Monday, December 30, 2013

Quilt # 7 - Alphabet Soup

My MIL lives in Georgia. She sews too, much less now than she used to. However, she has enough evidence - fabrics, notions, machine and more - from her sewing days. We visit her every year on Thanksgiving.  When I told her that I had started sewing, she was overjoyed.

MIL: Welcome to the family, my dear.
P: What? I have been apart of your family for several years now.
MIL: Oh, I mean sewing family. Finally, I have someone to pass on my stuff to.

When I sent a picture of my first quilt to her, she wrote back to me the sweetest email that any MIL has ever sent to her DIL. How sweet, you may ask.

Well, it was so sweet that I forwarded it to my mom in India.
What did my mother do with that email?
She printed it out and has it framed. Well, not quite but she has  shown it around to friends and family.
That I got kudos from my MIL reflects on her excellent upbringing. It is a cultural thing. If you are from India, you are more likely to understand.

Here is the text from the email

"You do such beautiful work. Have saved the pictures you send so I can show them to others and brag about my wonderful daughter-in-law who cooks, bakes, sews, takes such good care of her husband and so much more. I'm the luckiest mother of all."

So, when my MIL asked me to make a quilt for a friend's niece who was expecting a baby, I hopped to it. I used charm packs and my favorite pattern - the disappearing nine patch and here is the result.

The birds fabric for the backing was totally irresistible.


  1. i just found your blog and am looking through past posts. I love this little quilt and am curious about the backing fabric. do you remember where it came from?

    1. Dear Jane, Thank you for your comment.
      The birds fabric came from Joann's. Wish I had your email, so that I could respond to you directly.