Saturday, December 21, 2013

My First Quilt

Quilt # 1 - For Sukhveen's Baby Shower

My dear friend, Manveen called me in January, 2013. She invited me to her sister Sukhveen's baby shower. That instant, I knew it. This is the moment when I had to just go ahead and make a quilt.

 Piecing in Progress
 Showing off the Miter Corner
 Completed Quilt
 Love the Backing fabric

Here is what I learned. Choose fabrics that you really love. Because there will be times when you may get frustrated - enjoying the fabric makes you go on. And I love what my friend Vera says - "Straight lines are overrated"
I think I will start a new page and call it - Musings. For all the funny, pithy quilty sayings...


  1. awesome! hope to see your own quilt business one day! good luck! :)

  2. I'm naming this one unless it already has one. It's Sweet Lime Squeeze.

  3. What good advice Preeti! Loving the fabric makes me persevere too. How perfect your mitered corner on the binding is - I am so impressed! A very happy and cheerful first quilt!

  4. A beautiful first quilt, Preeti! Working with fabric you love definitely makes it easier when things aren't going according to plan :)

  5. What a great first quilt....I can't believe how much more chatty you are now in your blog posts.

  6. Such a cute first quilt. Straight lines are definitely overrated.

  7. What a great first quilt! I love the colors, and the red binding, and the quilting. Straight lines are definitely overrated!

  8. And thus, an addiction was born! I have just finished going thru all quilts and have enjoyed it so much! Thank you for taking the time to blog your work.