Saturday, December 21, 2013

My journey - how did it begin?

One fine day in August of 2012, Vera invited me to a Quilt Guild. I agreed. That day they were showing a documentary on American Quilts. I watched wide-eyed, totally immersed and completely impressed. The following conversation ensued.

Preeti: I want to do this. I want to make a quilt, no quilts.
Vera: Do you have a sewing machine?
Preeti: Yes, I do.
Vera: Do you know how to thread it?
Preeti: I am not sure.

Vera showed me how to thread my very basic Brother sewing machine on Labor Day in 2012. We made a grocery bag out of an old t-shirt. It was fun.

Let me start by making something small. So, I made pot holders. Thanks to a tutorial on youtube.  And then I made tote bags and small pouches, thanks to tutorials on I made a book bag for my niece and a messenger bag for my nephew.

I made an iPad case using this super cute dog and bone fabric. My sister saw it and I never saw it again :-)

I wanted to get into making quilts but there were so many cute bags and totes and pouches to make...I was like a kid (a very hungry kid) in a candy store. I am a newbie quilter and any comments from the readers would be such an encouragement...


  1. Preeti didi, this talent is another feather in your cap. You are a super gorgeous mutli-talented woman!!