Monday, December 30, 2013

Circle Sewing Studio

I bought my Janome Sewing Machine from Circle Sewing Studio in Woodbridge, Virginia. Parker, the owner/manager, is an accomplished quilter and seamstress. The machine comes with free lessons. How many lessons, I asked? As many as you need, Parker replied. WOW!!!

Parker outside Circle Sewing Studio in Woodbridge, VA

I had a hundred questions. Parker answered all of them and showed me how to do it on the new machine. Parker taught me "stitching around the ditch"

Stitching Around The Ditch???
When I try to stitch in the ditch, I end up all over the ditch. It was frustrating trying to stay in the ditch. What is the solution - stitch around it.
Parker showed me how to stitch around the ditch. Pick a decorative stitch that is not too dense, preferably uniform about the y-axis (meaning - the mirror image of the stitch is same as the stitch e.g zig-zag). And then, instead of a straight stitch, use that decorative stitch to quilt. It allows you room to make mistakes which are less visible than a straight stitch in the ditch.

That was a life-saver.

It is important to note that the decorative stitch will be slower and use more thread. But it is a better look with fewer visible errors. When your seams don't match, it is definitely more forgiving and maneuverable than a straight stitch.

Here is an example. See the meandering stitch?

Stitch Around the Ditch


  1. What a great alternative to stiching directly in the ditch. Might need to give this a try.

  2. This is a fabulous idea!! Thank you for sharing this technique!