Monday, September 15, 2014

Paul's Quilt - Week Four (Completed Top)

This is going to be a short blogpost. For two reasons:
1. A picture is worth a thousand words - I have a few
2. The discussion of excuses/trips/distractions can be lengthy - I have none

Piecing in Process
Completing the quilt top is not the same as finishing it. However, it is a significant landmark at which point you can actually see what the final quilt will look like. And therefore it is moment of a small celebration, unless...
The Wrong Block - Black Strips going clockwise (There are at least 3 of those ones)

...unless you find a mistake. Just kidding - I don't care about the wrong block. That is why I have three of them :-D  Adds a little visual interest. Can you find all three?

Paul works on Sundays. When he came home the quilt top was completed and basted (the backing is flannel). It lay folded on the sewing table.

Paul: How is my quilt coming along?
Preeti (beaming): I finished the quilt top today and I am very proud of it.
Paul: That is amazing.
Preeti: What part - that I am proud or that I finished it.
Paul: You are always proud - that is a moot point. It is amazing that you finished it.
Preeti (with hints of anger): Why is it amazing?
Paul: It is amazing that you finished it in spite of the birthday baby quilt, the weekend trip to meet your quilting buddy and that doggie bag for your guild.

Completed Quilt Top with Borders (bit windy outside).
But totally worth it - the colors just pop and sparkle!!!

Preeti (definitely worked up a bit): Two things.
1. Yes, I have a quilty, busy life. Deal with it.
2. Importantly, it is because of all those interesting things I did that I finished the quilt top. They provided the refreshing break so that I could return to your quilt with fresh energy and enthusiasm.
Since the quilt top is completed, maybe I need another "break"!!!

Blocks - Close up

Paul: Fine. Take another break but just tell me when will I get it.
Preeti: October 7th.
Paul: What is October 7th?
Preeti: It is our anniversary. Can't believe you don't remember.
Paul: I remember.
Preeti: Too late. Besides, I don't have the time to banter with you. I have a quilt to finish.

Loving the rich colors - don't seem so dark now

I will quilt and bind this beast  beauty in the coming two weeks and will return to blogging only once I have finished it. While I am keeping my nose to the grindstone (sewing machine), I will be thinking of a suitable, clever name for it.
I do have one question for you. If I wrote a tutorial for making this quilt, would you be interested in it?


  1. You and Paul are much like John and I! Funny. And not only were we married in the same year, we were married quite close to the same date (September 27)...we are brilliant women with wonderful men...quite blessed indeed we are.

  2. Yes, I sure would enjoy a tutorial if you can find time to do such a time intensive project. Also, since you're so good at this and have younger, better eyes than I, how about making one for me. too!!?? ;^)

  3. I love the colors in this quilt...they're beautiful!

  4. The top turned out to be stunning! (Well, I didn't expect anything less from you to be honest! :P)

    How are you quilting it?

    I'd love to learn how to make partial seams, so a tutorial would be fantastic!

    All the best,