Friday, July 6, 2018

One with Everything

What did the the monk ask the hot dog vendor?
Make me one with everything.

A Finish!!!
I am back from my vacation with Sandra ( And it was a vacation with a little bit of everything - Friends, Food and Fireworks.

with Linda

Elizabeth, me and Linda
We met with Linda ( and Elizabeth ( - artists/quilters from the Buffalo area.  Chatted non-stop about all things quilty - art quilts, quilt shows, and quilt guilds over steaming hot falafel.

House of Hummus in Buffalo, NY

The vacation provided a whole range of experiences from the quiet lake that gently shimmered in the sun...

Lake Ontario, Niagara-On-The-Lake

to the falls that lit up the night sky.
Niagara Falls at Night

From the Maid of the Mist where the water spray made you smile and giggle...
Rainbow at the Maid of the Mist

to the Buffalo Riverboat Tour that made you wonder.
Remnants of an Industrial Town, Buffalo River
Buffalo riverfront revitalization includes repurposing some of these old structures for modern use. There are restaurants, concert spaces, rock climbing wall, community space for poetry reading and much more. Look up Silo City. I will when I visit Buffalo next time. As a city planner, I get high on sustainability and this adaptive reuse is a planner's dream come true.

Grain Elevator, Buffalo River

We had a handsome man pour us wine and take our picture...
At a wine tasting in Chateau de Charmes Winery, Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario

and a very handsome man who made me take his picture.
Statue of David in Delaware Park, Buffalo, NY

From overwhelming and awe-inspiring beauty of Niagara Falls that is impossible to miss...
Niagara Falls - American on the left and Canadian in the distance

to the quiet beauty of street art that we almost missed, but is an inspiration!
Buffalo, NY

And here is the quilt - Since it has at least one of everything (scrap vortex), I am calling this "One with Everything". To learn how to make your own scrap vortex, check this link -
One with Everything - 46" by 54"
The backing came from Mary - another quilter friend I have yet to meet. When she was destashing, she send me a box of lovely fabric, including this large print blue flowers which made the perfect backing. Combined with a strip of purple leftover from Clay's Quilt.
Pieced Backing (Label on the bottom right)
It includes scraps from cute animal fabrics, leftovers from Animal House.
Crabs and Owls piece-fully coexist with fish and hedgehogs

 The quilt has every color!!!
Red, green, yellow, blue, pink, purple, orange, brown and black
Like I used every crayon in the box.
 The fabrics remind me of quilts past including the one I made for mom.
Kittens at Play
The quilt finished at 46" by 54". It is a crib size quilt, I think. I wasn't trying for a particular size - just wherever the scrappy improv journey took me.
Walking Foot Quilting

The aqua binding ties everything neatly and makes me very happy.
Aqua Binding

Paul: Did you not take a bag full of quilts to photograph?
Me: Yes, I did. But each quilt is a separate blogpost :-) You will just have to wait for the next post, just like my readers.
(Paul rolled his eyes. He rarely reads my posts.)

Paul - Looks like you had a fun time
Me: Yes, we did. But I missed you.
Paul - Missed me? You two were having too much fun to have missed me.
Me: I was hoping you could drive, so that I could enjoy the gorgeous scenery on my way home :-D
Paul: Brat!!!

Beauty and Inspiration was everywhere. I knew what to expect in Niagara Falls, but the beauty of the City of Buffalo was a pleasant surprise.  I can write a whole blogpost about it, but here are a few pictures.
Lake Hoyt - Delaware Park in Buffalo, NY - View from the pedestrian bridge
I loved the pedestrian/cyclist bridge over the Scajaquada Parkway connecting pedestrians and bicyclists to the trail along the Delaware Park. Being a transportation planner, it is heartening to see other modes of travel (walking, cycling, transit etc.) get their due.

Monarch Butterfly on our morning walk, Buffalo, NY
 Birds and butterflies accompanied our morning walk.

In front of the Buffalo History Museum
It was hot and since the cities in the north rarely get this hot, many places did not have air-conditioning. If I could change one thing, it would be this - I wish it wasn't so hot.
But climate change is real and it is worse than you think.

Paul: Did you not grow up in a hot climate?
Me: Yes, but we did not go sight-seeing on a hot day. Moreover, I am too American (spoiled) now to do without such amenities.
Paul: I agree - you are a hot mess.
Hot Mess
I will be linking with all my favorite linky parties. See full list on the sidebar. But I'd love to hear from you. How is your summer going?


  1. What a fun- filled and fabulous post!!!! Good to see so many photos with smiling faces, too.

  2. OMG-I so appreciate your sense of humor-from the name of your quilt to your missing hubby. hysterical. But, I love your vortex quilt. I keep saying I'm going to do one but at least it's "on the list".
    Thanks for sharing such great photos. mary

  3. What a great trip--I love your scrappy quilt!

  4. I love all of the fun scraps in your quilt. Thanks for sharing your trip photos. I live in NY State, but have never visited Buffalo or the falls. It's on my list, especially after seeing your lovely photos.

  5. Preeti, it sounds like you had the perfect vacation! One filled with beautiful scenery, food, and wonderful quilter friends! All except the hot weather, but it could've been worse! The vortex quilt is a beauty and one idea I've had on my mind for a while. Your Paul sounds like my Paul. Both lovable brats.

  6. You are spot-on about the wonderful surprise of beautiful Buffalo. That cruise was one I’d do again if I do go back. Love seeing that blue quilt backing again, that pristine Great Lake....and I spotted some orange mandala fabric in the scrap vortex of which I may have a piece... from you! :-)

  7. Love the quilt, Preeti. Thanks for the link to the instructions. I think this will be the next quilt I make with my scraps.

  8. I love scrap vortex quilts! Yours is absolutely wonderful. That street art is impressive, too. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip!

  9. Ahhh, Pretti, I have been waiting for this post! Such beautiful pictures from your trip with Sandra! Your Scrap Vortex quilt is very aptly named and looks beautiful against the Buffalo sky! Your posts are always well written and so delightful to read.

    1. The quilt was photographed in Queens Royal Park in Ontario, Canada in front of Lake Ontario. I want to make sure that Sandra (proud Canadian and the brains behind mmmquilts) and Canada get the credit for the lovely pictures. I would not want to enrage our lovely northern neighbors any more :-)

  10. That scrap vortex quit is so much fun and could easily be called an "I Spy" quilt too! Your posts are always so entertaining, Preeti. Thanks for sharing pics from your trip!

  11. What a fun post! I was smiling all the way through. Glad you got to meet up with quilty friends and do some sightseeing. Enjoy the rest of your summer, too!

  12. I was just going to write the same exact thing as Barb, even before I saw her words. Your post is awesome. You actually make me want to go to Buffalo now!! I love the quilt with the many colors against the photo shoot location. It's like an eye spy quilt too! You made me smile with your photos and comments. Well done and thanks for the inspiration today!!

  13. You had a wonderful time I can tell:) I just love Niagara Falls, especially on the Canadian side, beautiful! Your quilt is so bright and fun-I really should make one of those, I sure have enough scraps to make one or two, LOL. Loved seeing all your pictures of your beautiful smiling face:)

  14. That's a great scrappy quilt. It looks like you had a great time with Sandra.

  15. I enjoyed a trip to Buffalo and Niagara Falls a few years - fun now to see your photos from your trip! I love your "One with Everything" quilt, too. That kind of creating is so much fun!

  16. Loved the photo filled post. Your posts are always great fun to read. Great job on “One With Everything “

  17. Just plain fun to read this post, see your Scrap Vortex and read your cute conversations with your hubby. And, of course, see the pictures of you and your quilty friends! My summer is flying by, with not as much time to quilt as I would like!

  18. Hi Preeti! It is so fun to read this post. I heard Sandra's take earlier this morning, and it is great to hear the other side. You have included many more pictures - such good ones!! You look so cute showing off the rainbow, and what a nice picture of you and Sandra! You quilt is a great finish for this wonderful Friday. Happy Happy Friday to you! ~smile~ Roseanne

  19. Oh, those smiles!!! So good to see Linda, too. You write the BEST posts!

  20. Wow, I enjoyed all the photos! And seeing other quilters with you. And I agree, that aqua binding really makes it!!!

  21. Beautiful quilts and thanks for posting all the pics.

  22. Thank you all the photos! I miss Bflo. so much - I grew up in WNY and taught school in a Bflo. suburb until I just couldn't take another winter. I miss all the trees and greenery. I remember the hot summer days with the high humidity, too. Loved your quilt, too.

  23. Such a fun post! Thanks for sharing your vacation with us; I can only imagine the antics. Your vortex is great too, but how can it compete with a naked David? Still, in the spirit of a little bit of everything vacation, perfect.

  24. Love your quilt! I'm glad you had such a fun time!

  25. Sounds like you and Sandra had a great time! Love the photos! Great quilt!

  26. Wow, made it to the big time- I showed up on your post! My husband, the planner, worked for forty years on the county level and was fortunate to see the rebirth of our city region. We almost thought it would ever happen! Thank you for showcasing our area in a positive light. All Quilters welcome. So much enjoyed meeting you! I want to make a Scrap vortex quilt. You convinced me to take my quilts down to the shore and photo them!

  27. Ha ha - Hot Mess! I think you are perfect! What a wonderful trip and a fun time you had! Love the *One with everything* perfect quilt!!

  28. My husband grew up in Buffalo (we now live a little more than an hour away, south of Rochester) and you are right that Buffalo has a lot to offer. I love your scrap vortex and your name for it. I have one started but I get hung up on matching sizes of the scraps and I have too many little pieces so it takes forever. Love your humor. Looks like you had a great visit. We've just ended a 6 day stretch of 90° days and yet, last summer it never hit 90 once. Weird weather all around.

  29. What a great trip, and a super fun quilt! The binding is what I saw and loved first!!! I love your conversations with the Mr! :)

  30. What a great trip and a great quilt, too. Thanks for stopping on your way back home so I could see this beauty in person!

  31. Just found you from Julie's Scrap Vortex post. Count me in as I have lonely scraps galore!

    Your mother's quilt is beautiful and I hope she's doing well now.

    You're bookmarked!

  32. ha! hello my hot mess... from one to the other. It's so blistering hot here, with very little atmosphere to stop the intense sun I often wish the clouds would roll in. Despite being screamed at here for believing in climate change, I know it to be true. It's akin to the time the dino's were killed, the amount of hot house gasses we're producing. I'm no dinosaur, I'm close but not one, but I'm feeling it. You look so pretty! Miss you! I love Sandra... luck both of you to have a meet up! And I adore NY state!

  33. Oh, what a wonderful trip you had! It's been years since I've been to Niagara Falls. Your photos remind me how stunning it is.
    Clever you to make a crib-sized scrap vortex quilt although I'll bet it didn't use up quite as many scraps as you hoped. That's what always happens with mine anyway.

  34. What a fun trip! We visited the Falls when we took our daughter to a college visit at Daemon, but she decided cold winters would not be for her. LOL!

  35. You were so close to me! Only 2 hours away! What fun photos and such a lovely quilt! You make me want to start making another one!

  36. A fabulously fun post! Love your scrap vortex quilt, too!

  37. I love all your posts. However, when you show pics of yourself smiling you radiate happiness, kindness, hope, and love.
    Thank you for sharing so much of yourself.I am awe inspired.
    I agree completely about the climate change; it is very real.

  38. Great post. Love the quilt. Yes, it was probably steaming in Buffalo over the last two weeks or so. But, just think about how much snow you dodged because you didn't visit in, say, January!

  39. I enjoy "armchair travelling" and have been many places doing so. Great scrappy quilt.

  40. I actually laughed until I cried reading this post Preeti. I love your handsome man photo. Strange I feel a need to take photos like that too. Really not as bad as it sounds! And I loved your hot mess photo. Lucky you meeting up with Sandra and her wine pourer. I too have been on the Maid of the Mist, but unfortunately not the same time as either of you.

  41. What a lovely vacation and a darling quilt. I love making scrap vortex quilts.

  42. This is such a fun post to read, and thank you for the information about how to make the vortex quilt. You’re quite wonderful
    at putting colors and fabric together, and the quilt is beautiful,

  43. Preeti, I love everything about this post - the quilt, the pictures of Buffalo and Niagara and David, meeting with Sandra and other quilters and your cheeky convo with Paul :-)

  44. Lovely trip pictures and love the street art but especially the vortex quilt!

  45. Thanks for a great read and so many wonderful photos. Loved you quilt of many rainbow colours. I Enjoyed traverlling with you sounds like it’s one great trip. Cheers Glenda.

  46. Great post Preeti. I'm glad ( and just a tiny bit jealous) that the two of you got together. Love the starting joke and I'm going to share it with the Canpar delivery guy to tells us jokes everytime he comes in to the store. The quilt is beautiful...and oh that flowered fabric on the back. Your photos are spectacular. And the problem with air conditioning is the more we use it the hotter it's a real dilema (sp) . and I say plant more trees.

  47. Gorgeous quilt and great title.

  48. What a fun, fun time! You look like you and Sandra had a blast full of wine, laughs and sight seeing. That last picture of you is priceless!

  49. Thanks for the vacation pix! Brings back memories of our trip to Niagara Falls last Sept - absolutely beautiful, and full of such power!

  50. Fun quilt, fun name! Looks like you had a wonderful trip with the best company.

  51. Love the quilt and love this post of your holiday! I'm inspired to make my own scrap quilt now! Love the way you've used all those cute prints!

  52. What a fun trip Preeti! I loved all of the vacation pictures. Lucky you to meeting up with such wonderful people. Happy Summer!!

  53. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip! Great name for your scrap quilt. Can I mention again that I love the lake pictures :) My summer was full of South Africa vacatioin and now back to Hamburg a really hot, heat wave... I hear you! xo