Sunday, July 11, 2021

Dancing Daylilies

The story of this quilt began in September 2019.

Dancing Daylilies 70" by 90"

It was the long weekend of Labor Day and I was playing with scraps... Moda Scrap Bag scraps, to be precise. The fabric is by Corey Yoder. 

Scraps from Moda Scrap Bag 

Just piecing strips and making large blocks. I ended up with a flimsy of 50" square. Good enough for a large baby quilt. I set it aside and worked on quilts for the Socorro Foundation

Almost Flimsy

In October 2019, I traveled to India. I was tasked to convey a care package to Meetu (my sister's classmate). My sister lives in the US and Meetu lives in India. They went to medical school together and we all have been friends for many years. 

Meetu at our wedding in 2008

Meetu is fighting breast cancer, my sister told me as she handed me a large canvas bag with books, a head scarf and other pink items.  

When I went to see Meetu, I wasn't sure what to expect. Mom's trusted driver drove me to her house and asked me when he should return to pick me up. I told him to wait.  I won't be long.

What if she was asleep or resting, I wondered.  What if she felt uncomfortable about seeing me, I thought. 

Her father-in-law opened the door and greeted me warmly.  I was prepared to leave the bag with him. But he asked me to wait. Shortly thereafter Meetu came downstairs to see me. She looked tired and her head was covered with a scarf but her smile was intact. 

We hugged. I handed her the bag of goodies. I am a courier, I commented.

She laughed. We chatted for a few minutes and I left.

When I returned to the US in November 2019, I knew what I had to do. I pulled out that flimsy. At 50" square it was great for a baby/toddler. Not for Meetu. 

Matching Fabrics

Layered Blocks

Most of the Corey Yoder scraps were gone.  So I found matching fabrics from my stash and made additional blocks. I needed another 38 blocks for a finished size of 70" by 90".  

Adding Blocks

Completed Flimsy

I knew I wanted bright yellow for the backing but how should I quilt it?  I wanted the quilting to be special. I marked the quilt top and  quilted it using my walking foot. I love the design. 

Walking Foot Quilting

Yellow and red are not only bright and energizing they are also considered auspicious colors in Hindu culture. Red and gold striped binding completed the quilt.  

Red and Gold Binding

Labelled and Ready

Dancing Daylilies was completed on January 3, 2020 and I sent it to my sister.  She was scheduled to visit India in April 2020 and I knew she would happily take the quilt to Meetu. Yes, we act as couriers for each other all the time.

And then Covid happened and the whole world came to a standstill...for a long time. 

In May 2020, the Mothers' Day card that we sent to my mom in India was returned to us.  There was no way I was risking the quilt to the postal service.

Completed Quilt

Scrappy and Yummy

Coral, Orange, Green, Gray and Yellow

Peek a Boo

Bright and Beautiful

Ready for You


My sister could not go to India in April 2020 or in April 2021. In May 2021, the quilt reached Meetu's daughter, who is a student in New Jersey.  Last month the Dancing Daylilies reached Meetu. Finally.

Meetu with Dancing Daylilies

Meetu has beaten the cancer. She has also decided on a different career path. Giving up her medical profession as an anesthesiologist, Meetu will be running a Yoga Center - practicing and teaching. 

I wish her well in her new endeavors.  


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Quilters have been working on Positivity Quilts. Rachel's Positivity quilt reached Bernie. 

Rachel's Positivity Quilt

Thank you so much, Rachel. The Positivity Quilt Finished Flimsy Linky Party (and giveaway) is July 18, 2021.  


Island Batik July Challenge Giveaway Winners - The random number generator chose comments 53 and 47.  Emails have been sent to Donna T and SandyZoo.


Who says you cannot herd cats?  Look at mine - all 12 of them, well-herded :-D

Novella - Original in Batiks (left) and in Florals

Inspired by Katrin's floral cats, I made the Novella Wall Hanging pattern in florals.  The Novella Wall Hanging (Table Runner) pattern is available at a discount in my Etsy Shop till July 15, 2021.

I will be sharing with all my favorite linky parties. See full list on the sidebar. As usual, I'd love to hear from you about your journeys - long and short.


  1. What a great story behind Dancing Daylilies. It’s so nice to hear that Meetu is well and embarking on an exciting new career path. Your beautiful quilt will no doubt be cherished by her for the rest of her life. BTW, I love that picture of you and Paul at your wedding. Ooh! I’ve got to get sewing the rest of my Positivity blocks!! xo

  2. Love the story behind Dancing Daylilies. I'm so glad Meetu is doing well and the beautiful quilt finally arrived. Have a great week!

  3. I am so glad that your story had a happy ending and your friend is now well - that is great. I didn't know even cards or mail didn't get through to other countries how sad. I am glad that now maybe one month this year or next you will be able to go to India again to visit your family

  4. Thank you for this wonderful, hopeful story. Meetu's beautiful smile alongside your lovely quilt is a very good thing.

    And those cats are fabulous!

  5. Seeing the quilt and Meetu's smiling face hopefully makes the long wait to get the quilt safely to her worth it. I'm so glad that she has beaten the cancer and I wish her well on her new path and journey.

  6. What a wonderful story of your Dancing Daylilies quilt! And even better, the recovery of Meetu! Blessings to you both for the future.

  7. Your quilts have so much meaning and love contained within the threads and fibers. I’m glad your beautiful quilt finally made it safely to Meetu and that she is doing so well.

  8. Wow, what an inspiring story. Quilts know when they are needed. She will love all the love you put into it.

  9. A beautiful story to match the beautiful ladies! It makes me happy that Meetu is doing great.

  10. It was so good to read this post, and see the lovely quilt, but the best part of the post was seeing the quilt with Meetu and to hear that she is doing well!

  11. What a journey for Meetu's quilt. It is beautiful and will bring her joy on her new journey

  12. What a wonderful story! Both of perseverance on Meetu's part and of yours. Thanks for sharing!

  13. How wonderful that your friend Meetu has her quilt and has beaten cancer. The quilt really does make me think of the orange daylilies that grew next to our previous house. Very pretty!!

  14. What a beautiful quilt and a beautiful story. (Also, Paul looks great in a turban!) What was once going to be a comfort quilt is now a celebration quilt. I'm so glad that things have improved so much for her and that she was finally able to get her happy and bright celebration quilt!

  15. A quilt is a marvellously comforting thing. 8 years ago I had my own battle with breast cancer, and took a quilt with me into hospital for every one of the 5 surgeries that were needed. 5 years later, after I received the all clear, I donated it to the homeless. For me, it was freighted with too many memories, but for someone surviving on the streets, it would have been welcome. You've given a great gift of love and comfort and beauty. I love the photo of you and Paul on your wedding day! I can't tell if you wore lehenga or saree, but the bit of sleeve I can see, and the mehndi, are beautiful.

  16. What a wonderful story Dancing Daylilies was and included a happy ending. I loved it! I was just so sorry it took so long to arrive. It proves persistence rules! Ha!

  17. What a beautiful quilt and wonderful story. I'm glad Meetu finally got her quilt and even more glad she has beaten cancer.

  18. Your stories are so enchanting. I love how you describe the long friendship with Meetu - love that spans continents. It's wonderful that her treatment was successful. How lovely to see her cozy with your quilt all around her. I know she is feeling could she not?

  19. A wonderful post to read Preeti and a beautiful quilt. You are a very generous person, so happy to read the quilt arrived with Meetu and that she is well.

  20. What a beautiful quilt and it has the perfect owner. I'm glad she's doing well. My sister and I carry things for each other just like this... although we don't have so far to go.
    I've seen several lovely Positivity quilt around the web. Congratulations.

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  26. A lovely quilt and the quilting is gorgeous. I am happy to hear it finally made it to the recipient. xo Melanie

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