Saturday, December 21, 2013

Quilt # 2

I made this quilt using the Gypsy Girl Charm Pack from Missouri Star Quilt Company. I did not like all squares in the charm pack so I swapped out a few with 5" squares cut out from fat quarters bought from my local Jo-Ann fabrics. This design is the Disappearing Nine Patch and it is my favorite design particularly for making baby quilts. Of course, I learned it from Jenny of Missouri Star Quilt Company.

I gave it to a co-worker for his new-born daughter, Alwen. I was told that she loves it!!!
And here is a picture showing Alwen enjoying her quilt and her yummy fingers. So cute!!!


  1. Yes, they are yummy, yes, they are (said in that voice you use when you are getting on a baby's nerves).

    I really like the D9 patch quilt. Oh yes, it is on my radar.

    Thanks for sharing, Preeti.



  2. Strawberry Snowdrops? Vanilla Berry? I love your quilt names. I'm trying my hand at it for this one and your first one. :)