Sunday, July 18, 2021

The Positivity QAL - Finished Flimsy Linky Party

This blogpost is late but I have a very good reason for it...a very cute and furry reason :-)

Louie - our new fur baby

Meet Louie. We brought him home yesterday afternoon.  Louie's rescue dad is moving and could not take him along. We were only too happy to adopt him. The car ride was not fun for him and the thunderstorms did not help. He has been exploring his new environment and is a little skittish. We are getting to know him as he gets to know us. 

Why yes, I live with two handsome males


Of course, the main purpose of this blogpost is to show off my completed flimsy for the Positivity QAL. Here it is. 

I have come up with a name for the finished quilt, but I will save that for the completed quilt linky party scheduled for August 22, 2021. 

Do make sure you add the link to your blog/Instagram at Bernie's Linky PartyThere are several prizes open to all participants in the US and abroad. If you don’t have a blog, please send an email to Bernie, with a picture of your flimsy so it can count as an entry to win!! Linky is open till July 24 and the winners will be picked on July 25, 2021.

Speaking of Positivity, I had made several Plus Blocks to demonstrate how to pick fabrics, the importance of contrast, and the 10-foot rule. I had set these aside for a baby quilt at some later date.

But when Joy mentioned that she was collecting blocks to make a community Positivity flimsy, I quickly mailed them to her. Look what she did with them.


July is dark blue, said Angela.  Here are my dark blue/navy blocks.  

Monkey Rules

Wild & Festive

Navy Blue Blocks

I later noticed that brown and black blocks belong in July as well.  I picked out the brown and black fabrics but the blocks are not completed at this time.

Lovely Browns

Black is Beautiful

Sharing with Angela's Linky Party. That leaves orange and turquoise. I wonder what color is August?


A huge THANKS to all of you who visited my Etsy shop, liked it and favorited it. I am very happy with the response to the Novella Wall Hanging/Table Runner pattern. I am working on a couple of new patterns and will be adding them in the next few months.


Connecting Threads has been having a sale and I bought some wide backings.  

Wide Backings from Connecting Threads

I love love love this wide backing fabric from Connecting Threads. It is charcoal gray (on the right side) but if I so choose I can use the wrong side for a subtle light gray. That is terrific.  

I love this fabric!!!

Everything is 25% off but the Cyber Sale ends today. 


In other news, we have received the second set of boxes from Island Batik and other industry partners. I will be sharing the Unboxing Video on July 22, 2021.

At this time, I am furiously working on the Island Batik August Challenge (Try a Tool). The Blog Hop begins on August 10 and my post is scheduled for August 11, 2021. 

Sneak Peek of the Island Batik August Challenge

Lots to do and finish.  I'd love to know what is keeping you busy. I will be linking with all my favorite linky parties. See full list on the sidebar.

It is hot and humid and horrible. Please stay cool (unless you live in Australia or New Zealand) and hydrate.

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  1. Welcome to Louie! I love your latest version of Positivity in red, white, and blue and I spy a little bit of pink! I am slowly but surely working toward my red and white version. No flimsy yet, but it will come together one of these days!

  2. I love your positivity top, and all the other blocks in this post! Thank you for challenging us to make these quilts, and for giving us so many layouts and options.

  3. Aww, welcome home, Louie! Your positivity quilt top is lovely and so is the version Joy made; wow!!

    1. Welcome Louie!
      Beautiful blocks Pretti. Love your new version for Positivity quilt. I am still making new blocks.

  4. Beautiful quilts and cat! I have had non-stop comfort quilt requests, so I just can't get to finish the positivity top at this time. I hope to work on it soon.

  5. Your positivity top looks fantastic Preeti. And so do all your RSC blocks. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  6. Two amazing males living at your house. Lucky you Preeti!
    LOVE the wide backs you stocked up on. It is so nice to have a selection when you need them. Also love your Pos QAL flimsy. You are full of fun things to share this week!!

  7. I am sure little Louie will be a perfect kitty for you and Paul. Love your quilt - anxiously awaiting its name.

  8. Oh, sweet Louie! He's a handsome guy, and I'm sure he's going to be very happy with you! Nice Positivity quilt too! Your other blocks are fun with those little fussy cuts of the monkey and horse :-)

  9. Your quilt top is beautiful! And your new room mate is very cute ;) PS: Love the swirly stars for your batic challenge. xo

  10. Oh Louie! What a cutie! I'm so excited for you and for him! In no time, I'm sure he will be in charge of the whole house. Now I'd better get busy and get a photo of the positivity top...I keep neglecting it...

  11. Love, love, LOVE your patriotic Positivity quilt top, Preeti!! Thanks for the shout out. All I did was put them into the very capable hands of a quilty friend! :o))

  12. I love your Positivity flimsy! And Louis is quite a handsome cat (although Alfie insists he is just as handsome, and I have to agree). I’ve got so much dark blue for the RSC that I’m going to have to save my black, brown and gray scraps for another month. xo

  13. Always a joy to read your posts Preeti and inspirational too, I am now wanting to head to the sewing room after procrastinating for most of the day!! Your Positivity flimsy is wonderful. The new man in your life looks very handsome! Your have made lost of wonderful blocks too.

  14. I too would love to welcome Louie! He gets a great big "Howdy!" from this girl from St. Louie! Hahaha! Your Positivity quilt is really pretty and I was spotting all kinds of critters in your RSC blocks. Fun!

  15. Louie is too cute for words!! He will make a fun quilt inspector. Your blocks always make me want to get right to work on making my own.

  16. Hi, Louie! I think you will enjoy your new home. There are lots of fun fabrics to play in and quilt supervising, too. And I think the humans will soon be under your spell so you can get them to do whatever you want.

  17. Welcome Louie! I still miss my orange and white tabby, Denis, long passed.
    Love your bright positivity quilt and all the new blocks. Enjoy!

  18. Two gorgeous males. Lucky you!
    And the QAL has been such fun to watch. So many delightful quilts. Congratulations.

  19. I like how you added the corners in the blocks. You made one of the nicest looking Positivity quilts.

  20. Lovely flimsy! Thanks for sharing it on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  21. Louie is adorable! All variations of your positivity quilt are just lovely.


  22. Louie.... so sweet - and a great positivity quilt!
    Thanks for linking to finished ( or not) Friday!! This made my day!

  23. Louie is the cutest!!! Fire Monkey was with me when I was reading this and he is in love and wants to give Louie a hug :)