Thursday, September 5, 2019

Enchanted Lake

One of the quilter-bloggers I admire is Saija. Her work is bright, modern and spectacular. She also takes excellent pictures. Her Topaz captured my heart from the moment I laid eyes on it. Oh, someday I would make a quilt inspired by it.

And I did. Meet Enchanted Lake.

Enchanted Lake
Here is the story.
This is Lisa. We work together and sometimes even party together :-)

with Lisa

When Lisa mentioned that her mum was not doing well and that she was going to visit her in London, I had a thought.

Me: I want to make a quilt for your mum.
Lisa: Oh, you don't have to.
Me: I want to.
Lisa: That is sweet.
Me: What are her favorite colors?
Lisa: She likes blue but hates green.
Me: She hates green?  But her name is Olive.
Lisa: Go figure. Hates green and brown.
Me (showing Saija's Topaz to Lisa): I have always admired this quilt.
Lisa: I love it too but this is so green.
Me: I was thinking navy, blue and turquoise.
Lisa: That would work.
Me: I am not sure about grey. Grey would make it dull.
Lisa: And she needs an uplifting quilt.
Me: How does she feel about purple?
Lisa: She is fine with purple.

Once I realized that Saija had made the string blocks using the foundation paper/muslin squares, I stopped in my tracks. I wasn't going that route. I had just two weeks to complete the quilt before Lisa left for her trip.

Moreover, if each block was foundation-pieced with white string in the middle, Saija had most probably made a sketch to determine exactly how many Half green-Half blue blocks and exactly how many Half green-Half grey blocks she must make before making a single block.

I needed a different approach. In any case, a sketch is a very good place to start.

Rough Sketch

I decided on 10 blue, 10 turquoise, 6 navy and 6 purple blocks. The blue, turquoise, purple and navy fabrics begged to cut up in strips.  Let's strip - shall we?


Getting darker

Ooh purple!!!
I did not dip my toes. I plunged head first.
For the next ten days, I did little else. I wanted to to nothing else.

Beautiful Blues

Strip set

Four triangles make a block

Made the first test block in turquoise.
Made ten blocks in blue.

First 11 blocks
Made six purple and six navy blocks.  Lots of process pictures follow.

Navy block in process

Navy - Two halves

Purple on Purple
There are metallic accents on some fabrics and they really sparkle.

Assembly Line for Chain Piecing

Dark & Handsome :-)

All the darker blocks - Done

Made the remaining nine turquoise blocks.

Turquoise Blocks in process

All blocks done

Made the setting triangles.
It took one whole weekend to piece and complete the flimsy.
No, I did nothing else.  Paul was on his own.

At the design wall 
One half of the top - Almost

Open Seams = Flat/Neat Finish

And here it is - the finished top.

Finished Top
Paul graciously held her up for me, even when I had been ignoring him.
Goodness, I am so lucky.  But back to the matter at hand.

Thank you, Paul

This was the first time I had paired purple and turquoise.  And I was completely amazed by the effect.
I made the blocks one color at a time and I loved each one of them but the magical effect of placing them together was completely unexpected.

Getting close


How it glowed and shimmered, I was afraid that I would be too engrossed in it to part with it.


Walking Foot Quilting

Pedalling away

Moving along

Do you like the backing?

When I asked Lisa for backing suggestions, she suggested red. Because her mum loves her grandson and red is his favorite color.  Lisa's boy is as adorable as he is charming :-) You will see soon.

I chose the Rhapsody wide backing from Connecting Threads and it provides the perfect hot contrast to the cool blues in the front.

Quilted and Trimmed

Ready to bind
The binding is the same grey solid as the setting triangles.   That would keep the focus on the shimmering squares.

Binding - almost done

Labelled too
Here are some pictures from the photoshoot.  Paul's friend Dan (mine too) took the pictures.

On location

Shimmering Squares

Floating on Grey

Blues and Navy sing together

Quilting Detail

Hot Roll

Cool Roll

Glamour Shot!!!

Hot and Cold

I am so happy it shows

Reflected in the Lake

Backing too

Do you like my matching sun hat?

Thank you, Dan

The quilt delivery to Lisa and her adorable boy was a celebration of sorts.  I was just happy to deliver the quilt the day before Lisa's trip. But Lisa insisted on taking pictures and her little boy was only too happy to pose with it.

Such a cutie 
Camera loves him

He enhances the quilt

This picture makes me so happy!!!
The BEST picture

The quilt reached its destination and was delivered to Olive, Lisa's mum.
Lisa sent me a message saying that when her mum received the quilt, she cried.  I felt overcome too.

Lisa's Mum with her darling grandson

Picture Perfect

Lisa's mum is doing better.  And that is all that matters.

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  1. It sure is a beautiful quilt, with a lovely motivation behind its making.

  2. Oh Preeti, you have such a kind heart. The love you put into this beautiful quilt is obvious. I'm sure it played a role in her healing. The photos with the little guy on the quilt, and the one with the three of you are so fun! Nice finish!

  3. What a pretty quilt! You are so kind to have made this for your friend’s mom. I’m sure it helped her feel better. Nice job, Pretti!

  4. Beautiful quilt, completed in record time but with love and care instead of haste. I love the unexpected red print backing, and love that you took the time to find out the recipients likes and dislikes rather than just going with your own favorites. Often that's the difference between a gift that is truly appreciated and makes the receiver feel loved versus a gift that is all about the giver. I'm glad to hear that Lisa's mum is doing better and yes, that picture of you two with her son looking up does win the prize for the #1 best and most fantastic picture in the entire world. Also, I like the picture of strip triangles all pinned and lined up for piecing. They look like a flock of geese ready to take off in flight!

  5. It's beautiful. Great work and great photos!

  6. What a beautiful quilt! And a wonderful reason for ignoring your hubby. (I, too, have an understanding (if not a bit sarcasticly grumbly) hubby when it comes to comfort quilts deadlines and am so truly thankful for hom.) Yoi always make such beautiful quilts and your photography is wonderful.

  7. What a beautiful quilt and perfect solution to the construction dilemma you faced. And, again, how sweet to take care of both of them, Lisa and her mom. Great photos, too!

  8. A great choice of colors. You outdid yourself - again!

  9. Such a gorgeous quilt! I am sure it will be well loved!

  10. It's beautiful and so generous. Also fun to see all the color combinations as you worked through the blocks.

  11. Preeti you have such a beautiful giving spirit, awesome talent and a get it done work ethic. You are an inspiration. Beautiful quilt, beautiful story.

  12. Preeti this quilt is gorgeous, with all of my favourite colours. I'm sure this was just as much appreciated by Lisa as it was by her mother. What a wonderful, generous, and creative way to make someone feel loved; I am certain this helped in her feeling better. Thank you for sharing your fabulous photos. You are a talent and an angel, such an inspiration. Love the picture of the three of you on the quilt too!! ~Diana from Toronto (p.s. I too find Saija_Elina's quilts and photos absolutely marvellous. I probably found her through your blog and instagram posts, much appreciated!).

  13. Not only did my goose bumps intensify as I scrolled down, by the time I reached the end, I, too, had wee tears in my eyes. Preeti, you never, ever cease to amaze me. Tell Paul he's a good man!

  14. It's a lovely quilt!

    I often think quilt-making is kind of a family affair -- spouses and kids often have to fend for themselves while a quilt is being made, and that's how they contribute to it. :)

  15. Just a stunning quilt...what a super story behind it...I so love o hear how quilts come into being. thanks you for sharing this journey hugs, Julierose

  16. Very, very stunning quilt. Simple design, but excellent use of color and values. A labor of love that keeps giving. All the photo shots were fun.

  17. I love the quilt. And still the picture with the boats. But yes the last with all three of you is the best :) Also love it with its new recipient. I am glad it is loved and appreciated. And very happy she is feeling better. You are such a generous, sweet person. And finishing this so fast... I can't imagine how you did that... xo Melanie

  18. Love the quilt! Love the colours! I am sure as you were sewing it all the good vibes sewn into it were felt by Lisa's mom.

  19. Beautiful quilt! What a awesome thing you have done for your friend!

  20. It's truly beautiful, and such a nice gesture.

  21. Oh Preeti!! What a big heart you have!! That is a gorgeous quilt!!! and your photo shoot was amazing! So the photo of it by the boats - do you notice that when you put the front up the blue boats stand out and when you flipped it - the red boats really pop? I loved that!!!!

  22. What a beautiful quilt! A lovely thing you did for your friends, this is why quilters are awesome, such a giving heart.

  23. That is a wonderful quilt, Preeti! I love the color combination, and how you figured out a way to make the blocks in a way that worked best for you. And the backing really adds to the Wow effect! A lovely gift for your friend's mom, too.

  24. Preeti, this quilt is absolutely gorgeous! Love the color combination. I’m not surprised that Olive was so touched.

  25. Aww, Preeti! What a fun and inspiring post. I adore all the photos but especially the end ones where your quilt found its home. I can see Lisa's mom is surrounded and covered by your love. Isn't that just the greatest?! It really does sparkle and steal the show even surrounded by those colorful kayaks. Thanks for sharing the whole history with us. ~smile~ Roseanne

  26. So much eye candy in this joyful post. And the best thing? Your friend’s mum is feeling better!!! I love how you decide-seemingly on the spur of the moment— to make a quilt, and then poof! It’s done. (Well yes, I know that takes a supreme effort on your part.) I love how you are able to assess a pattern or technique and then know just how to tweak it to suit your style. The photos are breathtaking. My favorite, aside from the ones of the happy recipient and her family, is of you with your sun hat.

  27. Beautiful quilt, of course you used all my favorite colors!

  28. What a jewel of a quilt! The colours fair sparkle next each other, but not as much as the people in the pictures. There's no question that quilt is cherished; it's working its magic already. Now about that sunhat... whose head is that intended for? Surely not yours.

  29. Oh Preeti, what a beautiful quilt, and what a KIND thing to do. You are an INSPIRATION!!!!
    Loved the sunhat, too :)!!!

  30. You never disappoint! This quilt is stunning. And the red backing is such a wonderful surprise.

  31. Isn't her mum beautiful? She looks like she's already getting better even though she's only just received the quilt. And girl, does it shimmer! I love those cool colors together. I'm glad you chose this charcoal gray for the background and binding. It really does let the colors sing. Fabulous job, Preeti!

  32. LOVE the balance that the red backing brings to the cool blue top of the quilt!! You were certainly on a mission with this one, weren't you? Such a lovely finish and a special gift, Preeti!

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  34. Beautiful quilt and beautiful gesture of friendship.

  35. What a beautiful quilt and gift! Such a kind and loving thing to do - I'm so impressed you made it all in just a few days!

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  38. I saw this post almost a week ago, but didn’t comment because I just can’t find the words. Still can’t. Stunning? Yeah, yeah.... but it’s more than that. It glows as though it’s lit from within. (Hey, no wonder it reminds me of you!) What a lovely gesture for you to make and give such a treasure to your friend’s mom. I bet we start seeing lots of copycats of this quilt! xo

  39. Absolutely gorgeous! The color palette is perfect! What a wonderful lift someone up gift.

  40. This is great! The effect of mixing up the blocks is amazing.

  41. You have such a knack for choosing great color combinations. It really glows. Love the photo of you with your sun hat. Paul is a lucky man to have you and you are a lucky lady to have him.