Thursday, September 11, 2014

Paul's Quilt - Week Three (Scottie Invasion)

All 48 blocks are completed.  I decided to put together the quilt in two parts.
First Part - Put together the top half of the quilt - 6 blocks by 4. Add the top border
Second Part - Put together the bottom half and add the bottom border.

And then stitch the two halves together and add the side borders. Simple.

I completed the first half and by then it is Friday. I am feeling great. I have the weekend to put together the second half and I am pretty sure if I avoid cooking and ignore the dishes, I can complete the top. If Paul complains about lack  of food or clean dishes - I can say - "But I am working on your quilt, darling." I was set, or so I thought.

And then I made the mistake of checking my email. The email was from the Quilt Guild.
In July, just before the Guild went on a summer recess, they had organized a 2.5" squares swap or the "Ugly Squares Project". Each one of us who participated had to bring about 50 2.5" ugly squares.  At the guild meeting there were about 50 bright colored paper bags. Each participant went around and dropped one square in each bag and at the end of the meeting picked one bag to take home with them. So far, so good.

Ugly Squares

The email said that to be eligible for a win, you had to bring back the completed project using those 2.5" suckers squares. The meeting was on Tuesday (9/9/14) at 7:30PM. NOOOOOOOOOOO...............

I decided to come clean. I told Paul about the ugly squares project and the urgency to complete it over the weekend. He laughed and said that is fine. He would just get Boston Market Meals this week.

Still Ugly...
He gave me a free pass. Gotta love that man!!!

Project Ugly Squares
I had been giving some thought to the 2.5" squares. Then I saw the scottie dog quilt pattern on Eva's blog and my decision was made. I decided that I will make a sewing bag with the Scottie Dog pattern. The pattern used 26 squares and I used the remaining ones to make inside pockets on the lining.

Not Ugly - Kinda cute looking....

I chose a black dotted fabric for the bag back and handles and bright orange fabric for the lining.

Looking Good!!!
The picture above shows the bag front and back quilted; the lining with the pockets; and the quilted handles. Making these took all of Saturday.

I still had to box the corners and put the bag together, making sure the handles were not twisted and that the lining stayed down. The bag was assembled on Sunday morning.

The lining fits, yeah!!!

Boxed Corners - Bag and Lining match :-)

Small Pocket - Three Compartments
Large Pocket

I felt extremely confident taking it to the Guild meeting on Tuesday. It was a contest and I felt that the Scottie Dog would beat everyone else or at least come close to the top.
Oh, those gentle ladies of the guild - they oohed and aaahed over every entry including mine (so clever, they said) and then they put all the names in a box and raffled the top two. My name wasn't announced. Was my weekend work all in vain?

As I left the school building and walked wearily towards my car, I thought if I had I known, that it was "not" a contest, I would have not attempted to do anything with those ugly squares. I would have continued working on Paul's quilt. I am glad I misunderstood because I love my Scottie and I can totally see myself using it. It is large enough to carry the rotating mat and sewing supplies. It is super cute and I put it together in one weekend!!!

Completed Scottie Sewing Bag - Stuffed with two quilt tops and the cutting mat
I think I will keep this one!!!

So, what about Paul's quilt?
Hmmm, I am determined to complete the top this coming weekend. No excuses. I promise.


  1. Thanks Preeti, for linking to my blog - dear oh dear.... now i really need to get it updated....i do have a few things to add.
    love your scottie bag you made..... and the lining is amazing....tough on the eyes, but oh so sweet!!

  2. Scottie is the cutest thing made of ugly squares!