Friday, June 9, 2023


Mirabelle was published in Annie's Two Block Quilt Patterns.

Mirabelle in Wild Blooms

Can you spot Mirabelle

I used the collection Wild Blooms, which should be available in quilt stores now.  It is a gorgeous collection with a complete range of values from light to dark, providing the entire spectrum of shades to create a gorgeous quilt.

I don't say this for every collection but I love every fabric in the Wild Blooms collection!!! I used Wild Blooms to make Mardi Gras Magic and Wednesday. I am sure I will be making more :-) 

20 Gorgeous Fabrics

Mirabelle has traveled a long journey. I designed Mirabelle in August 2022 in two different block sizes (8" for Minnie and 10" for Mommy) and submitted for publication.  Sadly, Mommy and Minnie were turned away.


They came back to me. I hugged them hard and gave them fresh new clothes.  Submitted to Annie's in November 2022 for their Special Publication - Two Block Quilts. I was thrilled when I received the Acceptance Letter. It was stressful because they wanted the completed quilt in their office in about five weeks. I spent my Christmas break with Mirabelle, giving her my all and put her in the mail on the first working day of the year!

These pictures were taken the day before she left.

Mirabelle in the Sun

I have been waiting (?)patiently to share Mirabelle with you. You can buy the magazine at Annie's website, but I have the best pictures right here :-)

Mirabelle Steps Up!

January 2, 2023 was a bitterly cold morning when I dragged Paul out to take these pictures, promising him a big hearty breakfast for all his labors.  I must say that Paul did not disappoint. The low January sun and the perfectly still waters did not hurt either.  

Mirabelle looks in the Mirror

You take my breath away!

Since we were shooting in an office/commercial/retail area right after Christmas, we were greeted with some holiday decorations that served as the perfect props for the photoshoot.

Mirabelle Glows

Mirabelle in the Morning

Mirabelle rides the Reindeer

Mirabelle gets her due!

Following the publication, Mirabelle is reunited with me and we are very happy together.  May be we will make a threesome with Paul but no pictures will be provided :-D

Mirabelle is mine!

But here is some veggie-inspired porn for you. This ACTUALLY happened!!!

Me: Come here. I want to ravish you.
Paul: You want to radish me?
Me (trying to keep up): Why yes. I will radish you.
Paul: I am glad you don't want to beet me.

A few days later, both of us working from home.

Paul (yelling from the living room): I LOVE you!
Me (finally caught up): I know, but will you radish me?
Paul: Don't have thyme for that right now.

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  1. I'm so glad that Mirabelle got the chance to come to live. Short deadlines can be both stressful and fun. She looks beautiful on the cold January morning and snow all snuggled up with her publication. Congratulations!

  2. Very pretty! The batiks in this line are just a touch softer colors, and absolutely wonderful as always.

  3. All quilts tell a story - Mirabelle will have many stories to tell her children! (Children are the quilts made from the scraps of the "Mother") So beautiful!!!! Love how you gave he deer a warm blanket! (even if just for a moment...) Thanks so much

  4. Oh my, she's beautiful! Paul is such a trouper-those photos in the cold are fabulous!

  5. What a lovely fabric collection--and Mirabelle is simply stunning!! Beautiful work on this..hugs, Julierose
    (You two make a "peach" of a "pear" ---haha)

  6. Hubs saw your Mirabelle reel on Insta and mentioned that it was a very cool way to show off a quilt :-) Little does he know he may regret that statement - LOL!

  7. Wow, Mirabelle is such a star! Beautiful scenery, and of course Paul plays a major role! I love this fabric collection too, and I'm happy to own one of the yellow ones ;)
    Thank you so much for sharing lovely Mirabelle, and linking up!

  8. Mirabelle is gorgeous! I will be saving it in my Pinterest for inspiration. I love the relationship between you and Paul. It reminds me of me and my husband.

  9. Congratulations on your latest quilt publication, Preeti!

  10. My famous friend! Congratulations on your latest publication. I believe "mira belle" could be translated as "look how beautiful!" and the name certainly fits. Great pictures. Hugs to you and Paul from the wilds of Chicago

  11. You and Paul are too funny! Love it. AND, I love Mirabelle! Congrats on the publish! She is a beauty! I do love your pics the best!

  12. Love the colors in Mirabelle! Pretty photo shoot with the reflection on the still water!

  13. Such a pretty combination of colors and design. The white sets things off beautifully. Ann at Fret Not

  14. Mirabelle is gorgeous and worthy to be showcased in the magazine. Fabulous photos!

  15. Congrats on the Annie's publication. Mirabelle turned out beautifully, love the color palette.

  16. What a fun quilt, excellent photo shoot and fun veggie tales!

  17. What a lovely quilt and what gorgeous and inventive pictures of it too. The photoshoot looks fun in spite of the cold. I'm so happy that Mirabelle got published. Lots of people will have fun making their own versions.

  18. So glad Mirabelle got her day! Lovely quilt with those gorgeous batiks. Thanks for sharing on my weekly show and tell, Wednesday Wait Loss.

  19. Mirabelle is lovely. You and Paul are such terrific partners. . .I'm still chuckling over the "thyme" comment!--TerryK@OnGoingProjects

  20. I am sure for me it would not have been a very patient wait ;) Love how your two blocks make a fun but still easy quilt design. And big congrats for this new publication! Squishy hugs xo