Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Window Dressing & Pattern Release

Window Dressing was published in March 2023 in Make Modern Issue #51, in the category of Prints Charming! I smile every time I read that :-)

Made with Ruby Star Society Fabrics (Reverie by Melody Miller) provided by Moda, it is a simple design that exploits the value gradations for maximum effect. Put another way, the Prints Charming did the heavy lifting and I gathered the compliments :-)

Cold Day, Warm Quilt

For some reason, the blog publication of this quilt slipped through the cracks. But here we are now.  

Window Dressing finished at 60" by 80", making it a perfect size for lap/throw/picnic and even Mercyful Quilts. The simple pattern uses black and white solids in alternating blocks, highlighting the changing values. 

Gradations Galore

As a model-photographer team, our roles are reversible.  If it is a larger quilt, it is practical for Paul to be the model and if it is a smaller quilt, I like to smile from behind it, while he takes the pictures.

I took Window Dressing to Berlin, MD for our Christmas mini vacation. On a particularly cold morning, as Paul wanted to sleep in and I was itching to get out and take pictures, this happened.  

Paul, the reluctant model

There is more than one way to model a quilt :-D  

The low sun lit our room beautifully, with ample opportunities for indoor pictures. 

Window Dressing

Sunlit Room

No, I do not belong in the closet!

There was a a small reading nook/snack area just outside our room. It provided a perfect staging area for the quilt. 

So Cozy

All these pictures were taken at the Inn Berlin in Berlin, MD. It is an upscale Bed and Breakfast place that is also completely gluten-free. No, we do not have such dietary restrictions but I love it, all the same.

I love it here!

Window Dressing Quilt Pattern is now available in my Etsy Shop for an introductory price of $8, till July 4, 2023. 

I can get used to this!

In other news, Angela has announced that July is Red. I am ahead of the game, at least this time :-)

July is Red 

I will be sharing with all my favorite linky parties, including Angela's. See full list on the sidebar.


  1. Very pretty quilt, the color graduations looks perfect! The inn sounds wonderful!

  2. Congratulations on your latest published quilts! She's SEW lovely, Preeti!

  3. What a pretty quilt! Published again? Congrats!

  4. pretty quilt and that looks like a neat place to stay!

  5. A lovely fresh quilt - such fun photos! I love the messaging to Paul - "get up and help me with the photo shoot, or BE the photo shoot! LOLOL!

  6. I love that the blocks alternate between a white and black background, that the value order of the prints reverses, AND that the prints are grouped together in the white and separated in the black. Congratulations on the publication and pattern release. It's a beautiful design!

  7. It is such a simple but striking design. I still love it :) xo

  8. Very very pretty! and Paul is a great model - He compliment ( complements?) the quilt well! Looks very fun!

  9. I like the fact that you took your new quilt away on holiday with you. Paul is a sleeping beauty indeed, nice and cozy u der the new quilt.

  10. Congratulations again, my famous friend! I love the pinks and the gradations, and that you took the quilt on vacation with you. Great pictures! What is next from the studio? Hmmm, I wonder. . .

  11. Love the color graduations in the blocks, it's bright and bold. Congratulations on another fun pattern.

  12. This is beautiful, Preeti! I can't believe you forgot to let us know about the publication! Congrats on another great one! I'm with Paul, it's much nicer to sleep in on cold mornings than be out and about taking photos! LOL

  13. A truly fabulous quilt. Very striking! A great photo op too. Lovely surroundings.

  14. Beautiful quilt and such a fun place to photograph it, too. Congratulations on being published!

  15. Glorious Window Dressing! Bravo for this new publication, the pattern is gorgeous. A bravo to Paul too, who knows how to bring out the best in your quilts ;)) The hotel was also the perfect scenery for a photo shooting!
    Thank you so much for sharing and linking up!

  16. Everything about this quilt is so much fun. Love the black and white and the gradations - and the black separating the fabrics and not doing it with the white...all fabulous. Love all the photos, too, esp, of the quilt in use! Congrats on another beauty!

  17. What a fun place to have a photo shoot! Love the way the sun illuminates the quilt! Congratulations on being published!--TerryK@OnGoingProjects

  18. Gorgeous quilt - Window Dressing. And boom! What a great, unexpected binding. It really does a great job around a beautiful quilt.

  19. Your quilt is a “Prints Charming” for sure! And what a great reminder that yes, quilts are actually great for sleeping. Looks like you had a wonderful trip!

  20. I love the idea of a color gradient with prints! Swoon!