Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Fit for a Princess & Puppyfish

These are quilts 5 & 6 from the Festival.

The inspiration/design for these two quilts came from Moda Bake Shop.  The pattern is called Bricks.

Once again, I made a sketch...
...while I was drinking my morning cup of chai...OOPS!!!

27 squares and 27 rectangles will make a baby quilt.

Now, you can make this super-scrappy but I wanted to stick with a theme.  Pink and girly.
Here is a hint when you choose fabrics for a project. Pick 5-6 different fabrics  - a dot, a stripe, a near solid, 1 or 2 focus prints, and 1-2 small prints. Make sure that there are some that are dark and some light.

Fit for a Princess

Focus Fabric

Sweet & Pink

Small Print, Dots and Stripe

A simple pattern keeps the focus on the fabrics.  Stare away at the princess and her castle - no major distractions here.  I chose a red/pink hearts backing.

Sweet Hearts
Choosing a binding was easy - a hot pink solid worked well with both the front and the back.

Cherries & Cherry Blossoms
Cherries, Cherry Blossoms and Cupcakes - Can it get any more Girly???
Yes, look at the Princess and her castle :-)


The quilting was once again the simplest (fastest) possible. I used the Cs and mirror image stitch and went over the ditches.

Pretty in Pink

When Mary saw this quilt, her eyes widened.  This would be perfect for her nephew's baby girl.
I was just thrilled that the quilt found a loving home.

Now let me talk about Puppyfish - the twin brother of "Fit for a Princess"
I struggled with the fabric choices.  There were two focus fabrics, but after that I could not find enough fabrics in my stash to make the whole thing work.  Felt limited by the colors in the focus fabrics.

Fishes and Puppies

Did not want to use grey or black from the Fish/Whale fabric - too gloomy.  Although some orange would be fine, it did not seem to be cohesive with the others.

In the end, I chose two dotty fabrics, one stripes and one small print with the two focus fabrics.  Fewer fabrics resulted in only 24 blocks instead of 27 in the original pattern.


To get to a respectable baby size, I added a navy blue border.  That seemed to work and brought the whole thing together.  The backing was a light green soothing print fabric.

Owls and Birds
I think this was the last of this fabric.  Served me well in a few backings.
Simply quilted with Cs and mirror image of Cs, this was one fast finish.  I may have spent more time picking the fabrics than putting the top together.

Black Binding


Jess bought Puppyfish for her granddaughter.  Are you sure, I asked.
Don't you want something more pink?  She was absolutely sure that this was it.

In the Sunlight
This is what I have learnt - Boys won't do pink. Must avoid any trace of fuchsia too.  Florals are a big no-no as well.

But girls are fine with all colors. Happy to be a girl - I get to play with all the colors!!!

I am so happy with the success of this pattern. It is fast and easy, really highlights the focus fabrics, requires only 5-6 fabrics and I am sure you have all of them in your stash.

I can see this getting made into several quilts.  What do you think?

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  1. Both of your bricks baby quilts turned out fantastic, Preeti! Love all your fabric choices.... But REALLY love your quilting! I am all for using those decorative stitches and the walking foot. By the way.... Your bindings look perfect!

  2. These are both really great themed quilts. I love the pink backing heart fabric and I love that you limited the fabrics in the quilts and put in some solids. I've seen too many brick quilts that have too much going on in them and no where for your eye to rest.

  3. Lovely work! I, too, really love that backing fabric for the pink quilt.

  4. Two great quilts. Love them both.

  5. Great quilts - my boy/girl twins would have loved them!

  6. Both of these quilts are so happy! I love what you said about girls loving all colours; we rock! Glad they both are sold and in happy little hands. :-)

  7. Another great pattern and two beautiful quilts. The backings are so fun.

  8. What fun! I love that wavy quilting you used :)

  9. What a great pattern. These turned out so well and I'm glad are being enjoyed by two little ones.

  10. Both versions look awesome. I love both the girly with more blocks and the blue with the border. How wonderful that they both have homes.

  11. Love, love, love the backing fabric for the pink quilt! Thanks for the inspiration! I made a Chrsitmas table topper based on your Bluegrass quilt block. It worked out really well!

  12. what a great way to use fun prints. The hearts backing is awesome... got scraps?

  13. This is a great pattern! I love the quilting on the boy quilt. Very nice!!!

  14. Simple but fun pattern, great for showcasing the fabrics. My daughter hates pink, but is a big fan of blue, green and teal. She'd have taken the second quilt in a heartbeat over the pink one.

  15. Love your pattern! A definite must do this one, bright and happy!

  16. Very, Very pretty Preeti. :) LOL
    I am happy now to know what a puppyfish is!