Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Seashore Rails & Jewel Box

These are quilts 3 & 4 from the Sugarland Fall Festival.

Meet Seashore Rails, the simplest rail fence pattern.  This is the pattern I pick when I do not want to think, when I do not have the patience to measure once, leave alone twice, when I do not want to cut fabric.

Seashore Rails
This is the holy grail (and the savior) for all those (me included) who like the concept of handmade but may not always have the nine yards of patience.

Take two strips of color, one strip of white. Stitch them along the length, with the white in the middle.
Cut into squares. Voila, you have your blocks!!!

Black Border, Green Binding

Arrange your blocks - one horizontal and one vertical, add a border to make it all come together and you have a quilt top!!!

When Eleanor Burns said - Quilt in a Day, I am sure this is what she meant.

I chose this mushroom fabric for the backing.
Do you like Mushrooms?

I had to choose easy and quick patterns since I really cranked out 14 of these in four weeks (My craziness is now well-established).  Therefore, choosing bright happy fabrics was really the key!!!

Matching binding to both the front and the back was an essential ingredient in making the quilt appealing.  I think the green binding in the front works only because it stands out against the black border, whereas it appears a bit blah next to the teal/aqua blocks.

Quilted and Bound

As far as the back, well that green really adds to the mushroom fabric, even if I say so myself (blush).

Green Binding - Multicolored Shrooms!!!
Can you see the quilting? Me neither.

The blocks finish at 6", the quilt without borders is about 36" square and with 2.5" strips border added, it finishes at about 40" square.

I quilted using a decorative stitch (looks like the letter C), making the appearance of clouds, as one line looked like Cs and the next being a mirror image.

Ooh, like a day at the Beach!!!
And one more picture...
Once Seashore Rails was done, I had a few blocks leftover...leading to the next quilt - Jewel Box.

Seashore Rails was definitely boyish. Therefore, I chose to add some non-blues (greens/purples) to make Jewel Box, so that it was a more gender-neutral quilt.

Remember, while I am making these, I wanted an even split between boy and girl quilts, so that the quilts could appeal to all.

Can you see the rail fence blocks in between the green and purple box blocks?

I chose a bright purple border for Jewel Box, to highlight the purple and take the attention away from the teal/aqua blocks. 
However, the exact same green binding works against the purple too.  Happy coincidence, indeed.

Ok, are you ready for this? This is big and scary!!!

Backing - Funny and Colorful!!!
And see, the green binding works beautifully with the backing too. The quilting gods were smiling upon me!

Quilted the same way as Seashore Rails. Jewel Box also finished at about 40" square. 

Finally, I can see some quilting in this picture.
Scary & Adorable
 Did you think that I forgot the label? No, I am too vain for that.
OK, just one more picture.  Can you see the cloud effect quilting in the picture below?
Looks like this monster is peeping from behind the wall to yell - BOO!!!

I hope these simple patterns and bright fabrics bring some measure of joy and inspiration to your day. Your bright comments definitely bring joy to mine!!!


  1. 14 quilts in 4 weeks - are you crazy? Oh yes you answered that already!! These are lovely. So bright and colourful. Love the simplicity of the blocks but the beauty of the finished product.

  2. I love quick and simple quilts and these turned out darling. I especially love the bright backs.

  3. What a terrific pair of quilts! I like that quilting approach - the long c's add interest to the wide spacing, it's fast, and it leaves the quilt nice and gushy-able for comfort snuggling. :)

  4. Love these quilts, the backing a are so cute.

  5. Love them all... I have two Christmas quilts that were also inspired by your simplicity and something i saw on Pinterest..not sure how to post to you!!!

  6. Is this series of quilts made with the 2 1/2" Jelly Rolls or some other width of fabric?

  7. What width did you cut the strips, once you join the three 2 1/2" together? you didn't say. Thanks. Marie

    1. 6.5”.
      When you stitch the three strips together, you get a composite strip that is 6.5” wide. Cut into squares or cut into 6.5” sections.

  8. Hi how did you make the square blocks for the Jewel box quilt? Sorry I'm new to quilting so have to ask daft questions!