Monday, April 27, 2020

A Finish & A Giveaway

One lucky reader (commenter) will get a free pattern - All the Diagonals, from Mell Meyer.
Just leave a comment, completing this sentence.  After the Covid induced coma is over, I will...

And now, let the eye candy begin.  You heard about Quarantina earlier and saw her glimpses on Instagram.  Here she is - my Covid Child (thus named by Rebecca of Cheeky Cognoscenti).

Paul is promoted to Model

You know when you cannot decide between cake and pie?
When you want both chocolate and strawberry.
When you don't want to choose between the ocean and the mountains...hold that thought.

Speckled FQ Bundle

Cool Ones

Warm Ones
The fabric of choice is Speckled by Ruby Star Society.
The cool blues and soothing greens were an obvious choice, based on Mell's pattern.

The first four blocks

21 out of 42 

But I wanted other half of the spectrum too. Why choose, when you can have both?
I made the remaining blocks in warm colors - pinks, orange, peach and yellow.

Almost Blocks

The choice of white background with cool blocks was easy. After mulling a bit, I decided on a black
background with warm blocks.

Design Wall

The exact layout - which blocks go where - took longer.  And the sashing was a bit of an issue due to the split white and black backgrounds.

Matching Seams

Trying to match seams

Matching seams (kinda sorta) took forever. I matched the border colors with the split layout. Flimsy was finished two days before the deadline.

Deadline Met
My toes :-)

Time to quilt :-O

Backing Fabric
Most fabric is 44" wide, except the wide backing that is 104" wide. Ikea used to carry 100% cotton fabric that was about 54" wide which was perfect for backing lap/throw size quilts. Used to. Not any more. Bummer.

Recently I discovered quilting cotton that is 63" wide. BINGO!!! The above backing fabric is from (no affiliation). Look for STOF.

The quilting was straight-ish lines using my walking foot. The binding decision was the last but not the least.

I had matched the border to the split layout and wanted to extend that design to the binding.

Should binding continue the split?

Me: I am thinking that the binding should match the borders.
Paul: How so?
Me: White binding in the top and left and black binding in the bottom and right.
Paul: Can you do that?
Me: It can be done. Whether I can match it exactly may take a few attempts.
Paul: Why not do the opposite?
Me: Like white with black and black with white?
Paul: Yes. Contrast binding.

I hadn't thought of it. Now I was battling with two difficult ideas.
In the end I chose an easy way out - striped black and white binding.

Striped Binding

I am not fond of paper-piecing. But I do recommend this pattern. It is very detailed (including coloring pages), well written and the size recommendations are generous. Even when I made a mistake, the generous size ensured that it worked.

Incorrect orientation of the corner triangle - still within the paper limits

Quarantina was delivered on April 18, 2020.  She has excellent complexion and measures 53" by 61.5" .  The baby is doing fine. The mother is neglecting her to take care of other babies.

Hello Quarantina :-)
Quarantina wanted to play in the sun. I agreed. A few more pictures.

Quilting Detail

Split White and Black

Love the Backing

Picnic with Quarantina

Isn't she lovely?

Labelled - Mine :-)

And one last look

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Don't forget to comment if you wish to win a free pattern.

Here is my response (to the comment question)...
After the Covid induced coma is over I will spend an entire day in the spa getting spoiled. Manicure, Pedicure, Massage, Facial, Microdermabrasion... whatever that is. Sure, you can microdermawhatever my big behind.

Your turn...

Update on May 8, 2020 - The random number generator chose #24. The winner is KiwiKid.

The giveaway is closed.


  1. Preeti, Covid Child Quarantina is beautiful, your fabric choices and black and white design - just brilliant! I love the backing too. Just - WOW! Can you see me clapping my hands?
    My answer to the question: I will continue doing exactly as I have done during this entire time. I have not worn a mask, and I have been imperfect at social distancing.

  2. Mell’s pattern is striking. Your cool-warm and black-white makes it so dramatic. Love everything about your quilt.

  3. I love your quilt- pattern, colors, binding, EVERYTHING! After the quarantine I am going to hug everyone!

  4. You worked that bundle in a very creative way with a perfect pattern for it. And you can never go wrong with striped binding IMHO. After this COVID-induced coma is over, I will have to work off a lot of weight, and have coffee with all my friends. Hugs will be mandatory.

  5. You put your creative twist on Mel's design/pattern, and I really love that. What stands out the most is your willingness to make the quilt even though you are not a paper piecing fan! After this is all said and done...I'm going grocery shopping in person again, but with great caution!

  6. Quarantina is certainly the most appropriate name for this beauty! What a perfect design for this time. I love it all!
    After the Covid induced coma is over, I will appreciate having contact with friends and family more, even the precious workers in the grocery stores and restaurants who serve and greet me! I miss that contact so much!
    duchick at gmail dot com

  7. I love how your quilt turned out, and enjoyed seeing the progress as you made blocks. Worth the paper piecing challenge! I'll be checking out the backing fabric source too...

  8. She is indeed lovely!
    When this is all over, I look forward to shopping in stores and dining out again.

  9. This is perfect. The black with the peaches/oranges is delightful and the binding perfect. I always love a striped binding and one that goes diagonally is my favorite (without having to cut on the bias which I can do but rarely want to). Stof it is for the win for a little wider that works with many of the lap/baby quilts I make. When the Covid Coma is over I look forward to intimate celebrates where I hug and see my friends and family!

  10. Quarantina turned out wonderfully, Preeti! I love the black and white contrast and the interesting blocks. When all of this Covid business is over, I will of course do all of the above with friends and family, but I'm also going on a trip to the ocean! That's a must for me.

  11. You did a masterful job- looks terrific! The colors work so well. I will look up the Stof fabric as sometimes I just need the fabric a bit wider for a comfort quilt. I do not think I could ever make this pattern- congrats to your effort and result.

  12. Once again, I so enjoy your writing. Paul makes an admirable model. Quarantina is a lovely addition to the quilt family. (Unless she has an intended already!) After this Covid is under complete control I hope to spend some time with the grands and kids. Eat out often. Meet with my local sewing and hand work buddies. Go back to the gym and work out even if it is just walking. I could go on but I'll spare you. Oh yes, attend at least 1 quilt retreat.

    1. Bonnie - Look into online zoom gym classes. They have been very successful and motivating for me. : ) June

  13. That is so beautiful! I live the way each side balances the other.

    When the C-Coma is over, I look forward to haunting my beloved thrift stores. And working!

  14. Fabulous finish, Preeti, but forget the pattern... I want the Spa Day!!!

  15. She is a beautiful baby!!! Nice job on slashing the sashing. STOF fabric is a great find, at the wider width! When this is all over I'm going to take my mom to the Mall of America, and send my DH to the barber.

  16. Quarantina is absolutely beautiful and the backing looks like it was made for it!The striped binding is the perfect solution! After the quarantine is over I would like to do 3 things: go to a fabric store and touch the fabrics, go to a clothing store and buy some larger clothes to accommodate my larger body and then go out to lunch for anything that isn't my cooking! Stay safe!

    1. Yes, the binding was a perfect choice! Wish I had some of that fabric!

  17. W hen the covid confinement ends, I want to see my grandchildren, I miss them so much!!!!!!

  18. The backing is just perfect for this! After this is over I will get up and RUN, not walk to my hairdresser first! Then get together with friends in the same room and talk and hug.

  19. After the Covid induced coma is over, I will... hug my friends.

  20. After the Covid induced coma is over, I will... hug all my friends & family, go out for dinner, finally enjoy a realy games night with friends... but your spa idea sounds so fabulous that I might add that to my idea pool :) And what? I can't win my own pattern ;))

    PS: I loooover your new quilt photos. So many beauties in there - just as Quarantina. The binding was the PERFECT choice! Gorgeous xo

    PPS: Very dashing photo model you have :)

  21. A great pattern and I love your rendition of it. I can envision the pattern done with scraps. The pattern has that crazy quilt feel. When Covid allows us to resume our activities, I am looking forward to spending time with my children and grandchild. They all live far from us and we don't see each other often but the fact that I can't go see them is playing on me. How special that first trip will be.

  22. After the covid induced coma is over, I will give lots of hugs to my family and friends and then......order a ginormous chocolate ice cream cone and sit on a park bench and enjoy it!!!

    1. Your comment reminds me of a story about my Godfather. He took his first dollar bill earned and bought 20 strawberry ice cream cones - all for himself!

  23. Such a stunning quilt, love the black and white contrast and the binding, beautiful photos, your model was very cooperative!! When the Corona coma is over I am going to hug my boys, several times, the eldest will not enjoy that much but what the heck!! Then I am going to hug all my quilty buddies I havent seen for ages.

  24. Fun interpretation of the quilt. It was interesting to hear the behind the scenes thought that went into the different parts of it.

    Once this is over, I'm going to be taking a bunch of stuff to Goodwill, then I will also have a few spa days to relax and pamper myself and then invite people over for an in-person gathering. I hope after that to go on many many adventures with my family and friends.

    : )

  25. I think it is here for a long time but when they let us out I'm having a picnic with friends. Love the quilt.

  26. Covid Child Quarantinabis beautiful! I especially like the black white split and the binding is perfect. After the quarantine is over I am going to hug my grandkids. I have a lot of hugs to make up for.

  27. As always, you made the quilt your own with clever variations. Beautiful colors. Love the way the back adds to the story on the front. I hadn't thought of looking for 54" wide fabrics for a back. That could make things easier. I've also wanted to match binding to parts of the quilt but have never done it. The diagonal stripe would have been my binding choice, too.

  28. Fantastic quilt! What a fun process. Perfect backing for it, too. Excellent!

  29. This is a wonderful finish Preeti! Love the striped binding as well as the name of the quilt!! Such a fun post.

    Don't enter me in the drawing because I am not a fan of paper piecing.

    After this is all over - I want to see my new grand daughter. and get a haircut, definitely need a haircut!!!

  30. I love this quilt! A striped binding is always appropriate. Don't enter me in your drawing, but when this is over I'm going to visit my new granddaughter, hug everyone I know, and...visit Preeti! Perhaps we can have a spa day together? :)

  31. Love, love, love this! And I think the black and white binding is PERFECT! I do not have the patience for matched binding but think this stripe is better in this case anyway. The pictures on the black picnic table are my favorite--stunning!

    After the threat of the virus is over, I'm going to send my kid to my mother-in-law, take some time off work, and spend the entire day(s) quilting! (Note: my mother-in-law lives in town. There is no actual mailing of the child involved.) Also, hug people. Also, go to our favorite sushi restaurant with my husband and son, assuming the restaurant survives beyond the stay at home order.

  32. Great finish with this lovely quilt. The colours are vibrant and work so well in the design.

  33. Your quilt looks like jewels, Preeti. It's beautiful! When the isolation from Covid is over I'm going to worship in person with my church family and hug and pass the peace. Then I'm flying to California to visit my daughter and son in law. :)

  34. After this is over, I will escape to the NC mountains and drive and drive and breathe the fresh air!!!! And hug everybody!
    I love your quilt!!!!! It is beautiful! The striped binding is perfect.

  35. Love teh quilt especially the binding - after this is over I am going out for a spa day too!!!!

  36. After this is over I will hug extended family and go out to a great dinner with my spouse!

  37. Hi Preeti! Ooh, congrats to Paul on his promotion! He looks rather Men-In-Black-ish and it works so well with Covid Child. I totally agree with your sentiment of why choose, when you can have both?! Indeed. I also adore your background choices and who on earth doesn't LOVE a striped binding?! Straight-ish quilting is one of my favorites to do. Nice job, Preeti! Now for the big question of after the COVID induced coma is over, I will throw a big huge party at my house. I'm inviting every person I know to drop in, have a bit of fun and stay as long as they want. This will be after a) I get my hair cut and colored, b) pick up all the groceries I need for a change without a mask, and c) spend all of the stimulus check on the party, naturally. At the door, every single person is getting a huge {{hug}}. ~smile~ Roseanne

  38. Great finish! I love how you decided to split the background colors and the arrangement. Makes for a very dynamic quilt.

  39. Another absolutely delightful post, Miss Preeti! And what a gorgeous, well thought out quilt. You’ve done the designer proud. When this Covid adventure is over (will that ever happen?) I’m heading straight to my Nova Scotia home for some ocean therapy!

  40. This is soo cool. I love how the shapes come together, your backing your binding your humor!! Great job.

  41. Quarantina is another beauty! The colors and placement are really thoughtful. Like everything about it! When we can resume something close to our life as it was, our family will come for a picnic and I will hug all, especially two new babies.

  42. A very eye catching finish! Love the mix of black and white in the quilt. When things get back to normal, the Scientist in Training and I will have a girls day out full of fun stuff.

  43. A beautiful quilt and I love your fabric choices and black/white layout! After this is over I'm looking forward to lunching with friends and swimming laps at my local pool.

  44. What a beauty! I love the juxtaposition of the cool and warm colorways. The backing is perfect. (I remember when Ikea had that great fabric section, too.)

  45. Love the quilt! The striped binding is perfect. When things are back to whatever the new normal is, I will go to my hairdresser and have the white stripes removed from my hair. Right now, I look a lot like your binding. Next, I will eat out with my sweet husband who has been doing all of the shopping during this period of confinement. Paul makes a great quilt holder.

  46. Fantastic finish! I love the striped binding fabric decision... perfection!

  47. OH MY — where to begin?! Your Quarantina Covid Child looks fantastic, and your decision to swap the color scheme along the diagonal axis is brilliant. It adds so much to the quilt versus having all the blocks the same, totally worth what you went through on the sashing. I like the little zing of the striped binding, too. I hope you will do more FPP in the future, and there is an easy, head-slapping trick for making sure your fabric patch is properly oriented before sewing. Easier to show than to explain... So, after I get my Spirit Song quilt finished, I will look for a good paper piecing block to demonstrate the double-top-secret paper piecing trick. Unless I forget. And, after the Covid induced coma is over, I will take a shower, brush my hair, and go out to eat at my favorite restaurants. Oh, how I miss the gnocchi at OGGI and the Superfood kale and quinoa salad with grilled salmon at Burton’s! I’m going to make a grand entrance, too, singing the Hello, Dolly title song about how I’ve been away too long and “Dolly’ll never go away again!”

  48. After the covid induced coma is over I will spend time with people other than those who reside in my house!

    I love your quilt. It's inspiring me to move outside my comfort zone :)

  49. What a great finish!!! After this is all over??? I am going to go hike the highest mountain I can get close to in a day!

  50. Wonderful finish Preeti. I love how you approached each challenge. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  51. Awesome finish. After, I will go to the hairdresser and get a pedicure.

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