Monday, June 10, 2019

Quilters Unlimited Show 2019

The Quilt show was May 30 through June1, 2019.
I went to the quilt show with two of my non-quilty friends - Patsy and Sandy.  I know them from yoga classes and they are not quilters. This fact is important to the story that follows.

When we got to the "Trees of Life" quilt, I requested Patsy to take a picture of me with the quilt.
You know because a selfie would just not do it.

As I handed off my phone to Patsy, I noticed a couple of women walking towards us.
I went to stand next to the quilt and Patsy turned around and remarked to these women - My friend made this gorgeous quilt.
I blushed. The woman smiled, nodded and moved on.
My color deepened when I realized that Patsy had just addressed Jinny Beyer. It was just another day at the Quilt Show.

There is  something magical about the show.
I have made the quilt, photographed it and blogged about it but when I see it at the show, my heart skips a beat. Does this happen to you?

Here I am beaming with the "Fire Pit" quilt.

Here I am with "Mixed Feelings", happily reporting that all feelings are upbeat now.  The pain has receded into the dim caverns of my memory.

And lastly with Lo and Behold. Princess Bonniebella can be seen just over my shoulder and the Christmas tree plugged into the sunflower is just northeast of the princess.

If you have not, you have to see the full quilt and read the whole story here.

Here are some of my favorites from the show. The credits immediately follow the quilt picture

This looks so Indian to me with red and yellow which are considered auspicious colors and are used to clothe the Goddess, as well as the patchwork design reminiscent of the Rangoli patterns.

I love the bicyclist and the teddy bear in the doorway. Fun details.

Susan is in my guild and her work never fails to impress.

Delicate flowers to depict the mighty elephant - who would have thought?

So cute. Made me smile.

Spectacular. How do they make everything fit?  I am sure it is the magic of paper-piecing. Well-behaved paper-piecing, I guess.

I have seen this pattern before but not in solids.  I believe it is the black/white bands that add extra oomph.

The simplicity and straightforwardness of this quilt was very attractive to me. Fabric choices are important.

This intrigued me. I remember standing and staring it for a while to find all the embellishments she used.

And this small quilt was the show-stopper (in my opinion)

I returned from the show super happy and super exhausted.

Paul: Babe, are you ok?
Me: Yeah, why?
Paul: You seem subdued.
Me: The quilt show was fabulous.
Paul: And that has depressed you?
Me: No. Yes, in a way.
Paul: How so?
Me: Well, there are so many quilts to make and so little time
Paul: Ah OK. Well, are you going to finish this (pointing to the Trinket flimsy) one?
Me: I am not feeling it.
Paul: Whoa, What, Why?
Me: I completed every step, posted on Instagram religiously, sent an email for the finished top...
Paul: And?
Me: And I did not win.
Paul: Nothing?
Me: Absolutely nothing. I got oohs and aahs, nods and appreciation from other quilters but I wish I had also won something.
Paul: Was this like a lottery or a competition?
Me: Both. Well, first it was a weekly lottery and then it was the Grand Prize.
Paul: So who won?
Me: Bunch of people won. Not me.
Paul: Who won the grand prize?
Me: One very spectacular quilt - monochrome of blue and white. And another one had this very special layout where she made a picture or a landscape with these blocks.
Paul: So better quilts won.
Me: Some were better than mine. But mine is up there with the rest of the fancy ones.
Paul: Don't you have to finish this?
Me: Yes, but not this minute. It is not like I will get a prize for finishing it.
Paul: How about I give you a prize for finishing it.
Me: I am listening.
Paul: Gift Card to the Spa.
Me: I promise to complete it before the end of the month. But I want to play with my sisters now. They will cheer me up.
Paul: Good. Because I do not want a grumpy date. 

The rest of the exchange between Paul and me is redacted :-)

The new month had begun. The RSC's color for June is blue and I dived into my blue stash/scrap pile to make my blocks.

Blues for June

in the works

Almost there
 And here they are - International sisters for the month of June

Her face glows and the dress too

Perfectly placed rose in the headdress

Oh yes I will dance

Me too

Did someone say dance?

Princess of Whimsical Seas

Wait for me

Oh yes, I must finish the Trinket quilt so that I can get the gift card to get the massage that I can definitely use :-)

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As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Beautiful quilts - and I totally understand about seeing YOUR quilt hanging there. A whole new perspective. I also completely understand the overwhemlingness of a good quilt show, but darn, you've got a good hubby if he knows to bribe you to finish quilts with apa gift cards! The ladies are beautiful as always, too.

    1. I agree completely! You are a winner, you got a hubby who is a gem!

  2. congratulations have a show quilt!! thanks for sharing

  3. some great quilts there Preeti. Of course I like yours best of all, though the dachshund one runs close!

  4. You better get sewing so you can get that gift card to the spa!! It looks like it was a great quilt show.

  5. A great reason to finish trinkets! I love your sisters blocks.

  6. Just having the quilts in the show makes you a winner! Just think of all the people your quilts have seen;)

  7. Preeti, you are always a winner. Go finish that trinket and head to the spa, you've earned it.

  8. Pretty sure you also got a prize in that redacted part of the conversation - HAHAHAHA! Your innuendos crack me up!

    Congrats on having so many amazing quilts in a show! Your trinket and the sisters are both awesome! And a spa day will be a great prize - I like Paul more every time you post about him. What a supportive partner!

  9. So many great topics in one post: It must have been so amazing to have three quilts in a show! Well, there are "no" shows here so just having one sounds great already :) And I love the idea of a massage at a spa. Go girl, get that trinket quilt finished! Go for that second prize... innuendos and all lol And those sisters are fun as usual. You know I am more sedate in my fabrics but I find that fish print so funny. Great choice for a dress! xo

  10. So many beautiful quilts, especially yours! Love your little women in blue(s), dancing through your post!

  11. You WIN the award for the most encouraging quilter. The best story teller, best use of color and generous with sharing your quilts. And Paul wins for the most thoughtful and ingenious husband of a quilter. :)

  12. You look so beautiful there beside your gorgeous quilts.

  13. Oh, I love your fabulous blueSisters! You’ve got some amazing dress fabrics there. Now I see that I need to think more “outside the box” with regard to skin tone fabrics. Although I want to do one quilt of just African fabrics and dark skin tones, the other one will be mixed (yes, two quilts - that’s how much I love these blocks).

  14. What a delightful quilt show! Attending would certainly give me pause, too. Actually, I’d be quite overwhelmed! Your sisters blocks look fabulous! Such gorgeous fabrics!

  15. Wow, great show! You and your quilts are beautiful! Thanks for sharing those beauties

  16. Hi Preeti! Beautiful quilts and a lovely show. I have been admiring your sisters and am thinking I need to backtrack and make a few of my own. I participating in a month color challenge block and perhaps I can make an IS in each of the colors for the year. I love your ladies. ~smile~ Roseanne

  17. It's a thrill having a quilt in a show, and you are a winner...ribbon or no. You're a wonderful, talented, creative quilter! Besides it seems that you get rewards from other admirers--specifically Paul! Go hubby!
    As for those sisters, every month I'm impressed. How many do you have? Surely enough to make several quilts. They are such fun and their costumes get more interesting each month. There's only one thing: I'm not a professional, but I'm concerned that you're addicted. A massage may help. Yes, I'd prescribe a massage, if I were a professional, I mean.

  18. I love all the sister blockets for your Trinket quilt, but the blues will always be my fav. Maybe. The Jacobean print you are using is absolutely priceless! May I ask who produces=d the line?
    Please continue to include you readers [Me] and friends in your life. You have such a wonderful outlook. You also are blessed with not only Paul for a hubby, and his Mom for an MIL, you also have friends who are willing to go to a quilt show with you and spend their precious time to support your endeavors and interests. Now that is a real show of love! I always felt like I had accomplished a great feat if I got hubby to walk throrugh the local quilt show for a couple of hours. He is obviously not a quilter either. Thank Heavens he has supported my interest!

    1. I think the Jacobean print is the one with pink flowers on the dark blue background. Came from Joann Fabrics about five years ago. I do not have the details but I'd be happy to send you enough to make a couple of International Sister Quilt Blocks. You are a no-reply blogger so had to respond here.

  19. You have beautiful quilts, and it is hard when entered and they don't get an acknowledgement. A ribbon is always a nice thing, but believe me, your work is gorgeous. Jinny Beyer - too darn funny! I wish that was a video. Your hubby is a treasure and thank god for redaction. Have a great day!

  20. you know.... I ma liking that Paul more and more!!! LOVE your quilts and they jinny beyer - thats too funny!! Your friends are precious - they love you!! and they should. Enjoy your time!

  21. Now why would you be envious of my spiral? Yours is much more impressive. It's exponentially harder on a large quilt. Great job. And you have so many beautiful quilts in the show. What a happy day.

  22. Thanks for sharing those awesome photos from the quilt show. Best of luck on winning the spa gift certificate from Paul. What a great guy!

  23. Your quilts are terrific. Thanks for sharing the others, too. So many beautiful works of art!

  24. So much fun to see you with all your quilts at the quilt show!! What a wonderful time for you! Thanks for sharing some of the other quilts, too. And your sisters. They will cheer anyone up!!

  25. Comparison is the thief of joy.
    I think that is what you are feeling regarding the prizes for the Trinket sew along. I understand and have felt similar in the past. Try not to wrap yourself up in that competitive spirit and focus instead on the beautiful quilts you are creating.

  26. Such a GREAT blog SO SO wonderful to see all the quilts especially yours. Keep on enjoying designing and making quilts its a wonderful wonderful craft and art. Thanks for ALL the photo's and the time you spent taking them. Cheers Glenda

  27. Congrats on all the quilts you had in the show. I find going to shows to be both inspiring and intimidating. So many quilts to make and so little time about sums it up. Too much inspiration out there and too much fabric sitting on my shelves. Guess I better get back to sewing. : ) Enjoy your progress and keep at it. Your work is lovely.

  28. Looks like a wonderful quilt show. Lots of gorgeous eye candy. Thanks for sharing (quilt shows are seldom and far between where I live). Hope you've been able to win the gift card from Paul. Love your blue ladies this month. Looking forward to seeing all of those blocks come together in one quilt.

  29. thank you for sharing your quilt show pic.
    I can't wait to see the finished quilt top using all of blocks above.

  30. J'aime vos danseuses !!!
    Et je vais parler avec mon mari de cette idée de SPA !!!

    1. Merci beaucoup
      Dites à votre mari de parler à mon mari. Le spa n’est pas une dépense, c’est un investissement :-)

      Thank you so much
      Tell your husband to talk to my husband. The spa thing is not an expense, it is an investment :-)

  31. Nothing beats seeing your own quilt hung in a show! And what a thrill to have so many at that one. : )

  32. Preening, your work is beautiful! At least you will put your quilts in a show. I’m way too nervous about doing that for the exact way you felt coming from the show. I would love to see one of mine hanging somewhere, but I’m not ready to do that yet. Keep your head up. You are blogging and sharing your work with people from all over who love your art. That’s a win in my book!