Saturday, January 17, 2015

Grape Salad

So, you are busy sewing when the needle breaks, or the thread tension is off. Did you notice that 1/4" seam is not consistent? Oh, by the way did you accidentally sew the wrong pieces together? And those folded seams - do not even get me started...

When two or more of those things happen to me, I decide it is time for a break.

It was the long weekend of New Years' Day and I was determined to make some solid progress on Joyce's Quilt which is already delayed. And then the frustrating things began to happen. I turned off my machine and went to the computer. Let's check email.

Baby Shower!!! In four days!!!

This was a perfect distraction. So, I put away Joyce's quilt and got started on a baby quilt.
Shall I make a whirlygig? No, too many pieces
What about a D9P. Hmm, No. I have made too many of those already.

And then I remembered Sherbet Strips. It was a fun fast project with a lot of pizzaz. I decided to replicate Sherbet Strips in green and purple.  And here it is - meet the first finish of Fifteen...

I used strips from two different strips sets - one green and one purple. Added a white strip in the middle and cut into squares.

Placed four by four in a rail fence fashion and we have ourselves a quilt top!!! I wish I had taken more pictures, showing the strips and the piecing process.

As I pieced the top together, I began thinking of a name. What shall I call this little gem? That is when Paul walked into the door carrying the grocery bags. 
I got you grapes to put in the chicken salad, he said.

GRAPE SALAD, I screamed, scaring poor Paul. 
Yes, it is purple and it is green just like grapes. Mixed together they make Grape Salad!!!

I wanted to make sure that the backing matched the quilt top. Fortunately, I had this soothing green fabric in my stash. Alas, it was not wide enough. May be it was time to make a "creative quilt back"

I used my favorite warm & Natural batting and quilted it simply (super fast) with straight lines using a scallop stitch on my Janome. 

The binding is a purple chevron fabric. It was just perfect - it matched the front and the back and brought everything together!!!

And here  is the label.

All right, just one last look at it and then I must wrap it up. The shower was on Sunday, the 10th!!!

A quick finish is so gratifying. I felt terrific. In the week that followed, drunk on my success with Grape Salad, I finished piecing the quilt top for Joyce's Quilt. Where are the pictures, you ask?

Now, THAT is a separate post!!!

How is the new year 2015 coming along for you?  I'd love to hear from you!!!


  1. nice job Preeti!
    Where is that FMQ you have been saying you would try hmmmm? No one ever got better at something by sticking with the old standbys! Just saying my friend!

  2. I love fast finishes, and this one is beautiful. You did a great job and the backing ng is just too cute.

  3. I come to your website to get inspired. I have not yet dared to design my own quilts, always relying on patterns. You are creative and fearless! Thanks for another great idea. I love the scallop quilting. I've only tried straight stitch, but this couldn't be much different. I'm going to try it!

  4. Love your creative quilt backing (making do with what you've got, and making it beautiful at the same time.) The chevron binding is the perfect finishing touch. Lends that extra air of pizazz. Fabulous.

  5. Your color combo is awesome and that binding is perfect!! It really frames the quilt beautifully! And the back is awesome. I am partial to a pieced quilt back :)

  6. Not sure why my comment last night didn't publish. I was complimenting your work!
    Love the name and the inspiration behind it.

    Someone left a comment on my latest post (Last Finish of 2014: Mug Rug for Renee') but signed on as Anonymous. They said they they came by after being here at your blog and asked the pattern of the quilt. You had mentioned it as Warm Wishes. I wanted to get back personally to them to remind them as well of the name , but I can't without HER name:).

  7. Hi Preeti
    just stopping by to see that cute baby quilt. LeeAnna

  8. Lucky baby who gets this quilt! I like the colors (and the back, too), but I really like the variation in the prints. Congrats on finishing 2 tops!

  9. Congrats on the finish! I love the fabrics in this one.

  10. Wow that looks so great. Rail fence is a great pattern but the colour combos make it sing! Thanks for the inspiration for more baby quilts I have yet to make.