Sunday, September 20, 2020

Nine Lives

Nine Lives finished at 46" by 56"

Paul the model

Nine Lives - 46" by 56"

Of course I have Jonesie (he passed away last month) on my mind and this quilt has become of a reflection of my emotions.

A Sloth and a Cat with Fiery Red Eyes

An Owl and Smiley Cats

Black & White Cats from Bernie

A Llama, a Turtle and Purple Cats too

There are at least nine different cat fabrics and hence the name.
Can you find them all?

There is more than one here

Cattily Yours

Purrfectly Poised

Peeking Panda and Cats Packed Tight

My favorite cat

I am sure this cat is so happy because he is about to pounce on the duck next door.  Oh yum!

It may be a cat party but the quilt (not our house) has an open door policy for all other animals. 

Raccoons and a tiny horse

Can you find the baby monkeys?  Do you see the toucan?

Happy Memories

The pieced backing is reminiscent of an old world television set, complete with quaint shutters.  Of course, there is no show. Just static - another reflection of my inability to process these horrible times.

Future is Blurry


A dark blue binding matches the fabrics and the current times.

Paul: Dark AND Blue. Very sad and intense feelings, babe.
Me: I can eat my feelings or quilt my feelings.
Paul (eyes twinkling): I got you a bottle of water. It goes well with both.
Me (smiling): Thank you and I love you
Paul: Love you too.

Dark & Blue

Wish you were here

And one last one...cause we miss you so much.


And one more because it is impossible to let go.

Good bye Jonesie

In other news, I am reviewing "Diamond Star Quilts" by Barbara Cline for an upcoming blog tour
The flimsy is finished and basted. The binding is made, ironed and rolled. But I could not find the will to quilt. Also my eyes hurt too much from all the onions I have been chopping.

Blogpost coming on October 1, 2020

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away on Friday. Her frail body could not take it any more. Even as her strength waned her thoughts remained on the future of our country. Her last message read "My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed."

Now if only I could find the mountain of chopped onions, I will make some soup for my soul...
I will be sharing with all my favorite linky parties; see full list on the sidebar.  


  1. This is too much sadness for you, losing Jonesie and the Notorious RBG so close in time. And there is too much darkness in your Diamond Star Quilt project to cheer you up. Soup for the Soul sounds like an excellent plan, followed by Merlot for the Soul and a nice, chocolate Dove bar for the soul after that.

  2. I love your quilt with all the tiny pieces! so nice and such a great use of scraps. I too am sad of the loss of Ruth Bader Ginsburg - such a great role model for all women - such a sad passing.
    Your new quilt is lovely - you will get it quilted and will love to see more of it with the October post - I didn't have time to do a quilt with the book but I will do a review and look forward to seeing yours too

  3. What a heavy post for such a bright and cheerful quilt, Preeti. It turned out beautifully, as did the book tour quilt top!! I'll be looking forward to seeing how you will choose to quilt that one.

  4. I love your Nine Lives quilt - such fun cats to find and a lovely tribute to Jonesie. I hope you don't chop too many onions in the coming days. 💕

  5. Words are eluding me, so instead I'm sending hugs. Lots of them.

  6. You have such fun and lively scraps. My scrap vortex is no where near as clever and amusing. Hugs to you. I think we are all having trouble coping with yet another sad event. You are not alone in your despair. It's just means we have to work twice as hard to move forward.

  7. I have been sewing a similar quilt. Making something from all those shattered bits has been therapeutic.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely quilt with Oh Scrap!

  8. What a lovely quilt to commemorate Jonesie (and I recognize some of the scraps). The passing of RBG makes my heart hurt and my eyes water, too. I truly fear for the future of this country if things don’t change for the better soon. Hopefully there will be a big battle that will end with no nomination being made before BIden becomes President. Trump and his white supremacist/racist haters and followers will crawl back under their rocks, we’ll have a Covid vaccine in 2021, we’ll start working on climate change in earnest and all live happily ever after. Hugs to you...

    1. I wish all of those things for the USA too, Cathy. But if you believe that the current administration will take their losses decently and graciously, I fear that may be wishful thinking. I worry every day there is more acrimony and violence ahead. Everyone must vote early and in person. Ideally it will be a landslide victory for common sense and decency (i.e. complete change). In the meantime, Trump needs to be impeached again, to hold off any replacement of RBG before Jan3/2021.

  9. Love your quilt, lots to search for and find.
    I hope RBG's wish comes true.
    Keep strong.

  10. I don't think we in the UK had realised what a pioneer and special person RBG had been. I hope her last wish does come true. Like you I am so worried for the state we are in, pandemic, ecology, I am blaming my wadding for my eyes being sore, maybe its just my soul. On a more positive note, I do love your quilt

  11. What a fun quilt Preeti! I love all those sweet kitties and cute animals, and the vertical quilting looks SO good.
    I'm so sorry about your sweet kitty Jonesie. :( He reminds me of my ginger boy, Jack.

  12. Love your Nine Lives quilt and hope it has helped you heal a little.

  13. Preeti! This is a Cattastic quilt. Tomorrow will be a bit better than today!

  14. I always look forward to seeing your photo shoot, because you pick the best spots for all your lovely quilts to shine. Hugs to you.

  15. I am so sorry about the loss of your cat/ You made a beautiful tribute quilt. I mourn with you on the loss of RBG.

  16. These are truly sad times. Hoping they pass away in November.

  17. Feeling your loss. I lost two this year and miss them both. Beautiful quilt and fabulous quilting! Hugs.

  18. Wonderful quilt - as usual.
    Sending hugs your way.

  19. My sympathy on the loss of your beloved feline--and so sweet for you to commemorate kitty with this bright quilt, even with its blue tones. My Mini cat is getting old, just learned she is hyperthyroid and that was the reason for her weight loss--she's 14.
    The stress of this year seems never to stop growing. I have never endured this much stress that was not work-related!
    Vote vote vote

  20. Such a beautiful quilt full of hidden treasures. A wonderful way to remember Jonesie.

  21. What a lovely memory quilt you have made, and the Diamond Star quilt is coming along, too. RBG may have left us, but her memory is a blessing and a motivator. May our lives be just as full and powerful in our own ways.

  22. I've made 2 crumb quilts but not as pretty as yours, with all those cute animals to find :)

  23. Jonesie and Ruth Bader Ginsburg....sad. Your quilt is a lovely tribute. I know about the quilting my feelings rather than eating them; nice that Paul is so supportive. I love the hint of your pattern testing....looks terrific.

  24. I love your Nine Lives quilt!! It’s beautiful. Hugs,

  25. So sorry for your loss, but what a special tribute quilt! It does seem like this year will never end, doesn't it? Hoping for better things come November.

  26. Sewing is good for the soul. I hope it helped you work through your grief. RBG was such a monumental loss in so many ways. Such an incredible woman.

  27. What a colourful quilt (top), Preeti ! I am envious of your scrap stash, but not your losses. I am very sorry about those. Thank you for taking so many closeup pictures of your quilt (& sharing them, of course). I love to look up-close at the sheer variety of fabrics. Only recently have I realized that I’ll never have enough scraps to make all the scrap quilt designs I want to make, until I make more quilts and other projects. You inspire me with every blog post, so thank you Preeti! I am praying for a huge victory for Biden/Harris, so they can get your Covid numbers under control, and then get down to the serious business of (1) undo-ing all the damage this current bunch of gangsters have perpetrated on your people. And then (2) on to making great strides to combat injustice, eradicate poverty, better the environmental, and provide healthcare for all. ~Diana K.

  28. I turned off my TV and refuse to listen to any news since hearing of Justice Ginsberg's death. It's overwhelming.
    But your quilt is lovely. I've never successfully made more than two of these randomly pieced blocks so all your pictures are an education for me. What fun to include so many novelty prints. Love the background. It's always nice to put an unusual combination there. Congratulations on a fantastic finish.

  29. Lovely quilt, a wonderful way to remember an old friend, and cuddle with the memories.

  30. Such a darling scrap vortex quilt. It’s a great tribute to your furry feline. It makes me want to collect some novelty fabrics to include in a quilt like this.

  31. What a fun quilt to remember Jonesie! Squishy hugs xo Melanie

  32. your Nine Lives quilt is amazing - and when you wrap yourself in it you will have such love, and quite frankly, such fun looking at all those amazing fabrics - and remembering the good times.

  33. I am all about scrappy and this is wonderful. I loved looking at the different fabrics in each picture.

  34. Such a colorful quilt to honor Jonesie. You know I’m always blown over by your always fascinating variety of prints and how they tell mini stories within the quilt. And no matter how fun your quilts look—there’s always that deeper meaning of complex emotions. I hope this quilt was truly therapeutic for you—in so many ways. We have a never-ending need for quilt therapy right now...

  35. It's a lovely way to remember Jonesie. Great pieced backing, too! I have printed the free pattern from Barbara's website -- it looks do-able! -- and I look forward to the blog hop.

  36. Love the newest finish. The quilting suits it great.