Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Best of 2019

It is January 1, 2020.  As I look back on 2019, I notice that there was a lot of pain and grief as reflected in the quilts from the Sacred Threads Exhibition.

For the Stillborn Bereavement Group
I made quilts for those who did not make it (Stillborn Bereavement Group) and for those who are trying their very best to survive (Soccoro Foundation Quilts) in hopes for a better life.

Soccoro Foundation Quilts

But in so many ways 2019 was a year of Badass Women. Whether it was the legendary spacewalk by the duo of Christina Koch and Jessica Meir or the more down to earth women like Fiona Hill and Marie Yovanovitch who spoke truth to power. And if Greta Thunberg and Emma Gonzales are a glimpse of women to come, I am very hopeful of our future!!!

Therefore if I had to pick one, just one quilt to signify 2019, it would be Celebrating Women.


Celebrating Women

When I made that quilt, little did I know that I would be celebrating (and making quilts for) four other women - all in 2019. Like the universe was giving me a road map for the year to come.

Enchanted Lake

Smiles Delivered

I made Enchanted Lake for Olive in UK whom I have yet to meet and A Quilt for Eva whom I have met only a handful of times.

A Quilt for Eva

I made Kinda Brave for Ashni who started college this year and Rainy Day for Kay who wants to get better to see her sons go to college.

Kinda Brave

Messages and Love Notes

Rainy Day for Kay

Scrappy Pouch for me

And yet my fondest memories of 2019 are of two other women that did not involve any quilts.

Clockwise from top left - Tired in Cologne, Happy in Hamburg, Windy in Vienna's Schoenbrunn Palace and Radiant on the banks of Danube

My Europe trip with Nina and the time we spent with Melanie in Hamburg was definitely the highlight of my year.

with Mell in Hamburg

I learned to make a Dresden Quilt resulting in Raspberry Swirl.
Raspberry Swirl

My greatest achievement was tackling tiny paper-piecing with Alison Glass' Trinkets QAL resulting in Comeuppance.

But this blogpost about Perfection (or the lack thereof) is my favorite blogpost of 2019.

I am overcome with gratitude for all my sisters (quilty or not) who encouraged me, supported me, guided me and loved me unconditionally.

Paul: Unconditional Love?
Me: Ummm Hmmm
Paul: On the internet?
Me: Yes
Paul: A heart emoji is not unconditional love.
Me: Neither is kissy lips but you send that to me everyday.
Paul: But that is from me. You are talking about random people.
Me: First, they are not random people. They are my readers and followers. Second, they have visited a single blogpost over 7000 times and written over 60 comments.
Paul (genuinely surprised): That is phenomenal, babe!
Me: Told ya. Love!!!

A big shout-out to all of you who made the International Sister Quilt Block and blocks, wall-hangings, runners and quilts. Thank you to Debbie, Mien, Judith, and Juanita for sending pictures of your projects with the International Sister Quilt Block.

From Juanita

from Judith

These are the links to the quilter/bloggers who have completed quilts based on the block.

Sue of KiwiKid
Karen of KaHolly
Diann of Little Penguin Quilts
Raewyn of Stitching Farm Girl
Wendy of Pieceful Thoughts
Cathy of Crazy By Design

Did I miss anyone? Please let me know.

Paul: Don't you have any goals for 2020?
Me: They are secret.
Paul: Secret? Why?
Me: Because when I share them they are likely to get sabotaged?
Paul (incredulous): Who would do that?
Me: Dunno. Life. Chores.
Paul: Do you have anything planned for 2020?
Me: Yes, I have already selected fabric for the quilt I am making for Chad's girls.
Paul: Oh yes, I see that.

Fabric pull for Chad's Girls' Quilt

Me: Now if you expect me to clean bathrooms or go grocery shopping, it will get delayed.
Paul (eyes rolling): So you want me to go grocery shopping?
Me: Unless you want to clean bathrooms.
Paul: Do we have to clean bathrooms?
Me: Only once a month, before our guests arrive.
Paul (incredulous again): And we are having guests every month?
Me: Yes, that is my new year resolution - once a month we have people over...
Paul (agitated): Why? 
Me (very calm): Because that way the bathrooms will get cleaned.
Paul: So when do our first guests arrive?
Me: On the 19th.
Paul: So we have time.
Me: Yes. Now only if you will give me the time to complete this blogpost...
Paul: BRAT

I deserved that.

I have a day job as a planner (that is my job title). That is exactly why I'd like to keep my quilty pursuits unplanned and spontaneous which allows me to chase squirrels and make whatever I want, whenever I feel like it.

Work in Progress

If I do not have a list of goals, there is no pressure of completing them and no guilt when I don't.
How is that for a 2020 goal - No pressure, no guilt!!!

Marked for Quilting

Trust me there is plenty going on in the studio.  Several (OK, two) finishes are coming up in January itself.

Star or Snowflake?

Angela just announced the RSC 2020 color for January. It is green!!! And here is my audition block.

Audition Block for RSC 2020

I made it BEFORE she announced it. Happy Dance follows. If this is any indication, I believe that 2020 will treat me just fine.

I want to end this blogpost with hope and healing.
I know that 2019 was marked with hate, anger and discord and therefore many of us are skeptical about hope and healing. Here is a story of sisterhood from NPR - a story of love and empathy from the most unexpected quarters.

StoryCorps: A Hateful Attack Led To A Forever Friendship 

Some happy moments from 2019

Wishing you a Happy New Year 2020!!!  I will be linking with MeadowMist Designs Best of 2019 and all my other favorite linky parties. See full list on the sidebar.

If you have any thoughts about cleaning bathrooms or inspirational women, please do share!!!


  1. I am looking forward to seeing the results of your secret goals for 2020. Happy new year my friend.

  2. your right - no plans no stress. You accomplished a lot and I'm glad to have found you, love your post and your quilts

  3. You've been very generous this year with your quilts, and they exude the warmth and tenderness that is your spirit. Happy 2020!

  4. No pressure, No guilt! That sounds like a great way to approach 2020, Preeti. You rocked 2019 with your quilty generosity, travel stories, and ever-present humor! Thanks for sharing the highlights with us.

  5. How wonderful that you give of your talents to help others so much!
    Happy 2020!

  6. I agree that chores sabotage goals. But I do try to clean the bathroom and run the vacuum regularly (like once a week so it doesn't get out of control...we have cats...) and folding socks...don't even get me started! I'm with you on keeping goals quieter and being able to chase squirrels. But oh, if I had the time and means to chase all the squirrels...and someone to clean my bathroom! (Thankfully there is just the one - handy at cleaning time, a little tougher when the hubby's schedule and mine overlap!)

  7. Preeti, I loved this post as I love your quilts and your big heart, too! I certainly pray for hope and healing and agree with you about no stress on the quilting. Happy New Year!

  8. Oh, little did you know at the beginning of the year that women would be the theme. I love that! I’m with you about cleaning bathrooms, but most of all I’m in total agreement about the lack of a plan. I’m not against it for those who are comfortable with plans, but there’s definitely something wonderful to be said about a squirrel driven quilting life, and you nailed it. Have a lovely new year, Preeti, as I’m sure you will lead us on another delightful, reflective, sometimes sobering, but always joy-filled quilting journey.

  9. Wonderful post Preeti, so good to read about what you have made and who you have opened your heart to. I loved making my Sisters quilt, it is on the bed and I think of you every morning and night. Or when I walk past!! 😂😂. Great idea not to have plans, no stress is great for 2020 and for having those squirrel moments. Happy, healthy, peaceful 2020 to you and Paul.

  10. Hi Preeti! YOU, my friend, are an inspirational woman. Your blog posts ALWAYS inspire me and share a story. Thank you for sharing the link about Dawn and Asma; that took courage on both parts of that friendship. I do believe that there is a lot of good - ver good - people in our world. They may not be as loud or outspoken as others but they are there. And I think the quilting community has drawn a lot of those good people into their ranks. Happy New Year to you and Paul. Cleaning the bathroom . . . yeah, that only takes a few minutes once a week. ~smile~ Roseanne

  11. What a fun post, Preeti, to see your generosity through the year. I like your no stress, no guilt attitude -- but I must confess, I didn't finish an international sisters quilt - yet. I have two blocks done and waiting for the other ladies to arrive, hopefully sometime this year :-) Happy New Year!

  12. Happy 2020 Preeti! Love your post as always.
    Another friend said "2020 vision" is perfect vision and that is what she would wish for everyone in the coming year - the ability to think and see clearly. It really resonated with me.

  13. I enjoyed seeing all your lovely quilts again, Preeti, and remembering their stories. Your conversations with your DH are funny/interesting. Spontaneous quilts sounds like a good plan to me!

  14. I wish I could afford a cleaning lady...then I wouldn't have to worry about cleaning LOL Here's to a great 2020. I love reading your conversations with Paul.

  15. Your posts always touch me, Preeti. Even when they’re recap posts. Or maybe *because* it’s a recap post. So much goodness and beauty in one year - and the quilts are lovely too! 😘

  16. Goodness! You were productive! I must have missed more than I thought, so I'll be going backward in an attempt to catch up. Definitely I'll check out your links. You're right, followers do love you--perhaps not like Paul but there are all kinds of love!

    As for the bathroom, I've discovered that when guests are coming over, if I am really busy with the cooking Richard pitches in with the cleaning. Guess which room is always last? (Umm, to avoid contamination.) Not that I recommend you use my approach--it could go sideways, and if I can't be trusted with my bathrooms, I certainly can't be responsible for yours.

  17. No pressure, no guilt! Now that sounds like my kind of planning! Wishing you all the best in 2020!

  18. I always get a little lift in happiness when I see that I have a new blog post from you to read in my Feedly site. Thank you for sharing your story with all of us. I can feel your genuineness and your kindness in the stories you tell us and can see evidence of how much you love and share that love in the quilts you make. Like others who have commented, I have to add that I enjoy your little conversations with Paul. I'm glad that you have a partner who seems to mirror your big heart and who clearly loves and supports you both as his wife but also as a woman in today's world.

  19. Yes to not turning quilting into work and going with the flow! What a beautiful year you have had. Your next post has to tell us how to get our male sidekicks to really and truly clean bathrooms, because in my experience they just don't see the dirt. Onward to a great 2020!

  20. Preeti, you a kind and gentle soul. I'm sure your quilts have brought comfort to many. Happy New Year

  21. I love your conversations with Paul - and I totally understand the cleaning the bathroom thing... this is why I invite my parents over once a month - haha!! and I, like you, enjoy your randomness and the way your quilt projects come to you.... they are incredible! Happy New year!!

  22. Have a wonderful year Preeti, with your unplanned squirrelness! If it's anything like your last year it will be full of beautiful and compassionate quiltiness. Happy New Year!

  23. A great post, a great conversation and a year of great connections and yes LOVE from afar.

  24. Looking forward to seeing your work in 2020. Very important and heartfelt post, thank you for that. The world definitely needs more love and understanding, acceptance, and peace.

  25. What a delightful summary of 2019. I like your idea of monthly guests to make sure we clean the bathrooms. I should appropriate that agenda!
    Thanks for the reminders of people and places we can help, too.

  26. You had wonderful accomplishments in 2019, I wish you a wonderful 2020.

  27. Your transcript of the bathroom cleaning conversation has me cracking up. I think I now need to plan to have people over at least once a month for the same reason! I love the RSC block you chose! Happy New Year!

  28. You spread your compassion with lots of beautiful quilts last year. Your block for the RSC challenge is beautiful, that's going to be fun to watch come together this year. Have a great 2020.

  29. Your lovely blog post cheered me up today! Such a beautiful pile of quilts you made! And you spread quilty love all over the world... tell Paul that you do not have time for tasks like cleaning toilets and he must hire a house keeper because you have a more important mission for 2020!
    I loved that video... it's always shocking that these hate events occur, but that one woman had the courage to reach out with kindness and love, will hopefully change the course for her hateful relatives by her example... made me cry!

  30. Preeti, this was an incredible read and a great way to showcase your wonderful life of giving! I love reading about all the women you made quilts for and your travels. Your Celebrating women quilt is a "must admire". I really love how you fussy cut some of that fabric and put them inside houses in the next photo! I also chuckled at the way you photographed the Enchanted Lake quilt on the statue on the bench! I should take more creative photos with mine.

  31. No pressure, no guilt! Great goals :) I did a bit more planning for mine but those could be the ones for next year ... And though I only wrote a quilty looking back post. You are so right to include also the highlights: Your visit would also make my list... So fun to see that on those top ten are always experiences and never things. Good thing to remember I think. Now, wishing you all the best for 2020. Lots of fun and options to run through quilty ideas with a squirrel mind :) Big squishy hug xo Melanie