Saturday, September 5, 2020

Sisters without Borders

My purple blocks for August were completed at the very last minute. Tch Tch Tch.
September is Red.

September Completed

And my red blocks are all done. Happily sharing at Angela's Linky Party.

Floral Red

Fluorescent Red

Dark & Light

Sparkling Red

Poppies & Daisies

Celestial & Wine

Yes, I am overcompensating for a tardy August.

Happiness is Red

Red is Joyful

I also have red on my mind - for another reason.

Canadian Quilter Magazine - Autumn 2020

I am thinking of Canada and the Canadian Quilter magazine. I was featured in the Autumn 2020 issue. Specifically the International Sister Block was featured (you don't have to be Canadian or in Canada to subscribe). Quilters are making and sharing the International Sister Quilt Block to turn it into quilts for shelters and charities. To know that I am a small part of this noble endeavor warms my heart and moistens my eyes.


I brought home a Strawberry Shortcake to celebrate...

Also White & Red :-)

Paul: What are we celebrating?

I showed him the article.

Paul: You are in a magazine!!!
Me: Yes, I am.
Paul: Does that mean you are famous?
Me: The International Sister Quilt Block is very popular. I am just lucky.
Paul: They all have different outfits, don't they?
Me (beaming with pride): Yes, no repeats.
Paul (mocking): Two women wearing the same thing? Never.
Me: Well, American films definitely enforce that stereotype.
Paul: How many different fabrics?
Me: Fifty in the big quilt. 32 in the smaller one.
Paul: That is a lot. What if someone wanted to make this quilt but they don't have as much variety?
Me: Quilters do block swaps all the time.
Paul: How would you arrange that?
Me: Quilt guild meetings have block swaps.
Paul: All your meetings are suspended.
Me: Like-minded quilters can coordinate and mail blocks to each other.

Paul's phone buzzed and the discussion ended.
But it got me thinking - could I use a layer cake square (10" square) to make the block?

International Sister Quilt Block from a 10" Square

10" Square - Cut Up

The Complete Outfit

Me: I believe I have addressed your concern about someone not having 50 different fabrics.
Paul: How so?
Me: The outfits can be made from a 10" square and one can buy a packet of 40 squares, instead of 40 different fabrics purchased individually.
Paul: That is cool. 

The thought process continued. Can I use 5" squares? How?
Here is a how you can use two 5" squares to make a modified block (7.5" finished).
One square makes the skirt and the other square provides the sleeves and the headdress.  

Petite International Sister Quilt Block from a 5" Square
5" Square Cut up

The Total Outfit for Petite Sister

Paul: Preeti, when are we leaving?
Me: In five minutes. I'll be ready shortly.
Paul (teasing): You do everything shortly.

I am 5'3" which is petite by American standards.  An average Indian woman is 5'1".
Paul is 5'11" which isn't exactly tall but he won't let that come in the way of a good-natured teasing. 
He can tease me all he wants but no one will tease my petite sisters.

Here are the fabric measurements to make a Petite Sister Block.

Two rectangles - 2.75" by 5"
Two rectangles 1.25" by 3"

One square 2.25"  (face)
Two squares 1.25" (Palms)

Focus Fabric/Outfit
One Square 5" (Skirt - Use one charm square)
One Rectangle 2.25" by 1.75" (Headdress - see diagram above)
One Rectangle 3.5" by 1.75" (Headdress - see diagram above)
Two Rectangles 1.25" by 2.5" (Sleeves - see diagram above)

One Tall Sister + Three Newly Made Petite Sisters :-)

Please use the International Sister Quilt Block tutorial for detailed instructions.

The Petite Sister Block is 8" square (7.5" finished) compared to the 10.5" square (10" finished) for the International Sister Block.

I will be sharing with all my favorite linky parties. See full list on the sidebar.
Please tell me how you feel about the petite sisters (or the tall one). I am dying to know.


  1. I love how you saved your exciting news about being published for last! Congratulations! I've loved your International Sisters since you first shared them. And now, petite Sisters - they look dangerous for those of us who love to drop everything and make something new!

  2. Congratulations on being published, and good luck reaching your noble goal. I remember when these lovely ladies of the Sisterhood were showing up on the Internet, and that's what we are: a Sisterhood! Some were in a circular arrangement which I really liked. Now I have the pattern, for which I'm very grateful, I'm going to try to devise a layout whereby they hold hands in a circle.

  3. The petite sisters are awesome! Perfect for a baby quilt. And the red blocks are terrific, too, of course, but what will you do for the rest of the month? :)

  4. Look at you, crushing your RSC challenge the first week of September! And CONGRATULATIONS on your magazine feature! I love that Sisters block. I'm 5'8", which is tall by most people's standards, but my husband Bernie is the Jolly Blond Giant at a whopping 6'8". He has been towering over me and cracking "short jokes" at my expense for decades, no matter how indignantly I tell him that I'm NOT SHORT!!!

  5. I’ve been waiting excitedly for this post ever since you called to tell me about the magazine article! I can’t wait to get making some Petite Sisters (and also get the article in the Canadian magazine). Oh, BTW, I used to be all of 5’ and 4 ¾”. Now I’ve shrunk to 5’4”. At least I’m taller than *someone*, but not by much. We can enjoy the sights down at this level together! xo

  6. Congratulations on the Sisters (and your) being published in a magazine, Preeti!! Smart thinking on adjusting the pattern to accommodate precuts. I you thought the Sisters were popular before... Just you wait!! :o))

  7. Congratulations, Preeti! Love the RSC blocks, as well as the Sisters blocks. Clever you, coming up with a way to use layer cakes and charm squares! I'm short (5'4") but hubs is 6'6". I never have to get anything down from a high shelf :-)

  8. Whoo hoo! I love that we an make Sisters from layer cakes and petite (me too) Sisters from charms! Thank you so much!

  9. Preeti, congratulations on your magazine!!! You really came up with options for the sister blocks. thanks for sharing them.

  10. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on becoming a magazine celebrity, Preeti !! It figures that the intelligent Canadian Quilter Magazine (ok, I may be biased; I *am* Canadian) would be the one to recognize your immense talent and feature you in an article. Well done, you -- well deserved!
    As for your "petite" International Sisters: love, Love, LOVE them, in all sizes! <3
    I also have those Picket Star smaller-version measurements you asked me for ages ago, when I mentioned in a comment somewhere that I've made my Picket Star blocks from 2.5" strips. Just like you experimented with your layer cake squares for your Sisters block, I did my cutting for the Picket Star blocks from jelly roll strips. I'd like to email you the cutting sizes for all the pieces, as I don't know what program you're using to produce those easy-to-follow pictures with measurements. Is there a way I contact you directly? I have photos of my fabric cuts and blocks to send if you'd like them, you could add the sizes in your format and post wherever... Thanks! ~Diana K.

  11. Fantastic recognition on a job well done. I feel like I know a celebrity now too! Congratulations! Your Picket Stars are very pretty too.

  12. Oh, you know I love tiny blocks! These are genius, Preeti. Thanks for doing all that figuring. And congrats on the magazine article! I’m thinking the bigger sisters will be passing their wisdom on to the little sisters.

  13. Congratulations Preeti! I have followed you silently from afar as I really enjoy seeing the sisters. Thank you for the layer cake/charm additions: they are just as cool!

  14. Woohoo! In a magazine! Way to go! And for such a great cause! I love the blocks - both of them.

  15. Many congratulations! Such an honour to be featured in the magazine, and for such an important cause. I'm another reader/follower from far away and always enjoy reading your insightful blog posts

  16. How wonderful! Congratulations!
    Love the petite sisters!

  17. Awesome!!! Congrats, Preeti! I appreciate the layer cake and charm square instructions! She is so cute in the petite version. And neat red blocks, too!

  18. Well, how about that! You are an international celebrity! The petit blocks look pretty cute. Great job on your red blocks already! I’m hoping your post will inspire me to get sewing. I haven’t had much going on in the motivation department this past week.

  19. Fantastic for you to get the recognition you deserve. This block has spread happiness all over the world and I am happy to be taking part in your kindness. Continue sharing.

  20. Congratulations on getting your quilt and movement published! Those little sisters are adorable... as is the big sister! From a 5 ft 2 person =) We just knew when we were perfect and stopped growing taller ... that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

  21. Well done on being published! Very exciting. Now you can spread you happiness a bit further in the world! Love your red blocks, and the Petite Sisters are so cute. You have inspired me to make some more one day!

  22. Congratulations! What a huge thing... magazine published... woohoo... I would have bought cake too ;)) xo

  23. Congratulations Preeti! And how wonderful that the Sisters blocks are being featured. All your red blocks are beautiful. The Picket Stars still make me very happy - I can't wait to get started on them again.

  24. I am in love with your red blocks. Kudos on the magazine article, and WOW about the layer cake and charm square sister blocks!

  25. How cool! Congrats on the magazine article. Your sister blocks look great no matter what size. Love your red picket fence blocks. That block is on my list for a quilt next year (if I work down the UFO list sufficiently this year).

  26. congrats on the magazine! love all your blocks

  27. Such lovely red blocks. I love them all.

  28. Hi Preeti! The shorter International Sister can shine just as brightly as the taller one. Hmm, thinking about this could easily be a lap size quilt with a combination of the taller and shorter Sisters with not much finagling. It is so cool that you were featured in the magazine! And thank you again for sharing the free pattern - oh the places she'll go. That will make for a fun post someday - noting who has made them from where. ~smile~ Roseanne

  29. First of all, congrats at having your block featured to be used to make donation quilts!!! That's really fantastic, and such a great way to share your beautiful block. I always love your dialogues with Paul and it's so fun that he (unknowingly) inspired you to adjust your block to precuts! I think your petite sister is great, and using layer cake squares is also brilliant.

  30. I wish I could share with you the quilt I made using your pattern - I had a lot of leftover Hawaiian fabrics and put together a series then found a great idea for an on point top. Emailed you a pic.

  31. Congrats, fabulous! Sadly I love them both and DO NOT need a new project...but😋

  32. Congrats on the magazine article. It's a well deserved honor. I also love all your red blocks, especially your nice selection of low volume prints.

  33. Congratulations on the magazine feature. I think you are a star! Love the petite blocks. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  34. Oh, what terrific recognition, Preeti! Your rainbow blocks are great. (Did you choose to add the triangles around the cross blocks or is that the original design?)

  35. Congrats on you AND your quilt block being chosen for the magazine! And, the petite sister is adorable. Nice red blocks too!

  36. You got to September nice and early, so that is a good thing. In a magazine!!!! That is such an honor, to have your block being used this way.

  37. Congratulations! Sew much done, and such a thoughtful designer you are to help us figure out how to get our ladies dressed nicely as well!

  38. Congratulations on appearing in print, with your lovely sisters! They are fabulous; almost as fabulous as you. And exciting news...there are petite sisters! They are irresistible. Thanks!

  39. You are a champ to work out the instructions for these blocks with smaller bits of fabric. And you're in a magazine. A couple of my quilts have made it but never my face. Congratulations. As Paul says, you are now famous!

  40. how fun is that!? I was just reading through my CQA magazine, but hadn't gotten that far yet. I went right to the magazine and read your! I was thinking..."Hey, I 'know' that lady!" LOL.

  41. be still my heart - the tiny ones are so cute!!! Congrats on being published!

  42. Oh I love you math quilt wizzards. Thanks for the ways to use precuts for the Sisters blocks.

  43. Congratulations on the article. And I love that first group of red blocks. So pretty!

  44. Love your red blocks and the petite sisters are so cute. Thank you for sharing the instructions for using the 10" square. And congratulations on the article.

  45. Ohh I like all those - and look at you - a published quilter!!! EVeryone is seeing your star like qualities!!

  46. Congrats! on being featured in the Canadian quilting magazine. It's so exciting that your International Sister Block is being used for such wonderful projects. Thank you for the petite sisters directions, too. And... I love your red blocks!

  47. I'm in love with your little sisters. I'll try as soon as possible with my scraps...
    I'm just finishing a quilt for a new born baby, with four blue dressed sisters.
    Amitiés !

    Muriel la Française

  48. Your petite sisters are gorgeous. I will be trying this soon! I love your work. I am so happy to see you get the recognition you deserve.

  49. Oh wow! Love the smaller petite sisters! Can we go for an even smaller version!?! 😀 5” or 4” ? Miniatures are so fun 🤩

    1. Oh my dear Anonymous, how do I respond to you if you hide yourself? Hugs.

  50. Gracias por compartir!! Me encantan estos bloques pequeños🤩