Friday, August 19, 2016

When you get the blues...

On my way to California, in the 6-hour long plane ride, I tried to engage my co-passenger in a conversation.  Five times.  But I could barely get a word out of him.

Always take the window seat

1. I asked him - Do you live on the east or the west coast.   I live here, he said and then nothing. 

2. I saw that his nose was about to drip, so I offered him a tissue. He accepted the tissue and said thank you but nothing more.

3. Do you have allergies, I asked. Something like that, he said and then nothing.  

4. Would you like some Allegra. I have it in my purse. No, that is okay, he said and then nothing.

5. I saw his laptop with a website saying Justice, so I asked him - Are you a lawyer?  He replied yes and then nothing.

I gave up and returned to my book. 
I finished my book.  Still one hour to go.  I looked out of the window and squealed at the sight below.

“Do you know what lake that is?

Salt Lake in Utah

Oh. Let's see, we are flying over Utah.  Look this is our location. He was showing me a map with an icon of a tiny plane indicating our location in flight.  Thanks to the blue lake, we finally engaged in a conversation!!!

California was beautiful.  We went to a balsamic vinegar/olive oil tasting in Sonoma.

Winery in Sonoma

Since I don't drink, I was not interested in the Wine Tasting but the olive oils and the flavored vinegars were oh so delectable.

Olive Oils & Balsamic Vinegars

The Golden Gate Bridge is iconic.  How can I not go there? We did and I am slightly proud of this picture where you can see the bridge in the side mirror.

Driving on the Golden Gate Bridge

Elle took me to Muir Woods.  It was a bit cool and here we are in our light jackets.  It was so good to see her.
with Elle in Muir Woods

And I also saw this.  Elle had placed the quilt on the guest bed, so that I could enjoy it while I was there.

To Greener Pastures

Here I am enjoying my last hours in California, the only way I should - dipping my feet in a lovely pool.
On a warm afternoon

I know I am supposed to be talking about my finished quilt, not gush about the older one.  Well, here it is.  I completed my Blues Scrappy Quilt.

When you get the Blues

When the design just evolves, as it does when I am piecing scraps, often it gets wider than 42" and requires a pieced (or wide) backing.  I am loving this backing with a strip of aqua adding some pizzaz.

Blues Backing

Normally, I would have asked Paul to hold up the quilt for pictures, but he could not.  I will tell you why, in a minute. But first let's see a few more pictures of this "When you get the Blues..." quilt.

adding label

I stitch the label to the quilt back, using a basting stitch.  Then, bind as usual. Love these fancy labels :-)  Did you know that they have care instructions on the back?  Adds a nice touch and I hope that folks read them before washing/drying the quilt.


I think this binding really works well with the back too :-)   
Here is a close-up showing the quilting detail.

Quilting Detail

Yes, that is my shiny new bright red car in the background.

Photo Shoot

I see fabrics in here from quilts I made for Paul, Alex, Divik. and Ishaan.  Fond memories :-)

Front & Back

And just then I realized that my bright red car would be a perfect backdrop for the blue quilt.

Am I showing off my label? Yes, a little bit :-D

The day before I left for California, Paul had surgery on his left wrist.   The surgery went well.

A very groggy Paul
His dear friends - Dan, Lindsay, Walt and Tamara took care of him, by which I mean they spoiled him rotten with movies, board games and food.

I am trying to keep up with his loftier than usual expectations now, which include (but are not limited to) helping him shower, cutting his meat, and not calling him during the day, lest he may be sleeping.

The doctor took an x-ray last week and declared that everything looks fine.  Paul got a new cast.  He chose his favorite color.
Blue Cast

And since his left wrist is in a cast, he can no longer serve as the Quilt Model (holder upper).

Speaking of blues, I made a Becca bag.  My last Craftsy class was - Zippered Bags with a Twist by Joan Hawley of Lazy Girl Designs.

My first Becca

I love love love this class.  If you are even slightly interested in making zippered bags, I highly recommend this class.

Joan's instructions are the very best.  She explains every step in great detail. But never dawdles or lingers, quickly moving from one step to the next.  
I did not have the recommended size zipper for the large Becca or the small Becca.  So, I just used Joan's guidelines to make a medium Becca, because that was the zipper I had.

So neat 

I have made over 50 zippered bags by now.  You want a neat bag that is fully lined, with all hidden seams - it takes a long time.  You can make a quick bag but it won't be fancy.  With Joan's class, you can make a fancy looking bag in the time it takes you to make a simple bag.  The trick is her one-zipper technique. 

So, I have only made one Becca bag but I have started using some of her awesome techniques (zipper tape loop) in other zippered bags.  To me, that is the real value of the class - that you can apply techniques acquired in one place in other places.

So what do you do when you get the blues...Turn to Black Friday. Yes, Black Friday sales at Craftsy.

Now there are so many fabulous items on sale, but I will only tell you about a couple of those that are 50% or more off. Best. Deals. Ever.

1.Cotton+Steel FQ boxes, each on of them is 65% off. Marked down from $110 to $38.  That is a steal. You pay less than a $1 per FQ.
Cotton + Steel Collection at 65% off

Cotton +Steel FQ Box at 65% off

2. If you are a Jinny Beyer fan, you know that her fabric is on the expensive side.  Therefore, when it is 55% off, you have to have it. Check out RJR Delhi by Jinny Beyer

But that is not all. Jinny Beyer Batiks FQ bundles are now at 60% off.

3. RJR Handspray Jewel Box - Such rich colors at such a great price. What a great stash builder at 55% off. YAY!!!  

4. Robert Kaufman Fusions Bloom FQ bundles. - Just look at the pictures. Words do not describe the richness of these colors.  And at 50% or more off, they jump into your cart so easily!!!

Fusions Bloom Cool FQ Bundle

Fusions Bloom Warm FQ Bundle

Fusions Meadow Cool FQ Bundle

I will be linking with all my favorite linky parties and I'd love to hear your thoughts on all things blue. 

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  1. I love the Blues Scrappy Quilt! Your story about conversing with your co-passenger made me chuckle. I am sure he is an introvert! Keep taking care of your "quilt model" - he deserves all that help for all the past and future quilts he will be holding for you!!! LOL!

    1. Sylvia,
      I will convey your good wishes to my quilt holder upper. He is resting and taking it easy.

  2. Preeti...your blue quilt is fabulous. I love the modern edge to it. So happy to hear you had a great trip to visit your friend in California. Airplane conversations can be difficult at best. So, what lake were you flying over?

    I'm also a huge Joan Hawley bag fan. I've made several Sweetpea pods and Beccas but definitely not 50. Don't you just love her sipper technique! Will you post pictures of your bags? Hugs...

    1. Barb,
      I later found out that it is Mono Lake. I am making bags for an upcoming fest. Only one Becca so far. Will definitely add more pictures. Joan's zipper technique is the bomb. I was nervous about taking it apart but I love it now. It is so easy.

  3. I love the blue quilt! And might I add, it looks smoking hot against that beautiful red on your car :) Your trip pictures look beautiful. I've only ever flown once, so I really enjoyed the pictures from the plane. Hope for a speedy recovery for Paul.

    1. Oh Tish, I have so many pictures. I particularly love a meandering river or the paly of light and shade over the mountains.

  4. What a pretty quilt! Half the fun of scrap quilts is looking back at all the past projects in the fabrics. Your trip to California sounds like it was a blast. Hope Paul's wrist is better soon!

  5. Great blue quilt. This is one color that is lacking in my stash even though I truly love blue. Hoping your spouse recovers quickly.

    In some defense of your co-passenger on the plane, I too do not often engage in conversation when I am flying. I like to take the uninterrupted time to relax my mind. I have relaxation and yoga music on my tablet that I listen to or I will listen to audio books or I take a coupla of quilt books with me to browse but I less often engage in constant conversation with those around me. Although I have had some very interesting conversations with others on airplane rides. He may have wanted the quiet time.

    Also that app that shows the plane in route is cool to view.

    tushay3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  6. Love your quilt, hope Paul gets rid of cast soon and back to being your quilt holder. Love your posts so fun to read.

  7. Well, my goodness, that was a newsy post! Glad you had such a nice visit in CA! How sweet that someone pitched in to help Paul out while you were away. Love your quilt! Looks great with your new shiny red car! Lucky you! XO

  8. I love your blue quilt. And I love that you placed it by your red car or I would never have noticed that tiny strip of red in the quilt. Fun! The red car is very nice, but no replacement for your usually quilt holder upper. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for him. Also, a question: what do you have as your quilt care instructions on the back of your label? Can you choose or do they come with ready-made instructions?

  9. Who could resist a conversation with that lake in view?! What a fabulous picture! And that guy should have been much nicer...he didn't know what a great gal he had sitting next to him.

    Now about the quilts--the old one was right were it needed to be while you were visiting. I just knew you'd have a great time in CA but sleeping under the quilt made it extra special, I'm sure. The blue one: oh wow! Gorgeous! You've added in just enough green to keep it cool but splash in some color. I love that it is sectioned but not too obviously. Really gorgeous!

  10. Your Blues quilt turned out just beautifully! I'm glad you had such a good trip to California - the Golden Gate bridge is our favorite and we go see it everybtije we are nearby. I loved your photo of it in the rearview mirror! Best wishes to Paul for recovery from his surgery. I had surgery on my wrist last spring, and it is finally starting to feel pretty normal again!

  11. Isn't Muir Woods gorgeous? I am glad you enjoyed your trip to CA. Hope Paul heals quickly.

  12. Awesome blog; loved everything, the quilt is just lovely on your pretty red car and thanks for the info on the class!

  13. California, a cozy quilt and a hot red car-who could ask for more. I love your blue quilt!

  14. What a fun trip you had! I agree, the picture of the bridge in the mirror is amazing! And your blue quilt ended up gorgeous. I love scrappy and if it includes a scrappy backing...all the better!

  15. I always like blue with navy or black highlights in a quilt. Yours is lovely! Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  16. Oh there's a C&S box in my future...Lovely blue quilt (my favourite colour too!) and fabulous photos of CA on the ground and in the air...the guy you sat next to could be my husband on airplanes lol.
    A question for you: if you only use one half of the zipper, what does one do with the other half? I have made several of Joan's bags, some half a dozen times over; she has terrific patterns/ideas.

    1. So one has to get extra zipper sliders, so that you can use the other half. ZIPIT on Etsy has them. I am saving my zipper halves till my order arrives :-)

    2. And, save 15% at zipit with code dogundermydesk I love zipit! She used to charge only 10 cents for extra zip heads but her prices went up DRASTICALLY on them in the last year or so! Also, do not forget that once you become comfortable swaping zip heads and separating zippers, it is fun to make a bag for a kid (or fun adult!) with three differnt colors...each zip side can be a different color and then also a different color zip head! Pretti, have you figured out how to glue the zips yet so you can stitch all layers at once instead of several times? And i still like the humbug bags better than Joans thing.

  17. Best wishes for Paul's complete recovery - then he can get back to his job as chief quilt holder.
    As for your aeroplane companion, some people just don't like talking to strangers, companion seat holders or not, but would rather just sit quietly and enjoy their book, video, the view, or just their thoughts. Don't be offended, everyone is different!

    1. Oh Jenny. I was not offended. I persisted and eventually I managed to engage him :-)
      One time I sat next to a rabbi. I don't think he even opened his eyes. Silence for the entire flight :-(

    2. Oh awesome! Ill have to seek out Rabbis to sit next to!

  18. Looks like you had a fun trip to California. Hope Paul recovers quickly. Your scrappy quilt turned out beautifully.

  19. Beautiful quilt and your label is really neat! Care instructions on!

  20. i would have talked with you on that plane. Ive been in your shoes...

  21. So happy you had a good trip Preeti! The new quilt looks beautiful, and those labels are great. I love that they have care instructions on the back side.

  22. Looks like a lovely trip despite the flight! Really like your photo of the GG bridge!

  23. Would gladly chat with you on a plane! However, if i didnt know you, i would be that guy! Honestly, id even just be rude and get up to reseat myself if it were an option. If it werent an option, after you open your mouth the scond time, i would have simply said "i really have no desire to chat with you"...but thank goodness i ALWAYS have my earphones with me. Just tuck the end in my pocket and let people think im listening to something! Why oh why oh why is it some people feel such a deep need to engage? Just let the silence be comfortable...

  24. Your vacation looked like lots of fun and your quilt is lovely! Thanks for sharing at Sew Cute Tuesday!

  25. I love San Francisco - Muir Woods is one of my favourite places ever… I loved the incredible foliage and the feeling of nature so close to the craziness of the city. My daughter and I stayed in Palo Alto - it was a great Air BnB. We also headed up north to Nevada City where she did did an unpaid internship with Sierra Streams.

  26. Another great quilt, the colors work so well together!! Hope Paul's wrist heals soon!