Sunday, June 4, 2023

Fly Away Challenge

The Island Batik June Challenge reads as follows:

Use one of your precut bundles and play with the versatile Flying Geese blocks to create a fun quilt or table runner! Your project must use Flying Geese blocks as the focus but you can combine other blocks to enhance the project. 

Now, I am not a fan of Flying Geese Blocks. The construction is a fiddly multi-step process, regardless of the method you choose.  Even when the method works for you, you need a specialty ruler for precision points. In my opinion a flying goose block is made up of two half square triangles with several construction methods and no need for special rulers. 

Therefore I had never considered a project with Flying Geese. And when I looked for inspiration, everything seemed dated. So what does an Island Batik Ambassador do - Highlight the fabric!!!

Project # 1 - I chose a super simple pattern that would show off the fabric. I used the Celebrate Stack (10" squares) to make tiny roofs.  

I used my Accuquilt 8" Go QUBE to cut flying goose triangles from the Celebrate Stack and the sky triangles from Solid Black.

Accuquilt Cut Triangles

The flying geese units finish at 4" by 2" and the house/wall units are 4" squares.  I used 17 out of 20 fabrics. It is a simple design but it shows off the Celebrate collection perfectly! 

Be My Neighbor

The backing is Fondant and I love its subtle blue-gray color. The background and binding is Solid Black. I used Hobbs Black Batting and Schmetz 80/12 Microtex Needle. I quilted with my walking foot using Aurifil 40wt thread and a squiggly stitch with horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines. My little houses mini quilt finished at 24" square and I have named it "Be My Neighbor". 


I showed my bright mini quilt to Paul. 

Me: Look at my bright and happy homes.
Paul: Are they homes?
Me: Yes, why?
Paul: They look like pencils or crayons to me.
Me: I'd think the pencils would be more pointy.
Paul: Houses would have doors or windows.

He had a point.

That is when I made Project # 2, using the 2.5" Strip Pack of Juicy Mosaics.

For background I chose Island Batik Neutral Egg White.

Row Houses

I chose those fabrics that had bricks/tiles pattern to reinforce the house effect. Paul agreed that these looked like houses.  I happily fashioned them into a cute zippered pouch :-)

Love this!

I live here :-)

With these two projects, I had completed the requirements of this challenge. I was done. Officially! 

But these Juicy Mosaics are so gorgeous that I wanted to continue playing with them. After I spent few hours of playing in EQ8, I didn't know whether I was coming or going.

Yellow Won this round!

For this design, I needed one other color in addition to the black background.  With a choice between sunny yellow and lime green, I chose yellow.

Once again, I used Accuquilt to get precise flying goose units. It is good to be an Ambassador :-D

In process

Ooh Shiny!

And here is my fabulous, flying goose-focused finish!!! Ta Da!!!

Coming or Going?

Do you see fish? How many?  

Finishing at 28" square, I have named this fishy finish - "Fishful Thinking" :-D

The backing is pieced from leftover backings of larger quilts made earlier.  The binding is Solid Black.  I used Hobbs Black Batting and Schmetz 80/12 Microtex Needle. I quilted with my walking foot using Aurifil 40wt thread and a squiggly stitch (my default style).  

Wonky Pieced Backing :-P


Of course I love quilting. I love playing with fabrics and colors and trying new things. But if it was not for Island Batik's Challenge, I would have never come up with this design.  

So even though I began this post whining, I am grateful to Island Batik for pushing my buttons, month after month. Thank you Island Batik (hope you can overlook the whining).

I will be sharing with all my favorite linky parties. See full list on the sidebar. 

For some reason, I want salmon for lunch. What is on your plate (food or quilt)? Do let me know.


  1. You definitely had some fun with your flying geese (I feel the same about them, by the way). And I count six fish - am I right?

  2. the quilts and other projects look great - I don't make a lot of flying geese either

  3. I actually like making flying geese, unless they are really tiny. A recent pattern I worked on had almost 200 of them (1 x 2 inch finished) in a border, and I just couldn't do it. But I love your Fishy Finish - very cute!

  4. It took me a while to find a good method to get reasonably perfect flying geese most of the time. It's hard to pick a favorite from all the projects, they all turned out wonderfully.

  5. Yes, they looked like houses right away to me. Compared to your second take though, they might be be considered beach cabana? They're cute and beachy in batiks!

  6. Wow!! What a cool design you imagined and completed. Yes, flying geese are fiddly; but, they add so much interest to a design. You knocked this challenge out of the park!---TerryK@OnGoingProjects

  7. Love seeing all your “steps”! Thanks for sharing the use of your AccuQuilt! I recently purchased the GoBig and was starting to think I’d made a huge mistake! I have one die, the one that came with it. A Flying Geese die. Now I see there are some possibilities! The Fishful Thinking is adorable !

  8. You always have the best ideas, Preeti! The fabric you work with is beautiful, but the shapes you create with the blocks really do highlight it. I love the houses and the fish! Glad you found a way to make flying geese you're happy with!

  9. I really want to give black batting a try. I should probably order some to nudge me to using it. I really like the pouch but Fishful Thinking is super fun. I'm glad that the challenge pushed you to try and come up with something new and fun!

  10. I love flying geese in theory, but they tend to misbehave terribly. Love your efforts, and those fish are fabulous!

  11. The first project definitely looks like houses! Ask a kid to draw a house and that's what they'll draw. The little pouch is adorable, and the fish are great. I think you need a pet fish for more inspiration. You have overachieved again! Three great projects!

  12. Wonderful eye candy today. (Well, every time I come to look you have wonderful eye candy!) FYI I see three little yellow fish going to the left and three bigger fish with their mouths open going to the right. Di those orange fish eat the yellow fish?? sniff.

  13. I find flying geese bothersome, too. All versions are fabulous. You always imagine fantastic designs.

  14. 3 pretty projects, you were busy.

  15. For someone who doesn't like to make flying geese, you've met this challenge head on!! I have to both agree and disagree with Paul on project #1 - they do look like houses to me, but they also look like crayons! Project #2 is a fantastic little bag with houses...and doors! LOL And #3 is awesome! I love that bright, colorful fishy finish!! On the surface, I see three fish going in opposite directions; my imagination there could be six facing to the right that are overlapped and hiding behind those bright yellow fish in front! Maybe that's a stretch, but those fish are slippery!! LOL Thanks so much for linking your Fly Away Challenge with us at Monday Musings!

  16. So fun to listen in on the consultation conversations! Very innovate idea/design!

  17. When I started quilting back in the 1990's any triangle and I'd run for the hills! But I love them now (HST thank you!) and this is so jam packed with wonderful patterns and designs! Thanks!!!!

  18. I saw pencils, and houses, but now I see birthday candles. And lots of fish. You are always a bright spot in my day. Thank you.

  19. Love your exploration with flying geese. They can be fiddly but are such a great graphic block to try out fabric combos, as you so ably demonstrated!

  20. Well, of course you coudn't do "just" one :) I love the houses. Even without door and window they directly registered as such for me. But the specialty houses are also very cute! Also I think the fish question is a trick one... so I will pass on that. But I will let you know that recently strawberries with wipped cream have been on the menu. A lovely time of year. xo

  21. Hi Preeti! I think you knocked this challenge out of the ballpark. I have never been a fan of FGs although I do like the look of them in projects. I've always avoided them and chose to make two HSTs whenever possible. Coward, you might call me. I do have more success since I've purchased an Accuquilt cutter but the old aversion hangs on. I had to giggle over Paul's comments over your houses. I saw them as stubby pencils or crayons - the addition of the door definitely swings the image to house. As far as Fishful Thinking . . . it is just fishful fabulous. {{Hugs}} a bunch! ~smile~ Roseanne

  22. Two of my favorite methods for flying geese are the Fast Flying Geese, and AccuQuilt. Love how they come out so perfect when using AccuQuilt! I suspect however that you might enjoy the One Seam Method. Check out my video on my Inquiring Quilter YouTube channel and tell me what you think!

    Meanwhile, each of your little projects is so pretty. Personally, I had no problem imagining houses in your first project, but the fabric you chose for the pouches is just so perfect! Love those bright little fishes as well. Again, you've batted it out of the park! Thanks for sharing on my weekly show and tell, Wednesday Wait Loss.

  23. I think that you nailed that challenge and found some fun ways to use flying geese!! and you are right - that fabric is juicy!!

  24. I'm so glad you continued to quilt #3. It's unique, fanciful and so happy.

  25. Fun quilts, so different from each other. I was thinking like Paul for the first one, just before seeing the whole quilt. The little pouch is definitely featuring houses ;)) Those (6?) fishes are cute, lively and tonic. I love your variations around the flying geese blocks!
    Thank you for sharing your process and linking up!

  26. I love reading how your mind works, and seeing how you handle the challenges. I thought your house pieces were pretty good but was stunned by the fish piece! Hope you enjoyed your salmon for lunch :-)