Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Slippery Slope Rabbit Hole

The Alison Glass Trinket Sew Along was done. A very long paper-pieced journey, resulting in just under 100 blocks.

The Trinket blocks

After several layout options were considered (and discarded), opinions sought (and received) on Instagram (and Facebook), the final layout was determined and the flimsy was completed.

The finished flimsy

It was time to quilt it.  I found this absolutely perfect backing.

Floral on Black

I went to get the batting roll that stands in the corner of my bedroom, in its original shipping box. As I turned the worn out cardboard flaps, something fell.  It was the roll of vinyl I had purchased a few weeks (months?) ago.

Three brain clicks later, the Trinket flimsy was abandoned and I was sewing little 2.5" squares together. If that is not a Dreami, I don't know what is.

Blue Squares

It really started here when I saw Diann's zippered pouch. You can read my comment on her blogpost. At that time, I dodged that squirrel successfully but bought the heavy duty vinyl, which was then stored behind the batting roll.

This weekend when I was in a happy and relaxed mode, I was much more vulnerable to the charms of this vinyl zippered pouch of a squirrel. Off I went, sewing little 2.5" squares together.

Work in Progress

When I cut the requisite width of the vinyl, it was long enough to make more than two pouches.
So I decided to make a second one at the same time.  Do you see how these darned squirrels are multiplying?

Pink Squares

Sewing and Quilting were a breeze. Although cutting the vinyl was a wee bit of a challenge, the zippers went fairly easily.  It was the binding that turned out to be the speed bump, because I am not much of a hand quilter. How do you sew these bindings by hand - quilt after quilt?

Watching (or is it listening) TV. Since it was the long weekend, why not, I reasoned.
I chose Season 1, Episode 1 of the show "Call the Midwife".
Bad idea, Big mistake.

After an hour, I had cried three times and had taken only three stitches.  This show is much too riveting for hand sewing.  So I switched to Bollywood music (audio only) to complete the hand binding on the two pouches.

Completed Pouch One

Finished size  12" by 12"

Completed Pouch Two

Pretty in Pink

I admired my handiwork and took a few pictures, when I heard this whiny noise coming from the cutting table.

Hey what about me?
Are you going to just leave me here?
Is that because I am small?

It was the leftover vinyl rectangle 6" by 9".  Geez, I really could not just add it to my scrap basket. It is not like I could just sew it with my other scrap pieces to make the next scrap vortex quilt.

Can you believe it? This was the third squirrel. They had really led me down this vinyl rabbit hole.

Stitched RST, clipped corners

Using some of the same techniques as the original tutorial, I made a smaller pouch with vinyl window, but I wanted no pesky binding and absolutely no hand sewing.

Pouch #3

I sewed the zipper+vinyl unit right sides together with the quilted unit.
Clipped the corners and turned it right sides out.  I made sure that there was no vinyl in the seams because turning that would be kinda ghastly.

I think I love this little one the most. It is not too big, not too small. It has vinyl window for a peek but not too much. The best part - no binding and no hand sewing.

Let's meet the entire Pouch family. The Papa, the Mama and Goldilocks.

The Pouch family - Papa, Mama and Baby

And they lived happily ever after

On a completely different note, all the Orange International Sisters are now complete and will join the Red, Yellow, Green and Turquoise ones.  I wonder what color is June?

International Sisters in Orange

If you are wondering about the Trinket quilt, well, I will post about it once it is finished, in the hopes that I can resist the next squirrel.

Oh but wait. I saw this block on Pinterest - little wedges forming a circle.  Can I make that using freezer paper?

Freezer Paper Template

Just one (or two quadrants). Just an audition block.  Just to see if it is feasible. Not wasting fabric. Only using leftover scraps from the Orange ladies. 

Two Juicy Orange Wedges
Is this the end of my (block) trial or beginning of another troublesome tale? Only time will tell.
Hope you will stick around to find out.

I will be linking with all my favorite linky parties including Sandra's Dreami and Angela's Scrappy.
Was your weekend as chaotic? I'd love to hear from you, as always.



  1. Well, I pondered making similar pouches last week after picking up some vinyl. My little squirrels must've scampered over to your house because I never followed through. Now, though, I think I may have to revisit that idea, as well as make some ladies, and wait with curiousity to see both Trinkets and what those curved pieces end up becoming!

  2. I love your International Sisters and I sewed three of them today! ... i will not make more pouches... Such stitchy goodness in this post ... i will not make more pouches ... And I love those curved blocks, especially (i will not make more pouches) with those bright colors on the low volume print background. Yes, I’m typing comments for you and subliminal messages for me....

  3. Cute little pouches, but I really love those curved blocks. Perhaps you could add them to your RSC project? That way you'd use the scraps from your ladies right away. As always, you are amazing!

  4. I love those orange wedges - love those. I used to watch Call the Midwife but haven't in a long time

  5. Hi Preeti! As soon as that vinyl hit the floor and caught your attention, it and we knew it was victorious. Bye, bye to trinkets the vinyl said. And really, squirrels are a fun and necessary part of life don't you think?! Especially when they turn out as cute as these pouches. I, however, am NOT even looking any closer as that squirrel winked at me. He wants me next - I can feel it. Anyhoo - turning my head quickly with my hair flaring out - I love all of your International Sisters. That is a squirrel I could invite in for tea or coffee. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. Your Trinkets layout is beautiful, as is everything else here today.

  7. Beautiful quilt, and you found the perfect backing for it.

  8. Your pouches are wonderful, especially the last little one, and thanks for mentioning my post, too! We all inspire each other in so many ways. Now I'm looking at those orange wedges and thinking, "Hmmm...I may need to give those a try!" :)

  9. That's a great backing. Those darn squirrels....but they are so cute. ☺

  10. Ooh, this is just too much fun watching you go down the rabbit hole. First of all, though, the trinket quilt. Be still my heart. And then that gorgeous black floral for the back. That is going to be one beautiful quilt! The pouches are adorable. Funny, I love hand sewing binding but am petrified of working with vinyl, so I’m in awe of your workwomanship. And of course you had to use that last little piece—no sense putting it back on top of the batting. I agree that it’s hard to really watch TV sometimes while sewing—especially a weeper like Call the Midwife. As always, the RSC sisters are exuberant, and I do hope you chase that squirrel running by that’s disguised as wedges.

  11. I've been in a rabbit hole of my own lately. I think I've found a way out, but we'll see. The pouch family is absolutely adorable! Great job.
    The RSC sisters are looking great. I can't wait to see the whole quilt together.
    Finally, your trinket quilt! Oh, it's just too much. How do you stick to a commitment that involved? Of course, it's worth every moment. Yes, that IS the perfect backing. This one is awesome!

  12. You made some amazing little pouches! Sewing vinyl isn't easy and neither is cutting it, but you got it done. I love the layout of your trinket quilt a lot, and lastly I really like the wedge blocks too! You have so many projects going on. I'm thinking you no longer sleep these days!

  13. Very fun and pretty pouches. At least those are useful squirrels. Love your darling lady blocks. The Trinkets quilt is stunning. Looking forward to seeing how you quilt it.

  14. Everything looks so good, no matter if you went down a rabbit hole or not. Sometimes, we need to do that! As for the weekend, I spent 10 hours creating venting on a roof before the rain came. Guess I was with the birds!

  15. You did get touched by the squirrel - dreaming of, starting and finishing new projects. All the colors explode on the screen and each project pouch, and quilt is terrific in its own way. I don't have to tell you, but keep on sewing!

  16. Wow! Where to start? I like the layout of the trinket quilt - a lovely gradation of the colors. The pouch family is adorable, and do you think there may be aunts, uncles and cousins? Finally, I wait in anticipation of what develops from the little wedges.

  17. Your pouches are adorable! The layout for your trinket quilt is so striking. And you did find the perfect backing! I am looking forward to seeing what comes of the beautiful wedge blocks. Now,maybe if you threw the squirrels some nuts to keep them occupied for a bit, you'll be able to get Trinket quilted. :)

  18. I love squirrels - maybe not the mayhem of yet another project unfinshed left behind but in your case, the pouches are already done :)

  19. Those pouches are awesome. I wonder if it would be possible to punch grommets on one side, so they could be put in a 3-ring binder for a school zip pouch.

  20. After watching a real live little red squirrel busily deconstructing the inside of the grill cover on our deck, it was refreshing to read about a squirrel that resulted in a useful project. Love the ladies and can't wait to see where the curved units lead you.

  21. Of course the trinket blocks are adorable, but I LOVE the pouch family-especially Goldilocks.

  22. DING!DING!DING! You win queen of the squirrels, or grand poobah as Roseanne and Wendy say I believe, for the month! This is the quintessential DrEAMi Preeti! You describe it so well; I love it. You also describe Call the Midwife so well, and yes! who can really WATCH a show and absorb it (IMHO you cannot) if one is simply as you say, 'listening TV'. You miss soooo much of the subtleties, the scenery even... Anyhow. Thank you for scurrying in with your family of squirrels in the nick of time for May!

  23. I like how you created Goldilocks using up the last scrap of vinyl, but without using binding. The International Sisters blocks look wonderful. I like to listen to videos when doing mindless sewing. I have a bunch of Jane Austen videos downloaded on my Kindle to keep me company. I have listened to them so many times, I can recite the dialogue along with the actors.

  24. j'aime vos petites dames qui dansent... j'en ai fait une pour essayer, mais il y aura très vite tout une troupe, c'est si amusant!
    merci pour ce modèle Preeti

    Muriel la Française

    1. Merci beaucoup, Muriel. Je suis tellement contente que vous ayez aimé les danseuses. Je sais qu'ils sont tellement addictifs que vous ne pouvez pas en créer un seul. J'espère que vous aimez les fabriquer autant que moi. Vous êtes un blogueur sans réponse, c'est pourquoi je réponds ici.

  25. I love your tinket quilt, especially how the secondary diamond is formed by using the diagonals of the pieced blocks. Well done! I have a baby quilt to finish, but I've been distracted by sooo many squirrels: a rag doll, some rag rabbits and a cat, and some clothes too: a pair of pants and a top for me, and only yesterday as I got out my sewing machine to fanally continue the quilting on the baby quilt, I found myself making a top for my mum. It's almost finished, so I should be able to get back to the baby quilt now :-).

  26. You have been very productive, how do you keep everything straight? It would be difficult for me to choose which is my fave because they all look fabulous. I love the international sisters blocks and the trinket quilt is stunning, and I am loving blue lately. WOW

  27. I'm late to the show, but it was sure fun to read, Preeti! Love the story of your pouch family and how they came to be! Your orange girls are looking good. Two are not up to dancing this month?? And your arches are a super fun way to use up those bits and pieces.