Sunday, February 9, 2020


Picture this - About noon on Superbowl Sunday

Me: I am going to eat my lunch and watch TV. Do you want to join me?
Paul (reclining on the couch): Nah, I am watching the eyelid show.
Me: Ooh that is a good show.
Paul: It was greatly reviewed.
Me: Yup, I watch it everyday.

Later, during the 4th quarter of the Superbowl game
Me: I am done here.
Paul: Sup babe?
Me: My eyelid show is about to begin.

For the Eyelid Show

Here is a quilt perfect for use during a little one's eyelid show :-)
I am calling her Tara.

Scrappy Triangles 

On the Design Wall

Tara came about because I was trying to repurpose the scraps left over from Enchanted Lake and Kinda Brave.

Sew, Press, Trim

6.5" HSTs can be combined in so many ways and there were several revisions.

In the Process

Getting There

Final Layout, I think.

Added a skinny border to save the points.
OK, I could not save everyone :-( but most points were saved.

Skinny Border

For the backing I had to get slightly inventive. I used a striped fabric and added (cut and insert) a pieced strip of the same to get at 50" square.

Pieced Backing

Tara finished at about 48" square.  Here are some more pictures of the finished quilt.

Aquas & Purples

Black/White Binding

Walking Foot Quilting

Snug as a Bug
Did I label it?


It is amazing how much your binding improves after 150 quilts :-)

She shimmers

Sweet Dreams!!!

She glows and shimmers and makes me as happy as a glowworm on a warm summer night.  I'd love to hear your thoughts.


Me: All the blocks for the #BushFire Quilts are complete.
Paul: That is good news.

Me: But some blocks are a smidgen short of the required 12.5"
Paul: What does that mean?

The first ones

Me: That they do not meet the strict guidelines - at least 12.5". Could be more, not less.
Paul: Will they discard your blocks?
Me: I doubt that.  But if I was collecting the blocks, I'd be upset if the blocks did not meet the specified dimensions
Paul: So why did you not make them larger?

Mix and Match
Background Triangles

Me: Well, the first batch of blocks ended up being slightly smaller because I was still trying the new pattern. The blocks I made later are more generously sized.
Paul: Then just send the generous ones.
Me: I could, but that is only half of what I made. Disappointing
Paul:  What now?

Pinned in Place


Me: I could combine one or two skinny blocks with a generous block.
Paul: How? It is not like you can take an average here.
Me: If I sew them into a top the smaller blocks can be compensated by the generous ones and the overall dimensions will match their requirements (48" by 60").
Paul: There you go!

Falling Short

Coming Together

The finished flimsies will be revealed in the next blogspot. Stay tuned :-)


Here are some of my juicy orange blocks for the RSC2020. Linking with Angela.

Small Blocks are Done

The big ones are in the works and I promise to have them done along with the BushFire Quilt flimsies.

Big Blocks in process


This blogpost will not be complete without a shout-out to Bernie.  I was surprised (very pleasantly) when I received a package from Bernie (Needle and Foot) with a load of yummy scraps, a sweet note and two kisses :-)

Cannot stop smiling :-)

No, I did not win the giveaway but Bernie made a special package for me. I feel so loved.

Kisses to you, Bernie!!!

I don't have to be rich. I just want to have generous friends.
Wish granted!!!

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  1. Great star layout for your quilt. Glad you found a solution to the block size dilemma. Also— great scraps! What a sweet friend.

  2. That hst project is lovely and such a great use of superbowl time!

  3. I love Tara! Pretty and clever backing too, and speaking of clever, your trees are beautiful and will be just the right size!

  4. I love your star quilt and to think it's make of HST! What a neat idea. Didn't even watch a second of the superbowl, just don't care!

  5. Tara is awesome. She does simmer and shine. Congratulations. I now have a mind to make one too as I have lots of strings. Thanks for the inspiration. Glad you find a solution for your tree blocks. They are too nice not to be used. Lovely fabrics you've received! Enjoy! ;^)

  6. I really love the colors of Tara. And the layout is perfection in my book!

  7. Tara is a very pretty quilt, and Paul is a very funny and witty fellow. I love all of your blocks, and the little scrap package from Bernie is wonderful (isn't she just the best?)!

  8. I love that star - and glad you figured out how to enlarge the other blocks needed

  9. Nice use for those scraps! The eyelid show is my favorite, too. And now you have an infusion of new scraps for another quilt, too. Can't wait to see that tree flimsy!

  10. So many ideas! I love the darker purple in your star quilt, it gives more motion that all the same value blocks would have. Your tree blocks are so fun! The big blocks gave me an idea for a group of soft florals that were looking for a project. The fabric from Bernie made me smile too - have just used the last of my orange sock monkey fabric in a quilt (photo co come once quilted.) Thanks for sharing!

  11. Tara is beautiful. Great use of scraps! I love the "eyelid show"! Your tree blocks for the fires are wonderful and will make a gorgeous quilt. Lots to see here today! Thanks!!

  12. Tara is GORGEOUS!!! I love it and a perfect way to use those scraps!! Your trees are beautiful - I hope it will all work out!! and yay for the new fabrics - just what you need to energize your work!!

  13. Tara is perfect!!! I like Paul's eyelid movie! I've seen it a few times too!

  14. I'm always amazed at your creative works with scraps and how it always looks like you cut them from yardage! Perfect use for them with orphan HSTs and your trees are fabulous!

  15. OMG what a delightful post. I haven’t sewn in months but that aqua and purple combo is so inspiring! Love those trees.

  16. It’s beautiful, Preeti! It kind of reminds me of my Supernova tutorial, but I love your addition of the pieces triangles - and that it uses up scraps! I may have to revisit Supernova now for that!

  17. A splendiforus scrappy quilt Preeti. A great way to use up strips, I love the colour combinations. I like the back too, I love a panel that extends a standard width, looks great and saves money, a double hit.

  18. Love love love the Tara quilt. And aren’t you clever figuring out how to resize your blocks??!

    I’ve never heard of the Eyelid Show but am going to go watch it soon, now!

  19. Hi Preeti! You set the stage so perfectly . . . noon on SB Sunday. I was staking the Project Quilting website . . . breathlessly awaiting our next challenge. I started cutting out hearts while you were playing with beautiful aqua HSTs. Love this piece! And I also love your trees and orange blocks. You are rocking these project. ~smile~ Roseanne

  20. Yet another wonderful finish! You are a productive and talented lady! I like your orange RSC blocks. I am having a tough time making up my mind what I want to make. :(

  21. You made a whole top?! Talk about generous... not only your friends are, you are too!!! And the exploding star quilt is beautiful! Great use of leftovers :) xo Melanie
    PS: Real squishy hugs coming soon.

  22. Tara is beautiful! I still love the trees and what a sweet package of scraps! I'll be watching for the tree reveal...

  23. All of these quilts! A bit overwhelming. I find the blues very relasing. I always love trees, no matter what size. Thanks for sharing all your fun, er, work.

  24. I love Tara and the colors in that quilt! I have something similar on my "to do" list. Loving the double tree blocks too. Do you have a tutorial for them? Your orange fabrics are so beautiful. I'm alreadly looking forward to your next post!

  25. Love Tara - great string piecing and silvery fabrics - looks great! How fun to have friends that send you great scraps. I'll have to go through mine and share with you too. :)

  26. Tara is absolutely beautiful. Those are some of my favorite colors (right now anyway) and putting them together in a star really makes them shine--more!
    I'm catching up with posts, again, and wanted say I'm impressed with all that you've accomplished since my last visit. Men in Black is especially handsome! It feels great to have a UFO checked off that list, isn't it?

  27. Tara is gorgeous. My favorite colors. You come up with such wonderful designs. Next time I need an idea, I'm going to come here first. And three cheers on never giving up on the trees. Your solution was genius.

  28. Preeti, I love the layout you used for Tara! It's one of my favorites that I've seen for leftover HSTs. That said, I've never made that design myself - so thank you for the inspiration! You've got lots of other fun things going on in your sewing room, too! I enjoyed getting a peek at them.

  29. This post is chuckalucka full of quilty goodness. I’m not surprise Bernie thought of you when she bundled up all those yummy scraps! You produce!

  30. Your scraps have definitely been flying into lovely projects this week. I love what you did with those leftover blues and purples. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  31. Tara is lovely and the right size to extend from baby to toddler. Good job.
    Then all those other blocks. My, you have been busy. I like your solution with the tree blocks.

  32. Oh yes, 'tara' turned out wonderful! And your tree blocks look great, an easy resourceful way to get them up to size.

  33. I love Tara, a shinig star like her maker! What a great idea for the backing, and the trees.

  34. What a beautiful big block, love all the colors together. Don't tell anyone, but I like your trees better than any of the ones I've seen for the bush fires. Bernie does send the very best kisses, doesn't she?

  35. It is true, the quilt does shimmer. You did a fabulous job with the scraps. I wanna make one like this - I have too many bags full of blue scraps!

  36. I have one or the HST quilts planned but the addition of the strips on the one half is catching my eye. Maybe that will be for the strip scrap box....someday. Love what you did with the trees and the orange RSC blocks. Hope the eyelid movie was just what you needed. Bernie is great and so sweet to send those on to you!

  37. Tara is a beautiful quilt, love it. You are very inspiring Preeti. Love the orange blocks and your trees are stunning, enjoyed your conversations with Paul 😁😁 great scrap pieces from Bernie, what a great friend. Hope you and Paul enjoyed the eyelid show!! Another inspiring post.

  38. Fabulous quilt, awesome blocks, a special gift and a truly splendid story about the whole lot of them, Preeti!!

  39. You always have such wonderful quilts and stories to share. I love those blocks you've made -- Happy blocks or squares surrounded... It's always fun to work in new fabrics! Enjoy.

  40. No eyelid show for you, probably not even at night. As I'm sure you know, the Hill of Tara was the ancient chair of the Irish kings. That quilt has a definite regal look to it, with the points of crowns and the mighty purple. It'll be perfect for whatever ruler is privileged to enjoy it. Love those trees. A forest is full of all sizes of trees; why should your quilt not be? Terrific orange blocks; they're alive.

  41. Your Tara quilt is fabulous! And I love the way you enlarged your tree trunks to make those blocks big enough. I need to watch some more of the Eyelid Show myself...

  42. Love Tara! But my favorite is the double tree/generous blocks! What a great solution! Fun scraps from Bernie :)

  43. Your quilts are always so beautifully scrappy and perfect, Preeti! But the stories, and the conversations you share are priceless!!! Keeps me, and all of us, chuckling for a good day!

  44. You do good work with left overs. Tara is gorgeous. Great save on your tree blocks! You've been really, really busy. Wishing you more happy stitching this weekend.

  45. I love seeing what others make out their leftovers.....gorgeous work.

  46. As always, your posts are so fun to read! I am going to keep the scrappy HST idea in my “notebook “! Love the resulting Tara quilt!
    Ps: your orange blocks are Grrreat!!

  47. Love the colors in Tara - very pretty quilt!