Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Bollywood Beats

Island Batik's September Challenge and Blog Hop focuses on the Studio 180 Design tool we received in our second Ambassador box. I received the Tucker Trimmer Tool.

The Tucker Trimmer is used to trim down units that are made with triangles: half square triangle squares, quarter square triangle squares (hourglass units), and combinations of half square and quarter square triangle squares (combination units). 

I also received the Honeycomb fabric collection, designed by Kathy Engle for Jackie Kunkle of Canton Village Quiltworks, shipping to shops in September. 

Schmetz Microtex Needles 70/10 and Aurifil 40wt Thread were used for piecing.  I used 16 out of 20 fabrics to make 60 half square triangles.

Ready to Piece

Ready to Trim

Tucker Trimmer in Action

I chose Island Batik Solid Black as a background. I knew the hot colors would pop on the solid black background.

Setting Triangles

Piecing in Progress

I enjoyed every moment of the process. This Honeycomb collection is my absolute favorite in the entire Spring 2022 collections. Goodness, these are my colors - fiery, spicy and intense. There is nothing soothing or calming about this color palette. They make me want to break into a song and dance. 

The quilt is bursting with energy and dancing with passion. Therefore, I have named her Bollywood Beats. It is no surprise that at one point during the photoshoot, Bollywood Beats just took off, down the wooded path, all sass and style. 

There she goes

Oh no...

I am so glad I was wearing sneakers and I was finally able to catch up with her, panting and out of breath. 

Paul: She is yours, alright.

Me: Of course. Wait, what do you mean?

Paul: Precocious and Opinionated.

Me: Paul, you are not helping!!!

Paul: Naughty Bollywood Beats

Me: I have a good mind to hang her upside down over the water.

Paul: Will she learn her lesson?

Me: It is worth a try.

Naughtiness Tamed

Paul held her tight.  Consequently Bollywood Beats promised to pose for pictures. Here she is, behaving herself.

Bollywood Beats

And then, like any other naughty child after the tantrum is over, she is hugging me.  


Then we danced and twirled together, as Paul took more pictures.

Showing off


Diva much?

Swirling with Bollywood Beats

One more picture with the flowers - gosh don't they echo the colors of the Honeycomb collection? Honestly, I feel like the fabrics did all the heavy lifting and I had all the fun.

Nature Inspired?

The pieced backing is Fondant (Island Batik Neutral). I chose the Hobbs Black 80/20 Batting.

Island Batik Neutral - Fondant

Hobbs Batting - 80/20 Black

Quilted a grid using a walking foot with all over squiggly lines. I used Schmetz 90/14 Needle and Aurifil 40 wt thread for quilting.  Binding is also Solid Black.

Fondant Backing

Bollywood Beats finished at 70" by 88". Oh, but I hate to finish this blogpost, because it has been so much fun. A few more pictures? 

Be still, my heart!

Love the Contrasts


Deceptively soothing backing :-)

Of course, I am in love with Bollywood Beats, but I'd love to hear your thoughts. I will be sharing with all my favorite linky parties. See full list on the sidebar. 

Topsy Turvy Quilt Pattern (also using the Honeycomb Collection) is on sale in my Etsy Store till 9/15.  

Did you know that the Island Batik Blog has fabulous giveaways every week? You don't want to miss it. 

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