Friday, February 21, 2020

To Australia, with love

A mediocre songstress was surprised when someone in the crowd yelled ENCORE following her ho-hum performance.

Twin Tree Block (falling short)

As she performed a second time, the same person yelled out - "and again, till you get it right"

Twin Tree Block (compensating)

That song is the twin tree block and that songstress is me!
By the time I got it right there were over 25 blocks. I figured I should make a few more.  I could definitely use the practice.


In process


And forty blocks later, we have two lovely flimsies.  I hope they will only see my intentions and not my imperfections.

Flimsy 1 (Thank you Paul)

Paul is the model. In the picture below, Flimsy 2 can be seen on the right, trying to photobomb Flimsy 1.

Flimsy 2 (Flimsy1is photobombing)

In deference to Valentine's Day I added a tree of pink hearts to each flimsy.
Although I considered including a koala or a kangaroo but the idea seemed contrived and was therefore abandoned.

The dismal/depressing wintry landscape of my backyard is the perfect backdrop for these lively greens.

40 Blocks = Two Flimsies

I am taking these with me to Quiltcon in Austin. I understand someone will be collecting the blocks and flimsies for the #BushFireBlocks.


Here are all the RSC blocks for February 2020. Since I love orange, I made not three but six large ones.

RSC 2020 - Orange Blocks

And two more!!!

In other words, these oranges are so juicy that I could not contain all of it in four large blocks.
It happily spilled into two more blocks.  That is fine. I have a feeling I won't be making as many yellow or brown blocks.

And this is the second RSC project. This time my low-volume fabric has a little more zing to it.

Low-Volume but a bit Louder

I am ready for March.  Will it be pink or yellow?
Will be linking with Angela's linky party, when it goes live...


Remember that pretty package of cuteness that Bernie sent me?  Well it was a squirrel disguised as a package.


So I dropped everything and made it...

Scrappy & Yummy

No not a quilt...not even a flimsy.

But then scrap vortex is not a sprint. It is a marathon.  I chase a few scraps, corral them into a block or two and move on to the current project.

Thank you Bernie
Will link with Sandra's Dreami Linky party (once it goes live)...

Although I am dying to show you my new finish (another UFO slayed), it will have to wait till I return from Quiltcon in Austin!!!

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As usual I look forward to your thoughts :-)


  1. such a variety of quilts and color your have. I love your RSC20 orange blocks, I wonder what color we have for March, I will be ready to make whatever color I hope. I love your trees too - have fun at quilt con

  2. Your tree flimsiest are awesome! I know I over use that word, but they are!!
    I’m looking forward to a new color for March, too!

  3. Only 25, huh? I think I might have given up after about 3, so good for you persevering and getting them done. I love the top tops and I'm sure they will make someone (or two someones) very happy to have them. And I may or may not be a little jealous of your trip to Austin. I think I might need to put that event on my bucket list...

  4. I think those are the prettiest trees I've seen (don't tell the others); the colors work so well together, and I love the addition of the hearts. I snickered about encore. I love your orangey goodness.

  5. Love your trees, and those fabrics from the package are so fun!

  6. Love the tree quilts - so much fun! Enjoy QuiltCon!

  7. Your quilts are NEVER mediocre! You have such a great eye for colors and fabrics and your quilts are a joy to see. :)

  8. Oh man!! have so much fun at Quilt Con!! Your tree quilts are so lovely!! and your orange blocks! Love them!

  9. Have fun at Quilt Con!! I can SEW see why you opted to save the postage and take those Tree (quilt) tops with you,instead of adding them to my collection. Nice job on your ORANGE scrappy sewing for the RSC, too!

  10. Your gorgeous trees will be well loved by those who receive them. People such as yourselves have been so generous to those in my country who have suffered such terrible loss in the bushfires.

  11. I'm so glad you kept at it until your trees worked! I love the addition of the heart trees in each flimsy. The orange blocks are wonderful, too!

  12. Great job on the tree flimsies! I had to tell my DH what that word means, as I was reading your blog aloud. I can't imagine where you live, that you don't have snow. That's just not fair!?! Nifty rainbow blocks. Have a fun time at Quilt Con!!!

  13. Love your tree blocks, and your orange blocks (did you come up with that block design on your own, maybe inspired by other blocks you've seen in your quilty travels?). I took a peed at this "linky party" of which you speak, to see what all this 'orange' stuff was about -- did you see that "Maria" was highlighted -- hers got shown in two different blog posts with the same block -- your "International Sisters" block. Hah! Small world, huh? One day I will get organized enough to participate in some of this quilt community fun. Enjoy Quiltcon in Austin: something I'll definitely get to someday. :-)

    1. took a peeK ... not a "peed" (what is that?) ;-)

  14. Love those tree quilts! Orange is not a colour I have in my stash, maybe one or two pieces that's it. Have fun at Quiltcon!

  15. Um, color me flummoxed. I don’t see the problem with the trees. They all look fine to me. And you know someone will appreciate the finished quilt.

  16. These trees are beautiful!!! I love the addition of the heart trees--perfect for a quilt meant to bring comfort and show love from around the globe. Your scrap explosion is so fun!

  17. The trees are perfect and I'm sure it will be well received! You did an amazing job on this!

  18. Your tree quilts are pretty awesome, Preeti! You know, I didn’t see the drop off spot for trees during two whole days at QC. Hope you have as much fun as we did. Sorry I won’t get to see you there!

  19. Love the forest blocks. What a great pattern for so many different scraps or colorways. Happy sewing!

  20. Bravo! Love those trees. All the encores were worth it! I'm sure some poor souls in Australia will be thrilled to have something as beautiful and heartfelt as these quilts in their homes. You did two of these and still found time to make some scrappy blocks and start another vortex! And go to quiltcon! Hope you have a blast there.

  21. Oh Preeti! Your photography and story telling is what really draws us all in! You are a wonderful blogger with great inspiration to us all!

    Your tree quilts are adorable, and their purpose is wonderful!

    I am slightly jealous that you get to go to Quiltcon while I head back to school tomorrow. I love my job, but that sounds like more fun!

  22. Well done getting those flimsy's complete. They will definitely be appreciated!

  23. Those tree quilts are terrific and the quilt bombing the photo is quite funny! I am still basking in the great joy I had running into you at QuiltCon!

  24. I did not see the heart trees as a reference to Valentines but more to all the love you want to wrap the recipients in :) xo Melanie

  25. Both tree flimsies look great, you'd never know there was a learning curve. Hope you had fun at Quilt Con.

  26. Love the two flimsies you made Preeti - those are lovely and will be greatly appreciated by their new owners.
    Love the beginning of your vortex project! I knew you'd put those bits to good use!!