. Excellent job!

  6. It looks fabulous, Preeti, and no worries, even though we chose similar blocks, your quilt looks nothing like mine. Love the way you "zipped up the back". :)

  7. Gorgeous, Preeti! I love the block you chose, and the layout. A fantastic garden quilt!

  8. That is maybe the most beautiful quilt yet! Wow!! I love it.

  9. Oh Preeti, you've done it once again! This quilt is gorgeous!

  10. your quilt turned out perfect! it takes practice for paper piecing I have not done it a lot but the next quilt up I will need to get the papers out and remember how it is done

  11. joanneembury@gmail.comSeptember 7, 2023 at 10:09 AM

    Your quilt is perfect and fabric looks amazing!

  12. I LOVE your quilt! Very simple but so striking with the white background and the bright palms. I'm impressed with how nice your quilts look with the simple serpentine quilting. I've adapted that to my own quilting and I'm very pleased. Thank you for sharing!

  13. Pretty quilt with an interesting design. Unique pretty ladder effect on the back.

  14. Nice, pretty, simple quilt.

  15. That's a beautiful design, Pretti! It looks like your flowers are floating in the clouds. I like the white binding, too. It keeps your focus on the colorful flowers. Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. I love how you used all colors! It's so bright and cheerful!

  17. Your quilt is absolute perfection!

  18. Beautiful and perfect quilt, Preeti! I love how it pops on the white background!

    1. Thanks for sharing this beauty with us on Monday Musings, Preeti!!

  19. Hi Preeti! What a beautiful quilt. I saw your blocks on IG or maybe it was FB, and wondered where they were going. I love this pattern choice. It really does justice to the fabrics, which are lovely, too. Great job, my friend. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  20. Great design and name for these gorgeous fabrics.

  21. wow your quilt is gorgeous. thanks so much for sharing. quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

  22. I love the block you choose and can see why the beige one didn't make it in! It is gorgeous and the fun back is just an added bonus. Great job!

  23. I love the design of your quilt. Not only is it beautiful, but it shows off the fabrics so well. Wonderful job!

  24. That's a beautiful design for that collection.

  25. Love your quilt. I’ve never made the palm block but I think I’ll add it to my list after seeing your quilt in the bright batiks. Also like your “zipper” back. May steal that idea 😊! shelquilts (at) aol dot com

  26. Love your quilt. I enjoy doing FPP because the points almost always line up perfectly. Great way to use all the colors.

    1. I couldn't sign in to google so the above comment is from

  27. Love your quilt design and the baking is great too. Makes it a reversible quilt!!!

  28. Beautiful quilt using very nice line of fabric. I admire your creativity!

  29. Stunning, Preeti! I love the back, too! And your photos!!!

  30. Stunning! As always I like you process thoughts. And you really do have an amazing quilt holder/model! Chromatic is a wonderful collection!

  31. Gorgeous quilt made with beautiful fabric. Thank you for taking us through the design process.

  32. I love this! When I first looked at the colors in your bundle I thought they were so dark and brooding. You did a great job changing my perception!

  33. Nice work, Preeti! Your quilt is beautiful and really features the gorgeous batiks!

  34. You've done it again, Preeti, proven why you are an Island Boutique Ambassador. Love the fabric, but am not a fan of an autumn palette. The white breathed life into what could have been a rather dark quilt.

  35. This pattern really is great at showcasing these beautiful fabrics! Great Quilt!

  36. Love your modern garden! It is fun and vibrant, modern and calm in one go. But I do hope you left some hairs when you did all the ripping ;) Congrats on perservering with "your favorite technique"! Enjoy your finish xo

  37. I Love your garden!! The pattern really showcases the luscious fabrics. Thanks so much for your inspiration

  38. What a beautiful and colorful quilt! You did really great with FPP, your leaves are shinning and wearing proudly these lovely colors. Fun fabrics! Like Melanie, I hope you still have some hairs ;)) And I had to laught when you said we wouldn't have the same handsome reward as Paul ;D
    Thank you for sharing!

  39. I like the multicolor bromeliads; they give a sparkle to the glorious whole. And it is a lovely fabric collection.

  40. Another super fun quilt! I love paper piecing, but haven't done it for a while. Time to jump back in! Thanks for the chance to win!

  41. I do like that paper piecing is mostly accurate and you certainly did highlight all that gorgeous fabric. I like the white background as it gives the eye a place to rest in between leaves. And Paul is so wonderful to help with the photography.

  42. I love your beautiful leaves and that fun backing! Thanks for sharing this! pk_sews at yahoo dot com

  43. This is a great quilt to show off these lovely fabrics

  44. What a pretty quilt! Very stunning design!

  45. I am always impressed with paper piecing but never enough to try it again myself! Your quilt is quite lovely!

  46. Such a vibrant quilt - love this Chromatic collect and this pattern really shows off the colors. Beautiful work!

  47. Be still my heart. . .What a wonderful response to the challenge. I love all parts of it!--TerryK@OnGoingProjects

  48. Lovely quilt. Excellent use of a pattern to show of the fabric.
    Sandra (dot) Klassen (at) pobox (dot) com

  49. I love the diagonal quilting in a nice, curvy contrast to the angular pattern.

    1. My email address is

  50. Your Quilt is gorgeous... my favorite thus far!!!

  51. What a gorgeous quilt - and the zippered backing is cute, too! Lovely colors! Deb E