Thursday, February 11, 2021


It started with Bernie.  She held a contest and a giveaway. I did not win. Emily did. 
But then Emily forfeited her prize so it came to me. A charm pack of Moda Wovens.

A charm pack of seemingly plain (black, white and gray) fabrics did not match anything in my stash. I should've just set it aside to be addressed at a later date because January was hugely busy month for me. There was the IB Unboxing Video and post (nerve-racking), making of placemats (first IB project) and the challenge of being the first in the IB Create for a Cause Blog Hop.

"Set it aside" or "Pass it Along"would be the logical approach. And therefore, in my completely illogical quilty way,  I chose to chase this squirrel. I dropped everything to make this quilt. 

A New Finish

I am blaming it on Bernie and Emily. With friends like these who needs enemies :-D I love you both.

There is not much you can do with a single charm pack. However a free pattern by Elizabeth Hartmann is perfect. I know because I have used it to make Finger Lakes.

Started here

I started with wide strips of yellow and started inserting slashed and whole squares. But gosh - it looked so bland. Aren't these the Pantone colors of the year - Ultimate Gray and Illuminating?

What was ultimately illuminating to me was this - I was suffocated. Goodness, this quilt needed color like I needed to breathe.

A touch of color

I inserted a few narrow strips of solid green and solid purple.  Although it is still a far cry from my overly cheerful style, these strips of color provided the respite my eyes craved.  Of course, addition of these strips skewed the pattern but nothing I could not handle. 

Solid Green Slivers

Spicy Backing

I chose a spicy backing to make up for the rather bland front :-) A yellow binding seems to fit.


If this yellow-gray quilt is a metaphor for our Covid-suffocated lives, the strips of green and purple are symbolic of my quilty friends. Their connections provide the oxygen and the virtual hugs I need to get past these trying times.  


Yellow Binding

This Dreami quilt finished at 33.5" by 41". It is named Oxygen and is dedicated to Bernie and Emily.  I will be linking with Sandra's Dreami Linky.

Colorful Backing

And a few more pictures...

Oxygen 33.5" by 41"

Walking Foot Quilting

Green & Purple = Happiness

I can breathe...

A Breezy Day

But wait there is more. A few charm squares were still left over. Time for some scrappy improvisational piecing. A few solids (colorful please) were added to the mix.

Using up all the scraps

After all the Moda Wovens were used up there were some solids left over. Oh my, this was the classic cookies and milk dilemma.

Zippers and Lining

I am loving these :-)

Contrasting Zipper Pulls

Finished three Zipper pouches

Color = Joy

Three fine finishes!!!


Here are my completed Sister's Choice Blocks in Yellow for the February 2021 RSC. Will be linking with Angela's RSC Linky

Smiling Flower

Focus Panda

Speaking of RSC, I am basting the second quilt (Leela was first) from last year's RSC, using the Picket Star Quilt Block.


I am in love :-)


The two winners from the Create for a Cause Bloghop Giveaway are Comments #25 (Patti) and #58 (Susie H).  Emails have been sent to the winners. If I do not hear from you in a week, you will forfeit your prize and I will pick someone else. 

If you did not win, there is still a chance to win the grand prize by Island Batik

I will be sharing with all my favorite linky parties. See full list on the sidebar. As usual, I 'd love to hear about you. Did you already get vaccinated? Are you holding your breath for the vaccine? What is your oxygen in these suffocating times?


  1. You made good use of that charm pack. It's always amazing how a little touch of color bring gray to life! My husband is schedule for his vaccination March 1 and I'm March 5. We are farmers so therefore we are pretty well isolated already. Our life during this pandemic has pretty well been like normal times for us. We just haven't been able to travel to visit the grandchildren or our daughter in Phoenix. I'm missing annual vacation to Phoenix this winter. But we are looking forward to summer and a return to somewhat more normal times. Hopefully the grands will be able to visit this summer and our daughter will be able to come to us. Stay safe, healthy and happy stitching!

  2. I would say you made the very best out of a little charm pack! The quilt is very nice and it never hurts to add a little bit of color in my book!

  3. Quilty hugs, quilty friend! The little bits of color are perfect to break up the black and gray, like little rays of sunshine in a storm. And I love the yellow! Good choices! If you have a spare vaccine, or know where to het one, be sure to tell me! We have none here. Larry can't get one, and he needs one more than me. All appointments taken up until at least February 23, then they fill up again as soon as they open another day. Hope you have some little bits of sunshine on this gray, dreary day.

  4. Beautiful projects! Hubs stood in line for 2 hours and got appointments for our first shot next week. Yahoo! And kudos for hubs for the line up. I followed the rules and registered on line months ago and am still waiting for a call. My 91 yo mom will be getting a shot also.

  5. good use of the charm pack and love those little zipper pouches

  6. Isn’t it funny how our muses have their own schedule? Your zipper bags are so cute! I’m loving your Sister’s Choice blocks. And the Pickets Star flimsy is beautiful.


  7. Excellent use of the charm pack! Your pouches and projects are so happy! Really put a smile on my face today! Stay safe and have a great week!

  8. What a lovely way to use a charm pack. I love your little quilt, and the quilting you did on it.

  9. This is definitely a lemonade post -- because you took those lemons and made them ALL into wonderful quilty projects! (And belated congratulations on being an IBA for 2021!)

  10. "Their connections provide the oxygen and the virtual hugs I need to get past these trying times."

    Sniffle... can I claim the onions from making dinner are making me cry? Well, I guess I don't neet to. We are all emotional by now, right? So sending back lots of virtual squishy hugs and kisses! xo

  11. I love those picket star blocks every time I see them. Oxygen is a wonderful use of those BWG charms, and the little insertions of green and purple are a fun surprise - as it that amazing backing! Good job!

  12. Another pretty quilt, Preeti! I love the colors (next to orange, yellow is my favorite). Since I've had Covid, I will not need my vaccination right away, but I will get one eventually.

  13. Another beautiful quilt Preeti, I love the pops of colour you have added to the grays. The backing is wonderful material too. The
    zippy pouches are super cute too. Very happy yellow stars. No vaccinations here yet, front line workers will get them first when they arrive. We were going wellmhere, but have had another outbreak from hotel quarantine, we think from the tennis people who have come here, some with the new strain. Hopefully it is contained quickly.

  14. Love how you added color to make this quilt pop! I really like the backing! Your zipper cases are a perfect way to to use up the scraps. Yes, I have gotten my 1st shot and will get the 2nd dose next week. I’m very grateful for my school district that worked hard to get vaccines for all teachers and staff.

  15. Wonderful quilt, and love the little bags with the leftovers. Great color challenge!

  16. Wow!! You made such good use of your prize fabric, Preeti!! Nice work.

  17. Oxygen is great!! Love how you quilted it!! And the zipper pouches - perfect for using all those scraps!
    Happy Quilting! :-)

  18. Hi Preeti! I just got the first dose of the vaccine yesterday with no a single ill effect. Now on to the important stuff! Those three little zipper pouches are indeed fine finishes. And Oxygen! The very first thing that struck me about it is the two pieces that have two dashes - like little eyes peeking over a fence or perhaps from behind a mask. The 'eyes' are smiling - that's the only way to know the softness that is missing behind a muffled masked voice. Fabulous and I'm so glad that Bernie and Emily forced you into making this Dreami project. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  19. Wow, I love your “injection” of color in the yellow and gray little quilt! And your three zip pouches - well, THAT’s the colorful Preeti we all know and love! Bruce is getting his first vaccine tomorrow (Friday). I’m not “old enough” yet. Hahahaha. I haven’t said *that* for decades!!

  20. Your black, gray, and white charm pack is so perfect with that pretty bright yellow, but adding the green and purple bits - brilliant! Great use of your scraps for those pouches, too. I'm getting my first vaccine shot on Monday morning - I feel like I won the lottery! It's good to feel like there's hope for all of us out there.

  21. Love the backing, it is the best surprise of the quilt. It needed all the bursts of colour on both sides.

  22. I love that little unexpected pop of green and purple! Beautiful projects!

  23. Loved every bit of your blogpost! Amazing what the addition of narrow green as purple strips made to your Oxygen quilt ( brilliant name!), the zipper pouches are great and the yellow stars. Looking forward to seeing the finished RSC quilt.

  24. The pops of green and purple are wonderful! Great finish. Love the scrappy zipper pouches also.

  25. Preeti, this is so perfect, and what a good metaphor for our current lives. I love the pops of bright green and purple and the spicy back is inspired!! Fabulous finish all around, I'm thrilled to be Friend and not Enemy! I love your RSC blocks from this year and last year--those picket fence blocks are so great!

  26. I love your added colour to the grey! Exactly my sentiment! Add colour and we can breathe :-). I am working with a very bright pallet today and loving it. And love how you used up the scraps. I have some strippy pieces on my table leftover and was pondering how I could use it up. Those little pouches are very cute!

  27. oh what a sunshiny happy quilt now!! Love it!!

  28. I'm not a huge fan of the Pantone colors of the year, but wow, adding those bits of green and purple just made all the difference in your sweet quilt. I love how giveaways give opportunities to make quilts you might never have thought to make. And then I kept scrolling and the colors just popped in the zipper pouches and the RSC quilts. What a satisfying read, and that's what gives me oxygen these days! We are on our way to being vaccinated. My husband got his first dose this week. My age group is one level below his, so I need to patiently wait. I'm happy to do so because our county is trying hard to be equitable in its distribution.

  29. the colors are perfect for Mardi Gras next week.

  30. Adding color made all the difference -- good job! I love the little pouches you made, too. :)

    I'm in MA in the "general public" category, so it will be a while. My parents, though, in their 80s have gotten their first shots and have appointments for their second. MA has just come out with a rule that the person accompanying a senior to their shot can also make an appointment for a shot, so I'm hoping my brother or SIL will take advantage of that. I have a (different) brother and SIL in NH who have their appointments coming up, and a sister in NY who has had both shots (she's a teacher).

    It's pretty crazy how all the states have different rules. Some of the people in my quilt guild have gotten shots or have appointments. I find that when anyone on a Zoom call announces that they've gotten their first shot, second shot, or an appointment, everyone claps. It's a nice thing. :)

  31. Last night when I sneaked a peek at your post, I kept thinking, "onions". It needed onions (green and red/purple). Today, it obviously was mustard and onions!

    Do love those 'picket fence stars'. Will have to go back and find the tutorial.

    Yes, I've been shot once and have an appointment for the second.

  32. And when you started playing with the scraps of your scraps, I just knew you were going to make a placemat, like Alycia has been making. Surprise! zippered pouches!

  33. Wonderful yellow quilt, I love the green and purple patches. And your pouches are just so cute!
    No vaccine for me now, I'm way too young ;D

  34. What a fun way to spread out a charm pack and turn it into something lovely. Sometimes those squirrels give us just the jolt we need to get back on track with the rest. I would love to get a vaccine, but teachers in Florida have not made the list. We have been back in person full time since August, so there is no need to try to keep us safe now. Love the pencil pouches too! The extra splashes of color make them even more fun.

  35. I sent my address to your email address. Did you not get it?
    I love your beautiful projects and how you relate it with life. Your pops of green & purple were perfect. I hope I'm one of your "green quilty friends" since green is my favorite color! Ha!
    I noticed your walking foot quilting. YOU must have been the one that shared that technique with me! Thank you! I've used it on 2 projects now and I love it. Fancy but easy.

  36. Thanks for the heads up on the charm pack pattern. Yours turned out fantastic. Nothing like moving fabric in and immediately out! Even your pouches are so much fun. Yes on vaccine #1, #2 in about 2 weeks. My studio would be my oxygen. A way to get away and forget about cover and politics.

  37. Definitely brightened up the charm squares with the yellow and the bits of purple and green. The zip bags are yummy.

  38. Chinese Coins always brighten my day. And yellow warms this bitterly cold week. Congratulations and thanks for sharing an uplifting post.