Sunday, January 12, 2020

Linoleum Plus

Here is my first finish of 2020.  I am calling it Linoleum.

First Finish!!!

Try saying "a roll of linoleum" fast if you can :-D
How did it go?

Once upon time, a long time ago I wrote this tutorial.  Some of the resulting blocks became a part of Have a Minty Day quilt.  And yet others waited patiently to become something.

When I saw the Cross Plus Block, I had an idea. What if the colors are reversed?
Then my leftover tutorial blocks can be made into this!!!

All I had to do was find coordinating print fabrics.  Mystic Dawn from Lily and Loom was just perfect.

Block 1

Block 2

Finished Flimsy
Seams Pressed Open

Quilting in Process
Once again I added a skinny white border to protect my points from being eaten up by the invading binding.  A bright orange flannel backing with little rockets makes the perfect contrasting backing.
A striped black and white binding looks sharp with both the front and the back.

Can you see the skinny border?

Cool and Warm

Linoleum finished at 41" square and I am very happy with it.  I hope it will make some baby squeal with joy.

Linoleum Front

Linoleum Back

I will squeal with joy when I read your sweet comments :-)

I was about seven or eight years old when mom took me to an eye-doctor.  I don't remember why we were there. My eyes were fine and she didn't seem to need glasses either.  May be because she wanted to consult with the doctor about her father's appointment or surgery.
As we waited patiently in the waiting room, I saw a person emerge from the doctor's office with a green colored eye-patch over one of his eyes.

Why is his patch green, I had asked.
Because green is the most soothing color, mom answered.
Why is that, the non-stop questioning machine rattled.
Mom replied, because earth is covered with green. It is the most prevalent color in nature and is therefore most soothing to the eyes.

Although I do not know why this seemingly insignificant memory has stayed with me, it is abundantly clear why this memory comes flooding back today when earth is on fire.
Whether the world burns figuratively with war and strife or literally with bushfires, we cannot have enough green to counter that.

It may be just a coincidence that Angela chose Bright Green as the color for January in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge for 2020, but the universe works in miraculous ways.

I started with this block.
Initial Block

Me: What do you think?
Paul: That is a big block.
Me: Yes, it will finish at 17"
Paul (attempted singing): I like Big Blocks and I cannot lie.
Me: Really? Do you like it?
Paul: It looks like a blob.  So solid in the center!
Me: I had the same feeling. I could snowball the inside corners.
Paul: Huh???

I showed him with folded squares. He approved.

Me: Snowballing is a pain.
But wait. I have a special tape, which can make the whole thing a breeze.
(By now I am talking to myself and Paul is no loner part of the conversation)

Diagonal Seam Tape - Gift from Mari

Thank you Mari.
Because of you my RSC blocks will be light and airy as a souffle and not dense like a fruit cake :-)

Here is my Refined Block, with internal snowball corners.


I made two more.

RSC Green Block 2

RSC Green Block 3

Although I only need 12 blocks to make a lap size quilt, 30 will make it queen size. 
Where do you think I am headed?


I was engrossed in making and refining RSC blocks.  Meanwhile, my flannel scraps were up to a whole lot of mischief behind my back. 
I do not remember how many baby blankets I have made. You know the self-binding, flannel ones that Jenny (Missouri Star Quilt Company) taught.
Those blankets need two flannel squares - one 40" and one 30", resulting in some scrappy strips that are too small to use and too large to discard.

I had collected those flannel leftover strips in a fabric bag and while I was distracted they conspired to become a flimsy. It was a Christmas miracle.


Flannel Strips

Soft and Cute

I used the same backing as Linoleum (Blast Off from Connecting Threads) fabric, combined with leftover strips from Paulitiks' flannel backing (that were suffocating in another bag somewhere).
An orange binding made perfect sense.

Orange Binding




I am calling this one Meanwhile.  Meanwhile finished at 43" by 45" and it is so snuggly.
If you have been saving your flannel strips, take a look. They may have miraculously turned into a soft and soothing bundle of love.

I will be sharing with all my favorite linky parties as well as with Angela's So Scrappy Linky Party.
As usual, I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. that is a good idea for a narrow sashing all around to the points are cut off by binding that has happened to me and I must keep that hint in my mind.
    All of your quilts are so pretty and I love your stories that go with them

  2. I wish I could say there had been a Christmas miracle in my sewing room, but if there was, I can't find it! Meanwhile, 😊 I love your Linoleum quilt! Amazing how reversing the fabric placement changes the look of a block.

  3. I think all my flannel scraps must’ve come over to your place to party, because they’re nowhere to be found here. But we’re not even halfway through January, and you’ve shown us two finishes already! Woot! Both Meanwhile and Linoleum are super finishes, Preeti! Your Refined block is going to make a fun quilt, and I suspect some interesting secondary patterns are going to show up.

  4. Your Linoleum quilt is perfect! Vaguely reminiscent of my bathroom linoleum! And Meanwhile is great too. I had flannel scraps in a sort of crumb block configuration that was destined to become a dolly blankie for my 3yo great granddaughter. I found some pink monkey flannel! Voila! Done. Blog post soon!!

  5. Rats, Preeti, I recently gave away all my flannel scraps because I couldn't think of what I would do with them! Very good adjustment to your RSC blocks, BTW.

  6. You get so much done Pretti! I really like your RSC blocks. I look forward to seeing them in more colors. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  7. That spcentre definitely makes a difference to the block. Your work is lovely. Happy Green

  8. I love your Linoleum quilt. Making it in the reverse was a great idea. What stitch did you use to machine quilt Linoleum? You have inspired me to pull out my pile of flannel scraps! Snowballing the RSC blocks really made those blocks shine. Happy Quilting!

    1. Thank you Ramona. I used a simple zig-zag stitch and followed the seam lines for quilting. Since I pressed seams open, the zig-zag stitch helps secure them better.

  9. Love the Linoleum quilt! I don't have flannel scraps, sure wish I did that quilt is great.

  10. I am impressed that you could FIND the pieces left from your years-ago project -- and then turn them into a completely new design! It's a great block. And your RSC choice will be terrific. Good idea to add snowball corners to the inside--the white adds visual relief.

  11. I love all of your happy, fun projects, and I love the changed block! It also looks so happy. Are you saving the cut off triangles for yet another project? (Just kidding!) Have a good week!

  12. Linoleum is beautiful,the colors are perfect. I also am glad you snowballed the corners on your new block!

  13. I love Linoleum, sweet quilt, and your zigzag quilting is fun! Pretty green blocks, the second version is so beautiful!

  14. Linoleum and Meanwhile - love them both! I think adding the snowball was a good idea. I haven't used that tape, but I keep seeing it all over the place (except in my quilt room)!

  15. Love all these quilts! I really like how the Linoleum crosses share the triangles so each looks like a more substantial cross. Beautiful analogous colors. Taking out the center of your RSC block really lightens it up - good choice. And I really like your scrappy strip quilt - nice balance of colors vs neutrals.

  16. Well I love Linoleum, as you would probably guess, and I would guess that you would put orange on the back! Love your airy RSC blocks (I have to do mine yet, trying to focus ha) and the mischief quilt (that would’ve been a good name just thought of that) is wonderful and looks so warm and cuddly.

  17. Congratulations on your finishes. You did a great job on all of them. Lineoleum was a good name for that first quilt.

  18. Linoleum is eye-gasmic! Green just happens to be my favorite color! I’ve done a scrap fabric pull, but haven’t made my RSC block(s) yet.

  19. So many inspirations here! The flannel scrappy quilt looks so cozy - the Linoleum quilt has the perfect name. It looks like a flooring pattern to me. Very pretty. And the difference in your scrappy blocks with the snowball addition is wonderful. The aesthetic is much lighter and so much more appealing . You have a really good eye Preeti.

  20. You're off to a rollicking good start to 2020 with two finishes in the books and a lovely new RSC block. I'm going to concentrate on finishing up some older RSCs before I start a new one.

  21. Two finished quilts already. And your revised RSC block looks lovely, too.

  22. Another inspiring post Preeti, two beautiful quilts and wonderful blocks, the snowballing makes such a difference.

  23. You are so productive!! Linoleum ( which I have trouble spelling let alone saying) is beautiful! your souffle blocks will be great - and I love that you just tuned Paul out... makes me feel normal ha ha!

  24. What a great start to the new year!! Linoleum is gorgeous - and just right for a new baby. Your RSC blocks are lovely too - I've yet to decide on a 'new' block to make for this but hope inspiration will hit soon as January is sneaking by! Oh and I love that you have scraps that sew themselves too!!! Great idea with those offcuts - don't know why I never through of using bricks rather than squares for my scrappy flannel bits - very effective, and it would suit my scraps so much better. I'll whisper to the box and hope they sew themselves up like yours did!

  25. I love these colours you've used. It's a gorgeous quilt and so perfect for a baby to cuddle and love.

  26. I love Linoleum. It looks crosses with rays of sun flowing from the center of each side of each block. Beautiful!

  27. I have not even started sewing this year... and you already have two baby quilts finished! Wow :) Love your change to the RSC blocks. Hope all is well! Squishy hugs xo Melanie

  28. Lovely colors on your Linoleum quilt. How fun. Tell Paul that I will now have that song running thru my head all day. Big Blocks...funny.

  29. You are always so busy and productive! I love Linoleum very much. And the improvement to you RSC blocks are perfect!

  30. Hi Preeti! I read this post earlier in the week, and I swear I left a comment. I came to add an additional one, and don't see the first. I'm losing my mind. It's a shame too, because it was really witty and fun and long. Now all you get is I adore the name of this quilt. It is my mom's linoleum in her kitchen to a T. I'm pretty sure it had asbestos in it as it was original from the 50s when the house was built. Before I was born, I might add. I'm old but not quite as old as that brand-new-at-the-time house. Love this. ~smile~ Roseanne

  31. Oh my. Your finish of linoleum is gorgeous! It does remind me of a very pretty flooring. Your refined block is also perfect. I never would have thought of that fix but i love it.

  32. Just lovely green blocks with internal snowballing..[hope we don't get snowed in here tonight ] Really nice color choices in these hugs, Julierose

  33. You are a prolific quilt maker and a marvelous story teller. LOVE reading your posts!!

  34. Oh my goodness, you've been busy! Linoleum is brilliant, not because of the beautiful fabric but because you took a very common/trendy block, changed the colour placement, and made a fresh, fabulous new design. Bravo! The little flannel quilt is sweet too- great use of scraps. Those RSC blocks is striking, especially with those light centres. You'll have another beautiful quilt by year end.

  35. You've been really busy in the sewing room. Linoleum is gorgeous, your RSC blocks are pretty and you ended with a colorful, comfy finish. Not bad for just half way through January.

  36. I cannot say "roll of linoleum" fast. I tried. I do love your quilt though. Thanks for the link to your earlier tutorial. It's a very clever way to make the block. Your refined block is perfect. I enjoyed the story of how you arrived at the snowballed center, too. I often start a quilty conversation with my husband and emerge with a useful thought or two I need to go deal with right away, usually leaving him bemused and "happy to have helped".

  37. Two great finishes and some neat blocks in the middle! Love your backing and the bindings! Yes, let those flannel strips breathe, live and give life!!! Great job, Preeti!

  38. Ignore my previous boring comment -- still trouble-shooting my comment rejection problems in Safari and I was testing to see whether using (blech!) Chrome instead would let me comment... THE THINGS I DO FOR YOU! :-)

    Real comments: the skinny border is a very cool idea -- what size are those border strips (cut width)? If you used a bold contrasting color, it would give the effect of piped binding with much less work. And yes, the inside snowball corners make a huge difference to lighten up that block. Although I'm not familiar with the diagonal line tape you were using -- how does that simplify the snowball corners?

  39. I'm not sure how I missed commenting on this post, Preeti, but I sure like your two quilts. I like that bright orange backing on the second quilt (because - orange!). Yay for your first 2020 finish!

  40. I like your block so much more with the snowball center! You're right, light and airy describes it well. And aren't you Miss Prissy already wrapping up some 2020 projects? Impressive. And so pretty!

  41. Preeti, I love how you showed the unfinished top and the quilted version. It really puts into perspective how much a quilt changes and grows with each step. I love love love the way you quilted it with a zig zag.