Monday, November 20, 2017


Somethings are just better together like turkey and stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, rolls and butter.  (Clearly, I have Thanksgiving on my mind.)

Here is my latest finish - two quilts that are just meant to be together. Because they are for twins.

Scrappy One

Scrappy Two

A dear friend is going to be a grandma. She gleefully shared the news and her delight was supreme as she said - TWINS!!!

Candy & Cupcake

Monkey - ready to jump off the edge!

Since the twins are due by the end of the month, it was absolutely essential for me to drop everything and finish these.  Sharing with Sandra's Dreami Linky.

Black/White does not have to mean boring

How can a fire breathing dragon be adorable?
I am calling them Happy and Lucky.  They are different but have several similar fabrics, just like siblings have similar characteristics. So, how can I tell them apart? Happy has orange/black Halloween binding and Lucky has orange binding.

Lucky and Happy

They also have different backings. Happy has a pieced backing, Lucky has a floral backing.

Here are a few more pictures.

Lucky labelled

Happy Labelled

Sheep & Dog

Fox and Owls
I am thrilled with these two finishes. Hope the mom-to-be likes them too.

Lucky and Happy
These are finishes 17 and 18 for this year.   I will be happily sharing with all my favorite linky parties. - see the links on the sidebar. I'd be so lucky to hear from you.

Bright and Cheerful

There is lots going on in the Sew Preeti Quilts workshop. I am making sweet pea pods for an upcoming holiday bazar.

Sweet Pea Pod in the making

Here is a completed flat Becca bag. This penguins on ice skates fabric screamed my name and I had to not only get it but use it to make something darling.

Flat Becca Bag
I first saw this mermaid fabric on Janine's blog - Quilts from the Little House. I found this at Joann Fabrics and these mermaids happily hopped into my cart.  Looks like it will become another Becca bag.

Mermaids Fabric from Joann

Recently got this 60" wide fabric from Ikea. Wish they had more choices.

60" wide backing from Ikea

I had used this fabric in Clay's quilt and I absolutely loved working with it. Therefore, I decided to buy the bolt - 12 yards at $4.99 is a steal. What do you think?

Mook Fabrics Steal

I have managed to resist all the pre-Black Friday sales so far.  But I will peek on Friday, for sure.  I know Craftsy will have something yummy.  I have my eyes on this Andover Chroma pre-cut.

I missed the wide backing sale on Connecting Threads last week. And I am resisting their 50% stash builders sale, but if the wide backing is on the Black Friday sale, I'd be sure to buy some.

My sister's family will be here for Thanksgiving.  I have lots to do. Cheese and sour cream do not like Paul, my niece is allergic to nuts, and my sister is vegetarian.  And I am busy planning, shopping and prepping to please everyone.

Have a safe and a happy Thanksgiving
(Translation - Don't bring up politics, don't rise to the bait, even if you have to pretend to choke on an olive.)

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  1. I love the twin quilts. I love finding fabric by the bolt at a good price. Good luck for Thanksgiving dinner - here my son in law refuses to eat turkey and is lactose intolerant so always have to have plenty of side dishes two meats so he will eat something, both he and daughter will not eat mashed potatoes which my husband has to have so --- people can be difficult can't they

  2. Love both twin quilts but the black and orange binding is genius. It really pops. The penguins on ice are adorable and what a steal on the Mook fabric. Your posts are so fun. Have a blessed Thanksgiving. mary in Az

  3. These are truly happy quilts. I love them - they are so fun to look at because you have hidden such fun surprises within. Wonderful job Preeti. What is the floral backing? So pretty and looks kind of vintage.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Paul. We have lots of different diet restrictions in our family too. Makes it a challenge to cook for everyone. :-)

  4. Hi Preeti,
    Twinny, twin, twins! How absolutely fun to make quilts for two precious babies. They will love these as will mom, I am sure! I can just see those little fingers grabbing at all those preeti colors. I, too, have avoided all the BF sales so far but cannot make any promises for the near future. I will be on Craftsy for sure. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Hi Preeti,
    What fun quilts for the twins! Your quilts are so vibrant and full of life 🙂 What is that adorable penguin fabric in the little bag? Hope you have a festive holiday, with a little time for sewing thrown in.

  6. I love both happy and lucky! Adorable and so fun for babies. Could you please amend your post to include a link to I am happy that people link with Design Wall Mondays, and it makes it so easy to visit all the blogs if you all provide a link back to my blog so we can move on to the next design wall. Thank you so much! Happy Thanksgiving, Judy

  7. That is a lot of happy sewing time represented in two quilts. What fun. Thanksgiving is luckily not too complicated for us right now. Hope yours is lovely.

  8. Congrats on finishing two very fun and bright quilts. The names are perfect! The skating penguin bag is darling. Hope Thanksgiving dinner goes off well at your house. Happy Thanksgiving.

  9. Wonderful scrappy quilts. Love that fabric from IKEA.

  10. Pretty little quilts, perfect for twins. I love when quilts belong together but are not perfect matches. I guess it has something to do with the boredom of having to make two exactly the same. :)
    Happy Thanksgiving! (take pictures)

  11. Lovely scrappy quilts, perfect for twins!

  12. Wonderful finishes, it is perfect that you did something different on each to identify them quickly. Happy Turkey day to you!

  13. What great scrappy quilts! Love that penguin zipper bag, too.

  14. Great post today, lots of show and tell and a good tip to boot: don't talk politics at the table. And thanks for explaining the difference between the two quilts because when I first started reading your post, all I could think was if the parents were going to know which quilt belong to which baby. Happy Thanksgiving.

  15. Good advice on getting along during family times! Sweet happy quilts, both of them with lots of fun prints that will surely grow with the babies as they can use them for I spy right? My favourite is that floral backing--wow! Thanks for the shout out for my DrEAMi! party and for linking up when it's open on Saturday. :-)

  16. as a mum of twins, I was immediately drawn to these quilts. Happy and lucky, I love it. We used to call our twins, black and decker or alternatively sam and ella (salmonella) before they were born. Ronnie and Reggie after two London 1950s gangsters also tripped lightly off the tongue. Great quilts Preeti, they will love them. I wore my orange socks yesterday and thought of you. Enjoy your thanksgiving.

  17. Preeti! These are amazing! They look great together, and I'm sure Fred and Ethel will love them. With all the fun fabrics in them, they're kind of like I-spy quilts, too. You always make such great fabric choices. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Paul and all the family, no matter their politics!

  18. Congrats on another two fun finished quilts! They are so scrappy the babies will have a lot to look at :) Have a great Thanksgiving! xo

  19. Lovely quilts! I have blocks made for a scrap vortex quilt you pictures have inspired me to dig it out of the UFO box :-)

  20. They are adorable! A job very well done, Preeti.

  21. Such fun happy quilts, you must have the best ever scrap collection, so much to see and drool over. Now you have found more, I never find fabrics like that where I shop, maybe I need to look further, oh wait, I'm going to a show tomorrow :-) Not a quilting show but it is knitting and stitching so there will be fabrics, and it's where I ordered my Baby last year, she is one next week, sigh.........

  22. Happy and Lucky, indeed! I love to look at your wonderful array of fabrics in your quilts. I'm glad you found the mermaid fabric. (I still have a few snippets if you ever need them.) From the looks of the pictures you posted, I think your Thanksgiving feast must have been a huge success. It looked truly yummy!

  23. So pretty! Scraps put to good use. I too have started some Scrap Vortex type blocks. I need to look at them again.

  24. What fun quilts!!! Those will be very lucky and happy twins! =)

  25. What a sweet guy you have! beautiful family and you are making me hungry with all your food pictures. Have a lovely week.

  26. Beautiful, beautiful quilts your two scrap ones! I just love all the colors and shapes. Thank you for sharing.

  27. Nothing cuter than twins unless it's twin quilts! Good job! That bolt from Mook Fabrics will really come in handy.